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Visiting Port Hercule de Monaco, Day 4 *

Day 4 in Monaco started with me taking my usual morning walk in the beautiful bustling-with-tourists Monte-Carlo. By now, I’ve grown pretty confident with my surroundings and I usually end my walk at a little convenience store down the road from Hotel Novotel, which was where we got our snacks and drinks. tepuktangan

 photo 1MHotelSt_zpse4aceb7d.jpg
Snacks in hand!
 photo 2MSign_zpsc5917942.jpg
Evening in Monte-Carlo
It was also B’s last day of work so we made plans to visit Port Hercules or commonly known as Port of Monaco, once he was done with work. Nestled between the Rock of Monaco and the hill of Monte-Carlo, Port Hercules is not only the biggest harbour in the Principality but it is also one of the most famous yachting destinations in the world.Smiley

 photo 3Rocks_zpsbcaf3369.jpg
On the way to Port Hercules, Monaco

Getting there was fairly easy because we were walking downhill but walking back to Hotel Novotel was a different story altogether and let’s just say that lazy old me definitely had my dose of exercise for the day, slowly huffing and puffing my way back to our hotel! penat

 photo 4StatueMen_zps7730434a.jpg
 photo 5StatueMenSign_zps2cc805f8.jpg

 photo 6SnackBar_zps4adf927e.jpg
Stop for Snack
 photo 7Sainte-DeacutevoteChapel_zps19a7391a.jpg
Sainte Dévote Chapel 
 photo 8MBike_zpsd950aca8.jpg
Break from walking

 photo 9Sign_zps5f39e136.jpg
Almost there!

As you can see, the view of Port Hercules from where we stood; was absolutely breathtaking! Smiley

 photo 10Port_zpsa80708e7.jpg
Sunny day @ Port Hercules
 photo 11Port2_zps346a5fdb.jpg
Port Hercule de Monaco
 photo 12UsSelfie_zps794483e8.jpg
Mariuca ♥ B
 photo 13BPort_zps517024ee.jpg
 photo 14MPort_zpsddde79c3.jpg
 photo 15Boats_zpsabd5a7bd.jpg
There was a range of restaurant bars and ‘umbrella cafes’ along Quay Albert and the place was flocking with visitors and tourists alike.

 photo 16UmbrellaCafes_zpscb1f057d.jpg
Umbrella Cafes
 photo 17RestoBars_zps30d57e7f.jpg
Restaurant Bars
 photo 18Panino_zpsc347c2bd.jpg
La Panino

After weighing our many dining options, we decided on La Panino, which was a great spot to just sit back, enjoy some food and drinks while enjoying a close beautiful view of the big expensive yachts and sail boats docked on the harbour.Smiley

 photo 19Panino2_zps07745f94.jpg
 photo 20UsPanino_zpsa789258f.jpg
Chillin' @ La Panino
 photo 21ViewPanino_zps8d35c99e.jpg
Dining with a view
Compared to the pricey but not-so-yummy Monte-Carlo dinner at La Bistroquet, this pizza dinner at Quay Albert was totally delicious and definitely more affordable! We decided right there and then to have dinner here again should we return to this beautiful place one day.Smiley

 photo 23Pizza_zps28dabd44.jpg
Pizza Marguerite - YUM!

Our pretty and friendly waitress also spoke good English, snapped photos of the two of us using my Lumix and happily offered us their famous chilli oil to go with our pizza, which I gotta say ... was heaven in a bottle!Smiley

 photo 22MPizza_zps14b08b9c.jpg
Me and my Chili Oil - YUM!
 photo 24Bill_zpsf20bd88e.jpg

Port of Monaco is located in the heart of the Condamine district, which also boasts a nearby Casino, the Rainier III Nautical Stadium sports complex which houses a heated saltwater Olympic-size swimming pool, a traditional supermarket, shopping and other leisure facilities as well.

 photo 25BBoat_zpsc4923274.jpg
B by the boats
 photo 26MBigBoat_zpsc469bc44.jpg
Feeling tiny!
 photo 27MView_zpsc3bc5179.jpg
Lost in Monaco
 photo 28SwimmingPool_zps83970d8b.jpg
Olympic-size Swimming Pool
 photo 29Car_zps4586b516.jpg
Juan Manuel Fangio statue in Monaco
 photo 30Palace_zps3a5b0018.jpg
Palace of Monaco
 photo 31Casino_zpsfdfa588b.jpg
Slots of Fun!

After our delicious pizza dinner, B and I took a scenic leisure walk around Condamine the second oldest district in Monaco. Of course, scenic sights were aplenty and being a typical curious tourist, I was busy snapping photos everywhere!Smiley

 photo 32Street_zpsca979a73.jpg
Busy street
 photo 33Shops_zpsd7000962.jpg
Beautiful shopping spot
 photo 34Shops2_zps0b56c23e.jpg
 photo 35MPerfumeShop_zps63784056.jpg
Perfume shopping
 photo 36MResto_zpsd701d24b.jpg
 photo 37Shops3_zps61fa54f5.jpg
Shopping for ladies!
 photo 38Shops4_zps7a3752a3.jpg
Al-fresco Cafe
 photo 39Shops4_zps9d231d0b.jpg
Pizza Place
B and I continued walking until we reached a quiet residential area and a Gazebo garden where we snapped more photos before making our fairly long walk back to Hotel Novotel – exhausted from our day out in La Condamine and Port Hercule de Monaco! ihikhik

 photo 40MSteps_zpsf0572c6e.jpg
Ooooops windy...snap again please! ihikhik
 photo 41MSteps2_zps18e13f88.jpg
Smile! senyumkenyit
 photo 42BPhone_zps7e6cf8c3.jpg
B calling Benji! ihikhik
 photo 43MSit_zps19b52fd9.jpg
I need to sit!
 photo 44MHouse_zps955b2dad.jpg
Posh Monaco homes
 photo 45Gazebo_zps2da7ae2a.jpg
 photo 47Statue_zps48202cbd.jpg
 photo 48_zpsb6861b3d.jpg

 photo 46MGazebo_zpscdb9d5c8.jpg
One last pic!
 photo 49GazeboStatue_zps43a2b128.jpg

  Next up … visiting the city of Cannes in the French Riviera! Smiley


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