Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fun in Monte-Carlo!

So I’ve been catching up on my favourite TV soap Bold and the Beautiful and apparently bitchy Brooke Logan Forrester (still love her though!) who is one of the main characters on the show is currently in Monte-Carlo for some sort of media event! ihikhik

It was so cool to see Brooke in Monte-Carlo and I was instantly transported back to my vacation in this gorgeous sanctuary of breathtaking views, luxurious hotels, and romantic yacht charters and of course the cool casino bonus one gets to enjoy in the many well-known casinos here. rindu

 photo 1HotelH_zps9b21e408.jpg
Hotel Hermitage
 photo 2Hotel_zps3de29641.jpg
Hotel De Paris
 photo 3Cafe_zpsd8604790.jpg
Café de Paris
 photo 10Cars_zps043c7824.jpg

Surprisingly, B and I only visited one of the casinos in Monte-Carlo during our trip last year. Firstly, B was sick for most of the trip so he definitely wasn’t keen on spending too long a time in a casino. Secondly, the idea of spending a huge chunk of our pocket money on Black Jack and Roulette in a fancy and expensive Monte-Carlo casino intimidated me somewhat. And if I had lost big time in Monte-Carlo, there goes my shopping spree for the remainder of our getaway! Smiley

 photo 4CasinoMC_zpsf5c284df.jpg
Casino Monte-Carlo
 photo 5BCasinoMC_zps0ce6b1fb.jpg
Too sick to play!
 photo 6MCasinoMC_zpsfee6bde5.jpg
Mariuca @ Casino Monte-Carlo

Unlike the free plays I enjoy in online casinos using no deposit casino bonus codes, playing in a real Monte-Carlo casino equals to real cash. So whenever I do get the itch to play slots at home, I’d usually look for free plays I can enjoy by using no deposit bonus from online casinos. That way I get to satisfy the itch to play without worrying about losing real cash, which is a pretty good deal if you ask me! Smiley

 photo 7BCasino_zpsd469e563.jpg
Good luck B!
 photo 8Casino_zps5555cb0f.jpg
Tucked in a cosy corner
 photo 9Cars2_zps210f32ef.jpg

I did take plenty of casino photos on my trip however and the one casino we did enter was simply gorgeous. Oh and in case you’re wondering, no I did not win the jackpot but we still had loads of fun in Monte-Carlo that third night! Smiley
 photo 11MCasino_zps24763c50.jpg
Let's play!


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