Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Monaco Revisited

October saw B and I back in Monaco and since it was my third time visiting, I did a little research online on what to do in Monaco before our arrival. I’ve pretty much covered most of the main touristy areas over the last two trips namely the beautiful Japanese Garden, La Condamine, Port Hercules and Adam and Eve so frankly, I was at a loss on how to fill up my itinerary during the day while B was at work. Smiley

 photo 6IMG_3308epw_zps5aa532c6.jpg
Hotel de Paris
 photo 7IMG_3223pw_zps620e0d0a.jpg
Cooling view
There’s always the ritzy Casino of Monte-Carlo to visit, which almost always find busy traffic right in front. Rain or shine, night or day, tourists seem to love this spot and it’s hard to get a clear shot of just the casino since it’s usually jam-packed with visitors and party-goers looking for a little thrill in this classy casino. Smiley

 photo 1P1080006p2w_zps91233bbc.jpg
Rainy day in Monaco
 photo 2IMG_7101epw_zps2bff3699.jpg
Super hot day in Monaco!
 photo 2P1080019pw_zps6c1b81d6.jpg
Tour group caught in the rain
 photo 8P1080023pw_zpscc1f7783.jpg
Happy to see other curious photo-taking tourists!
By the way, did you know that the citizens of Monaco are not allowed to gamble or even enter a casino? All visitors to this casino comprise tourists from other nationalities. I wonder if the Monaco people are allowed to play online games using the many no deposit casino bonus codes or no deposit bonus that you can find online. Would that be going against the rules too? Smiley

 photo 4IMG_3501pw_zpsc1e9f9dd.jpg
Valet service for the posh at Casino Monte-Carlo
 photo 5IMG_3699pw_zpsfe3ddb10.jpg
More Casino Fun

In the end, I did visit the casinos of course LOL! I mean I was on vacation after all so why not stop by a casino or two for a little thrill yes? No, I did NOT win but I did manage to check out the inside of the casinos we visited, which were all gorgeous! Of course, no photos allowed inside so we settled for photos outside … after sadly losing!Smiley
 photo 9IMG_3362epw_zps7e879265.jpg
Better luck next time!

Now that I’m home and no longer on a casino holiday, it’s back to using no deposit bonus codes to keep me entertained when bored. No money needed to play, so I don’t have to worry about losing! ihikhik

Until next time, I’m leaving you with a few more Monaco moments on our last Monaco visit. Have a good week people! Smiley

 photo 8IMG_7103epw_zps58ce6d22.jpg
Mariuca's News Van

 photo 9P1080047pw_zps32e4c473.jpg
Les Pavillons
 photo 10IMG_3326epw_zpsa01d295a.jpg
Just window-shopping!
 photo 11P1080059pw_zpsd31d654b.jpg



Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Saving Money On Your Vacation

If a summer vacation is in your future, you might want to start thinking about ways that you can save money on your trip. Places like Bluegreen Resorts often have discounts for those who book in the off season, and there are usually packages available so that you can take part in activities in the area while staying at the resort.

One of the easiest ways that you can save money on your summer vacation is by being as flexible as possible when it comes to when you travel and where you stay. When you book your accommodations at times when the hotel isn't busy, then you can usually get the best rates possible. Try not to stay at the most popular locations. If you stay in a hotel that is on the outskirts of where you want to visit, then you can sometimes find cheaper rates. Smiley

 photo IMG_8196p_zpse9a82f6b.jpg
Westcord Art Hotel - 10 minutes to the city by bus
 photo IMG_8522ep_zps6204c6dd.jpg
One of the many cool decor pieces in the hotel lobby
Look at all of the options that you have in traveling. Driving might be less expensive if you utilize reward cards that offer discounts on gas. If you have frequent flyer miles, then you might want to consider using them to travel longer distances, especially if there are only a few people going on the trip. A bus or train might be less expensive than driving or flying, and you don't have to worry about how to find the location as someone else is in charge of driving. If you fly, then think about the best time to get a ticket and when to get on the plane. The middle of the week is usually the least expensive, and you won't find as many people on the plane as most will already be at their destinations. Smiley

 photo IMG_4212ep_zps6fe39ca9.jpg
Flying from Nice Côte d'Azur Airport

Before you pack anything, make a budget and a checklist. This will help you stay in line with all of your clothes that you need as well as any extras that you might not think about while you are on the trip. Include in your budget food expenses, money for souvenirs and money to spend on attractions. Make sure you have all of your chargers and ay important documents if you are going out of the country.

A vacation home might be an option if you have several people who are planning to travel at one time. This is often ideal for families who want to spend time together or a group of friends who are celebrating a special event. Each person can pay a portion of the rent for the home, making it very affordable for everyone. Vacation homes have kitchens so that you don't have to eat out and usually have a washing machine and dryer so that you don't have to go to a Laundromat. Another idea is to switch houses. If you know someone who lives in an area where you want to travel, then consider staying in their home while they stay in yours. Neither of you will have to pay anything, and you will get to visit a town that you haven't seen. Smiley

There are numerous ways that you can save money on your vacation and still have a wonderful experience with your family and friends. Smiley



Monday, December 01, 2014

MM - Boys of Summer by Don Henley *

I am back and I am giving my back-to-blogging mode a kick start with a truly awesome Music Monday song selection from when else but the good old 80s! Smiley 

Boys of Summer by Don Henley makes me want to go on a road trip; windows down, hair blowing in the wind, music blaring and heading to some unknown destination with my Love in tow! Yeah … freedom from home worries and any other downer that just make life so complicated sometimes. Smiley 

From song title to melody, I adore everything about this song. But most of all, I love the story behind the words so happy listening and hopefully, this song would give you the PMU you need to start your week with a great Music Monday!Smiley 

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. Rules are simple. Leave ONLY the ACTUAL LINK POST here and grab the code below and place it at your blog entry. You can grab this code at LadyJava’s Lounge Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

PS: Because of spamming purposes, the linky will be closed on Thursday of each week at midnight, Malaysian Time. Thank you! 



Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Cool Corporate Gifts!

My first job at The New Straits Times Press saw me receiving lots of corporate gift items and door gifts. Aside from creating brand awareness, corporate gift giving is a wonderful way to express gratitude and foster closer relations between clients and businesses and since I was in the Advertising line, gifts were aplenty! rindu

Now that I’m freelancing from home and no longer working in the corporate world, I hardly ever receive any door gift items anymore from marketing events, press conferences, product launches and the likes. Smiley

However, thanks to B and his line of work, which sees him networking with some of the finest names in the media industry; he sometimes brings home really cool corporate gifts for me. ihikhik

This USB key nicely nestled inside a magical Alice in Wonderland book for instance is my absolute favourite! Smiley

My magical USB Key
Love it!

What a great gift item to give out during an equally impressive Disney premiere B attended a few years ago … and it’s all mine!Smiley

If you or your company are looking for a reliable premium corporate gifts supplier, allow me to introduce you to DoorGifts!

Offering the most competitive pricing in the ‘gift website Malaysia’ category, provides the largest selection of promotional gifts as well; giving you access to the most creative and unique corporate gifts specially-designed for your business. Smiley

From budget to premium, the extensive range of advertising gifts offered ensures you with the right type personalised gifts for any event. As a one-stop premium gift supplier, they are also able to personalise your gift items with logo printing and propose necessary advice and input on item selection.

Watch their creative video below!


Here’s another gift B recently brought home. Perfect to bring on my upcoming trip, don’t you think?  ihikhik

TV9 Monopod

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