Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hermitage Hotel in Monte-Carlo, Monaco *

Walking down the unfamiliar yet beautiful streets of Monte-Carlo, snapping photographs and window-shopping seems to be a distant memory for me right now. A lot has happened since I returned from my trip and now that stress is back to plague my daily routine, I truly wish I was back in Monte-Carlo, away from all my worries and woes as I happily explored one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Smiley

Monte-Carlo was spectacular, simply because it was a first-time visit for me. Seriously, when else will I ever get the chance to experience life as a tourist in such a beautiful place right? So one of the things I was definitely looking forward to was the 5-star luxury Hermitage Hotel we’d be staying in during our 5 nights in Monte-Carlo. Smiley

 photo Hotel-4_zps81849aaf.jpg
Hermitage Hotel, Monaco

Hermitage Hotel lies in the heart of Monte-Carlo and true to its description online, this beautiful hotel definitely lived up to its claim of elegance, class and luxury. Of course, when we first arrived everything looked strange and unfamiliar to me. In fact, I was already anticipating getting lost in this huge hotel sometime during our stay, which I did … twice! ihikhik

With two entrances to access this majestic hotel, it was no wonder I spent lots of time snapping photographs every time I was on my way out for a little sightseeing or souvenir shopping while B was attending to work at the prestigious Sportel trade convention. Smiley

Meeting Manchester United legend Eric Cantona was one of the highlights for B this trip so thankfully he managed to get a pretty good shot here!

 photo Eric2_zpsd83a276f.jpg
B meets Eric Cantona
 photo Eric-1_zps9640c57f.jpg
 photo Lobby1-1_zps40f7d8ff.jpg
Waiting Area
 photo Lobby-2_zps06c987e9.jpg
 photo Lobby3_zpsb956d676.jpg
Art on Wall
 photo Lobby2-1_zps7b85e900.jpg
Going up?
 photo Chandelier_zpsbe8ae882.jpg
 photo Lobby4_zpsb1029e07.jpg
Entrance # 2
 photo Lobby5_zps95dfa493.jpg
Lobby # 2 where I chilled when using free Wi-Fi
 photo Hallway_zpsf29afa17.jpg
Beautiful Corridor
 photo Room-4_zps138fc894.jpg
Room Sweet Room
There was no free Wi-Fi inside our room but access was available in the lobby. The staff was friendly and accommodating and this was the first hotel that I’ve stayed in where our room got cleaned twice in one day! Smiley

 photo Room1-1_zps6cbf04f1.jpg
Our Suite
 photo Room3-1_zps3af146be.jpg
Room in white
We returned to our hotel one night and were pleasantly surprised to find a French maid (yup in full maid uniform and cap LOL!) happily leaving two chocolate mints on our pillow as she was finishing up cleaning our room! I wanted to snap a photo of the maid in her uniform but I figured she’d think I was a little nuts or something so I thanked her with a smile and a gracious merci instead! ihikhik

 photo Room2-1_zpsdfcda7e4.jpg
Welcome to Hermitage Hotel

I must have taken hundreds of photographs of the hotel but I will kick start my Monte-Carlo hotel memories with this batch. Happy viewing! Smiley

 photo Room6-1_zpsac99de17.jpg
Dresser for me
 photo Room4-1_zpsb85aa824.jpg
Expensively-stocked Mini-Bar
 photo Room5-1_zps8f6d9913.jpg
Had no choice but to take a Coke out, which cost 8 Euros €
 photo Room8-1_zpsd5e5c420.jpg
Fluffy bathrobes and warm towels
 photo Room9_zps59c37018.jpg
Squeaky Clean
 photo Room11_zpsee1c0394.jpg
Swim Mariuca, Swim!
 photo Room10_zpsb8795186.jpg
Scent-sational Bvlgari
 photo Room12_zps883fc5d0.jpg
Extra Comfort
 photo Room13_zps810b21f5.jpg
Choc on my pillow
 photo View-8_zps6299cb19.jpg
View from my window
 photo Room7-1_zps3602ded9.jpg
Perfect Stay

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