Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Flight to Nice *

Our 12-hour flight to Amsterdam (en route to Nice) in October last year was more relaxing compared to the previous year when B and I were seated separately due to late check-in. This time we were prepared and after confirming my reservation on our local Malaysian Airlines, I quickly booked my seat to correspond to B’s! ihikhik

 photo 1KLIA_zps819f69b7.jpg

We arrived at KLIA early and after checking in all 3 suitcases, we killed time by having dinner before heading to our boarding gate. I was not particularly hungry that night but I figured I might as well have one last Malaysian meal before ‘living without’ for the next two weeks. Smiley

 photo 2Food_zps75d513b8.jpg
Last Malaysian meal
 photo 3M2_zps56f6e801.jpg
My so-called 'thin' days ... sigh ... ketukmeje

Surprisingly I did NOT take any cloud pictures on this flight. I did however; take photos of our plane food, which was a delight to savour while high up in the sky, for plane-food lovers like me! Smiley

 photo 6Us_zps811042b6.jpg
Mariuca ♥ B
 photo 4Food2_zps3b526fbb.jpg
Something omelette & mushroom for me!
 photo 5Food3_zps8eaa8495.jpg
Nasi Lemak for B

Arrival in Amsterdam was much anticipated as I could finally stretch my weary legs. After going through security check-points (which I now dread since I always seem to be singled out by the officers for a body pat-down despite me practically wearing no jewellery or anything metal to ensure my easy-breezy pass through), we boarded our KLM plane to Nice for another 2 hours in the air. Smiley

 photo 7Nice_zpsa1df9e3f.jpg
Touchdown in Nice

From Nice Côte d'Azur Airport, B, his colleague Nathan and I shared a taxi and began out 40-minute ride into Monte-Carlo.
 photo 8Sign_zps1bf6d07a.jpg
Welcome to Monaco
 photo 9View_zpsb992430c.jpg
Bright sunny day
 photo 10Allianz_zps962de814.jpg
 photo 11Info_zps1d0a4d7b.jpg
Information Office
 photo 12Building_zpsc200ecf5.jpg
 photo 13Tourism_zpsd483c007.jpg
Tourism Office
Our driver was a friendly French lady who though spoke no word of English and communicated with us in French throughout, managed to get us to our hotel without a hitch. By the way, the taxi fare came up to €100. Smiley

 photo 14Driver_zps86920e8a.jpg
Friendly lady driver
 photo 13M_zps1aae7db4.jpg
Curious to see Novotel!
The view driving into Monte-Carlo was breathtaking and even though I had made this very same route a year ago, that did not stop me from admiring everything in sight through my words … and my photos! Smiley

 photo 15Chaumiere_zps96e7860c.jpg
 photo 16Building3_zps3050ffab.jpg
Monte-Carlo homes
 photo 17MC_zps07fff226.jpg
 photo 18Building2_zps01ca8386.jpg
 photo 19Cop_zps701fe22a.jpg
Day out in Monte-Carlo

Last trip saw B and I staying at the very posh 5-star Hermitage Hotel, which was nearer to B’s work location at Grimaldi Forum. This year, we were booked in Novotel Hotel; further from Grimaldi Forum, which meant longer distance for both B and his colleague to walk every day. I was definitely not familiar with this side of Monte-Carlo and was already picturing getting lost when exploring on my own later.garupale

 photo 20Hotel_zpse9f34b31.jpg
Hotel Novotel, Monte-Carlo

We arrived at the hotel and reception was filled with guests checking-in and checking-out. The front counter receptionist who attended to us was very friendly and proficient in English so checking-in was easy although the three of us accidentally wandered off into a prohibited section of the hotel before finding the correct way to our rooms! ihikhik

 photo 21Taxi_zps82fc4d05.jpg
Receipt please!
 photo 22Rates_zps6c2d66fd.jpg
Room Rates
 photo 23Dine_zpsbf023de3.jpg
Dining area

I would love to include photos of our hotel room in this post but I am trying to avoid a photo overload for now. So if you’re a curious meow like me and would love to see our ‘home’ for the next 5 nights, stay tuned for my next travel post! Smiley


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Miracle in March *


When B woke me up last Saturday on the afternoon of 8th March, I was still caught up in a deliciously lazy dream. I couldn’t remember what it was about but any thought of spending some time to recollect my thoughts on the dream immediately vanished when B said that a Malaysian Airlines plane was missing and Jun was on board! Smiley

The only Jun I know is B’s friend and schoolmate, a long-time steward with Malaysian Airlines so could it be him B was referring to? In the midst of my drowsiness, I initially took it all as part of a bad dream. It was only ten minutes later, while sipping my first coffee of the day that the full intensity and urgency of the situation dawned upon me. Malaysian Airlines MH370 flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 passengers and crew members (including Junaidi Mohd Kassim) on board had mysteriously vanished!Smiley

Thoughts and prayers for Junaidi and family

We are now into the 5th day of searching for the missing MH370 and the poor passengers and crew aboard the plane. I have been glued to the television since Saturday and all I’m seeing is sheer sadness. The mystery of the missing plane remains just as murky, if not even more and try as we may, we too can’t refrain from coming up with our own theories on what could have possibly happened to MH370.

Where is MH370? Is she hiding somewhere on a LOST island waiting to be discovered? Are the passengers and crew members surviving the best they can just like the courageous survivors of ALIVE (based on true story) did? Times like this, you tend to come up with whatever scenario you can conjure in your head in order to make the pain of seeing the sadness of reality unfold, just a tad more bearable.Smiley

Friends tweet to MAS crew of MH370

Heartbreaking tweet

Today, it is reported that India and Japan have added to the force (currently 12 countries providing assistance) of the current SAR mission of flight MH370, which adds to the comfort of knowing that so many people from all over the world are coming together to provide us with the assistance that we truly appreciate. The mightier the search, the bigger our hope for a thankful miracle.  doa

Truly a devastating time for the entire world particularly the countries affected in this tragedy, tears are a constant companion in my household at the moment. Even my fur-kids are depressed. How can one not well up in tears at witnessing the severity of this tragedy and the added mystery surrounding the bizarre disappearance of MH370? Smiley

Countries in unity for MH370
Keeping the Faith

I am choked with tears every time I see a heartfelt video or read a touching sob story about the 239 people on board and the agony each family is feeling at this no-closure loss. To date, there is still no trace of the missing plane or conclusive evidence suggesting wreckage has been discovered. The entire nation remains in gloom albeit hopeful as we continue to pray, trust and will MH370 to emerge from her hiding place. Smiley

B and friends/schoolmates of Junaidi praying and hoping for a safe return

Keeping the faith; our thoughts, prayers and well-wishes go out to all the families of passengers and crew on MH370, especially to B’s friend Junaidi Mohd Kassim and his family. Please come back MH370. Miracles do happen and right now, the entire nation and the world is waiting with bated breath for you to make that difficult but courageous journey home with that longed for miracle. doa

I cry ... every time ...


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