Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom! *

Long time no blog update, woe is me! adus

No excuses on my end except for sheer laziness and lack of mood to happily update and share the things happening in my life. Birthdays make for a wonderful exception though and since I celebrated my mom’s birthday with the rest of the clan recently on March 14, I am finally updating my blog today. Smiley

 photo 1Table_zps0711bf37.jpg
Table for 12
 photo 2Menu_zps40abaf31.jpg
Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya

Holiday Villa Buffet Dinner was pretty good and the theme that night was ‘International and Oriental’. B and I were the first to arrive so after being seated, I made a stroll down the buffet area to see what’s cooking! Smiley

 photo MariucaandB_zps4916e5d3.jpg
First to Arrive!
 photo 3Buffet_zpsd4368dd6.jpg
Salad & Sushi
 photo 4BuffetOyster_zps6e368130.jpg
Oysters on Ice
 photo 5BuffetDessert_zps25502cc6.jpg
Dessert Spread
 photo Fish_zpsdff0b594.jpg
Something Fishy!

I gotta say the spread did not look as varied or delicious as the Ramadan buffet spread we enjoyed as a family last year in Holiday Villa. The staff was very attentive however and I liked that they informed me on the promo/discount available with the buffet dinner when I called the hotel to place reservations for that evening. Smiley 

My parents and the rest arrived shortly after and soon the feasting began! Smiley

 photo Parents_zpscd62380e.jpg
Mom and Dad
 photo 7Cake_zpse2ae33a8.jpg
Happy Birthday Mom!
 photo Kids_zps5bdd3a2c.jpg
Cute all over!
 photo MomandMel_zps53bb9247.jpg
Chocolate cake from Mel!
 photo 9Gift_zpse0fe3edf.jpg
We You
 photo 10InA_zpsee9a958c.jpg
Ali and Intan
 photo 11RitznMom_zps2f789628.jpg
Birthday Kiss 
 photo 13MnRitz_zps41588394.jpg
With Twin # 1 Ritz

Despite the lack of variety that night, it was still an enjoyable buffet and I stuffed myself silly with fresh oysters … and crispy butter prawns … and spicy Malay dishes … and sweet desserts … it was after all a buffet, which I usually take to mean as me trying out a little of almost everything offered unless it’s something that I really don’t eat like lamb. Smiley

 photo 14Oyster_zps051f9e2d.jpg
Yes to Oysters!
 photo 15Prawns_zps40b9375c.jpg
Spicy Crispy Prawns with a whole bunch of other stuff!
 photo 16Salmon_zpsa96815a4.jpg
Fresh Salmon I love!
 photo 17Tempura_zpsff186452.jpg
Seafood Tempura
 photo 18Vege_zps10e16101.jpg
Something Vege
 photo 19Pudding_zps1d8debc0.jpg
Bread Pudding
 photo 20Kuih_zps62394c1a.jpg
Local Delights
 photo 21Dessert_zps4f4932c5.jpg
Something Sweet
The kids were busy playing as usual so they didn’t eat much. Issy threw a tantrum and it was so cute to see the twins trying to calm her down in their own little ways. ihikhik

 photo 22Issy_zps5361eb55.jpg
Grrrrr ....
 photo 23Kids2_zps6d3bce78.jpg
What's wrong Issy?
 photo 24Kids3_zps023f9d9f.jpg
A rose for u!
 photo 25Kids4_zps46171583.jpg
Hmmm ... I like flowers ...
 photo 26Kids_zpseae0943f.jpg
Now let's play!
 photo 27IssyCry_zps4cf245d5.jpg
Issy wants a hug!
 photo 28Family3_zps30360cb7.jpg
Eat up B!
As always, I had the most difficult time thinking of a fun and creative gift for my mom this year. Pretty disappointed with my lack of creativity but still hoping my cash in a card gift was much appreciated by mommy dearest. Next year, I will think ahead 3 months prior to the actual birthday and if I still can’t figure out something super creative and meaningful for my mom, I just don’t know what to say for myself! garupale

 photo 29MnMom_zps395d0172.jpg
Me and my not-so-creative- gift! ketukmeje
 photo 30MnIntan_zpsf85f51fc.jpg
Pat pat Issy's fluffy head, meow! ihikhik
 photo 31Family2_zps0f8b29b2.jpg
All in the Family
Happy Birthday Mom! Love and hugs and wishing you a wonderful year filled with love, good health, luck and happiness! Smiley

 photo 32BnM_zps2f4f3272.jpg
Love Always, Mariuca & B



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