Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ultimate Tips How to Travel Cheap

If you don‘t sleep on a bag of money, but you want to see the world, today I am going to give you some ultimate tips how to travel everywhere and keep yourself in a budget and even save some money. These tips are easy to follow and they are going to give you an instant chance to book your dream plane tickets at a much smaller cost. So let me begin and let’s learn how to see the world within these few easy tips!

Follow Travel Professionals
There are some people, who actually travel for a living! So you can try to follow their journeys and also learn how to travel cheaper and easier. There are many special blogs that have articles about these adventures and also easy ways how to catch extremely cheap plane tickets and hotel reservations. Usually, these blogs tend to search for these cheap tickets and share it too. So just follow these traveling experts and you can travel much cheaper as well!Smiley

Use Coupons
It sounds weird, but booking hotels and tickets with the help of coupons is as possible as shopping for groceries or clothing! There are special coupons for many hotels that let you enjoy a much cheaper stay in high-class hotels all around the globe. All you need to do is to find these coupons somewhere, right? So you can search for it at hotel’s website, or at special coupon’s website. For instance, at ChameleonJohn. Just by simply looking through for some hotels or airlines you will be gifted with many coupons to use and reduce any price tag within a few seconds.

Do Couchsurfing 
One of the most ultimate ways to travel really cheap and reduce all your expenses is to use a service of Couchsurfing platform. Along with it, you won’t need to pay hundreds of dollars for a poor quality hotel room – you will get a cozy bed at almost zero cost! Couchsurfing is great because with it everyone can experience much more too. You can even find new friends in a country you are visiting and make your whole traveling experience perfect up to the notch!Smiley

Travel off-Season
If you really want to see that country, but you don’t care about the timing, then travel in it off the season. For instance, for travel to the Caribbean, save money by booking during hurricane season in the fall (but also consider buying travel insurance and closely follow the weather before you trip, and you should be fine). This is how you can still see all the beauty of the region and save tons of money. Also, traveling off-season means that you won’t need to deal with huge masses of tourists everywhere and enjoy better customer service too. senyumkenyit

You can also use volunteering as a way to travel and experience the most of a country in a short period of time. By volunteering, you might be gifted with a privilege of free accommodation, food and transportation in a country. So all you need to do is to find a cheap plane ticket and you are all set. Also, in this way you can learn about social problems and help local people as much as you can. It will definitely improve your whole traveling experience to perfection and make you never forget about that time.rindu


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Saying Goodbye *

Death at any time and by any means is an occasion of ultimate sadness. But death that comes so suddenly with a reason so unnecessary makes it all the more melancholy with perhaps no closure in sight.

It was with a truly broken heart that I attended the funeral service for my good friend Shyam’s Dad, who unfortunately passed away last week. The reason for his untimely demise was as vile as it was shocking and it shook me to the very core when I initially found out. My shock settled into disbelief followed by anger and finally utter sadness. I was truly lost for words for what could one possibly say to make the situation any better if not bearable?

The funeral service was beautiful and the eulogy and video presentation depicted a religious man, husband and father of good standing; much loved and well-respected by his family, friends and community. There was so much I wanted to say to my dear friend Shyam but my thoughts and words were choked by tears of despair and sadness for her unspeakable loss. Smiley

Now that I am more composed, I do want her to know just how sorry I am for her loss and I do believe that good things come to those who wait. With that, I hope she finds the will; patience and strength to keep her head up in this time of darkness and let justice and peace take their course. Take comfort in the beautiful memories shared over the years with your beloved Dad and be proud knowing that he did an amazing job in raising a wonderful loving daughter and friend in you.

Farewell Uncle Duncan and may your soul rest in eternal peace …


Thursday, August 06, 2015

Finding The Best Real Estate Brokers In Ft. Myers

When looking for commercial real estate brokers in Ft Myers, it is important to find the right company. Not all brokerage firms or independent brokers are the same. It is always best to work with companies that provide more than the basic services. Use these tips to help identify a good real estate broker in the area.

Find someone who knows the local area. Nobody should have to work with a broker who is not familiar with the area. Brokers who do not know the area may not be able to advise about hazards, nuisances and other issues. A good broker will be able to suggest spaces to rent or buy that match the client's needs in price, location, size and tax rates.

Look for a broker who can work independently. This is essential for people who are relocating to the area and still live out of the area. Not all brokers excel in tenant representation services. Finding one who handles needs analysis, co-tenant preference matching, property research, reporting and transaction handling is an asset.

Choose a broker with a wide range of services. Many brokers simply help buyers or renters find commercial space. However, there may be other needs related to the lease or purchase. For example, a buyer may want to redevelop a property. It makes sense to find a broker who also handles those services. Another buyer may need someone to handle leasing services, leasing management or asset management after buying a property. In such a case, it is smart to work with a broker who handles asset management, leasing management and leasing services.

For buyers or renters who wonder if such firms exist, rest assured that they do exist. Retail Solutions Advisors is a leading provider of all of these services and many more in Florida. Contact RSA today to learn more about leasing or buying commercial property. Smiley


Thursday, June 04, 2015

Travel the World on a Limited Budget

Have you had more than enough of the limited scenery and sights that your home town has to offer you? You don't necessarily want to say "Sayonara" to your old alma mater, but you're certainly willing to explore other parts of the world. If you're coming up on your yearly vacation, you should be planning a trip to some new part of the world that your eyes have never seen before. It's the best way to keep you motivated on your work as you move ever closer to your desired goal.

Pick a Spot, Any Spot

Where do you want to go? Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology in the last few decades, you can pretty much just pick a spot, any spot. You can pick a favorite place that has always been high on your list of desired destinations. Or you can simply pick a name that sounds good, than research it on the Internet to see what the place actually looks like. No matter how you get your inspiration, once you've got it, it's time to put in the leg work that will make your vacation dream come alive.

Picking Your Ideal Vacation Destination

Are you ready to choose your ideal vacation destination? Perhaps a location "South of the Border" is what you crave. If so, you can make use of the magical powers of the Internet to help you get there. You can simply log on to your favorite travel reservation site, click a few buttons, and voila! Your reservation is made, and you can begin planning out all of the activities you wish to engage in once you arrive safely at your destination.

A wealth of information concerning hotel reservations and airline fares will be laid out directly in front of your eyes. It has been well and truly said that, "With the Internet, all things are possible", and nothing proves it quite like the brave new world of travel that has been placed at our fingertips. This is truly a great age to be alive.

Hipmunk's Handy Travel Guide Will Get You Up To Speed

For example, if the sunny beaches of tropical Southern Mexico are what you desire to experience this year on your vacation, you'll need Hipmunk's handy FAQ guide to staying in Cancun. This is an indispensable resource that is guaranteed to make your stay in hot Cancun a memorable one. Whether you're an aficionado of the night club scene, or just an old soft touch who craves nothing more than a relaxing day at the beach, Hipmunk can set you straight when it comes to finding all of the best sites in Cancun and beyond.

Hipmunk: Your Ultimate Travel Reservation Authority

Hipmunk is a website that has been specifically designed and engineered to play the part of your one stop travel authority. From your hotel reservations to your airline fare, as well as all points in between, Hipmunk is the travel site that allows you to pick your spot and name your price. Never before in all the history of mankind has there been a website that is quicker to navigate and more fun to use. No matter where your journey may take you, you can rely on Hipmunk to help get you safely there.

This article was contributed by Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The New Selfie Smartphone by Alcatel Onetouch

So the highly-anticipated ALCATEL ONETOUCH FLASH Selfie Smartphone is finally out, which is definitely good news for the many selfie lovers out there!Smiley

Launched in Malaysia early December 2014 with the announcement of the intriguing #BEaFlasher campaign, ALCATEL ONETOUCH FLASH aims to captivate selfie lovers with enhanced camera features to ensure that oh-so-important selfie truly flashes your individual expression.ihikhik

The #BEaFlasher campaign will include a range of fun selfie related activities for all Malaysians in hopes of encouraging phone users to express their personalities by taking selfies using the ALCATEL ONETOUCH FLASH. Do check out the #BEaFlasher campaign on Instagram and Facebook.

My #BeaFlasher shot on Instagram

I for one am not a huge selfie fan but of course one can’t help but get caught up in the crazy social media world sometimes, which includes joining the fun and crazy world of selfies. So if I need to take a selfie, I’d want to ensure it looks great before happily publishing it on Instagram and Facebook. The new ALCATEL ONETOUCH FLASH does just that with its outstanding camera precision and performance!Smiley

 - 5MP HD Front Camera with 13MP Full HD Back Camera
 - Front Camera with Smart Beauty function; no extra photo editing    
   apps required
 - 5.5 inches HD screen to give you a better view for selfies

The ALCATEL ONETOUCH FLASH was also designed with the chic fashionista in mind, one who needs a flashy fashion accessory to show off her new phone. So, in conjunction with the launch, ALCATEL ONETOUCH has partnered with to provide an exclusive 50% off skins exclusively for ALCATEL ONETOUCH users by simply entering the redemption code “BEaFlasher” from now until 31st March 2015.

ALCATEL ONETOUCH FLASH selfie smartphone can be yours for only RM699 bundle with free flip cover and a one year one time screen crack warranty, so hurry over to your nearest authorised ALCATEL ONETOUCH dealer today!

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