Wednesday, September 02, 2015

MM – Little Things by AHMIR*

The month of August came and left with quite a few challenges, good and bad. Not wanting to dwell on the latter, my focus this post is the good namely the official nuptials of my little brother, which happened to fall on the same date as my birthday. Smiley

So it was a double celebration this past Merdeka weekend and though it was a little hectic, all's well that ends well for my brother and his new bride who are now taking a break before resuming preparations for the groom’s side of the wedding reception at the end of this new month. Smiley

This joyous end in August calls for a musical start to my first week of September and what better song to feature than the beautiful birthday dedication I received from my Love this year?  ihikhik

Originally performed by the awesome (yes, I am a fan!) One Direction, this number with a soulful take by AHMIR is one that has recently made it to my Spotify playlist. So here’s sharing this wonderful dedication with my readers. Have a great September people and Happy Music Monday!

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Your Own Cabin In The Woods

John Muir had it right; so did the seven dwarfs. A cabin in the woods, delightfully tucked away amid tall trees, woodland critters, and the soothing sounds of nature, seems like a bit of heaven. It is a wonderful escape from pollution, the stress of city traffic, and the everyday noises of modern civilization. It is a marvelous place to refuel the mental tank and rejuvenate the spirit.Smiley

A Different Perspective

A cabin rental is also the ideal opportunity to share some quiet, special time with a sweetheart or spouse. There, a couple can cuddle and coo as well as explore. Surrounded by the forest, secluded with their thoughts, a couple can truly explore each other and themselves. Walking in nature's living room gives one a perspective that is impossible to gain in a city environment.

A Wondrous Family Experience

A cabin in the woods is also an inspiring place for families. Children get a chance to experience the enchanting beauty and intrinsic spirituality of the forest. There can be no better learning experience than eager, curious children exploring the wonders of the woodlands. Families can bond there, unhindered by the external influences of a high tech society bent on capturing their attention 24/7. Instead, they are blissfully captivated by the natural sounds of the wind rustling through the trees and the chatter of woodland creatures. '

Amenities Abound

There are many websites that offer cabins in the woods. Sites like Beavers Bend Log Cabins, which features Beavers Bend cabin lodging vacations, offer log cabin settings for couples, families and large groups. Online, one can find log cabin vacations located coast to coast. Many of them feature a number of amenities and options, including hot tubs, fishing and large group dining. One thing they all offer is peaceful surroundings. rindu

In fact, many professionals use log cabin rentals to clear their head and get a fresh look at a new project. Writers and artists, in particular, enjoy the solitude that a cabin in the woods provides. There, they can focus on their creativity, undisturbed by outside distractions. Smiley

A cabin rental is not only a wonderful way to escape; it's also a great place to catch up with yourself. Sit on a porch; listen to nature all around you; watch the sun set or rise; it is a true spiritual uplift.


Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Mix Rustic and Urban in This Canadian Getaway

If Canada is on your vision board for an eventual visit, you have a few different options to put on your radar that are worthy of checking out for your next vacation. The country boasts multiple LGBTQ-friendly travel destinations that are off the beaten path and worth considering for both short getaways and lengthier bouts of travel. One of these is British Columbia’s Salt Spring Island, known for its creative atmosphere and mash-up of rustic and urban. 

Located in the Strait of Georgia, Salt Spring is the largest of the Southern Gulf Islands. While this area offers plenty of secluded spots such as quiet and picturesque beaches where you can take a break from the hubbub of civilization, it also offers art museums and other activities, and is a short distance from Victoria via a ferry ride. The atmosphere is LGBTQ-friendly in part due to the active group Gay and Lesbians of Salt Spring Island, or GLOSSI, which is helpful in promoting businesses that are gay-friendly and owned. 

Nature lovers will enjoy the hikes through the forest where fairy doors adorn trees and rocks along the trek up Mount Erskine. Accommodations include a slew of charming bed and breakfasts dotted throughout the town such as The Hastings House Country House Hotel, a Sussex-style structure set on a sizeable waterfront estate. Learn more about Salt Spring Island along with other LGBT-friendly travel destinations by clicking on the following infographic. 

gayborhood gay guide to travel


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ultimate Tips How to Travel Cheap

If you don‘t sleep on a bag of money, but you want to see the world, today I am going to give you some ultimate tips how to travel everywhere and keep yourself in a budget and even save some money. These tips are easy to follow and they are going to give you an instant chance to book your dream plane tickets at a much smaller cost. So let me begin and let’s learn how to see the world within these few easy tips!

Follow Travel Professionals
There are some people, who actually travel for a living! So you can try to follow their journeys and also learn how to travel cheaper and easier. There are many special blogs that have articles about these adventures and also easy ways how to catch extremely cheap plane tickets and hotel reservations. Usually, these blogs tend to search for these cheap tickets and share it too. So just follow these traveling experts and you can travel much cheaper as well!Smiley

Use Coupons
It sounds weird, but booking hotels and tickets with the help of coupons is as possible as shopping for groceries or clothing! There are special coupons for many hotels that let you enjoy a much cheaper stay in high-class hotels all around the globe. All you need to do is to find these coupons somewhere, right? So you can search for it at hotel’s website, or at special coupon’s website. For instance, at ChameleonJohn. Just by simply looking through for some hotels or airlines you will be gifted with many coupons to use and reduce any price tag within a few seconds.

Do Couchsurfing 
One of the most ultimate ways to travel really cheap and reduce all your expenses is to use a service of Couchsurfing platform. Along with it, you won’t need to pay hundreds of dollars for a poor quality hotel room – you will get a cozy bed at almost zero cost! Couchsurfing is great because with it everyone can experience much more too. You can even find new friends in a country you are visiting and make your whole traveling experience perfect up to the notch!Smiley

Travel off-Season
If you really want to see that country, but you don’t care about the timing, then travel in it off the season. For instance, for travel to the Caribbean, save money by booking during hurricane season in the fall (but also consider buying travel insurance and closely follow the weather before you trip, and you should be fine). This is how you can still see all the beauty of the region and save tons of money. Also, traveling off-season means that you won’t need to deal with huge masses of tourists everywhere and enjoy better customer service too. senyumkenyit

You can also use volunteering as a way to travel and experience the most of a country in a short period of time. By volunteering, you might be gifted with a privilege of free accommodation, food and transportation in a country. So all you need to do is to find a cheap plane ticket and you are all set. Also, in this way you can learn about social problems and help local people as much as you can. It will definitely improve your whole traveling experience to perfection and make you never forget about that time.rindu


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Saying Goodbye *

Death at any time and by any means is an occasion of ultimate sadness. But death that comes so suddenly with a reason so unnecessary makes it all the more melancholy with perhaps no closure in sight.

It was with a truly broken heart that I attended the funeral service for my good friend Shyam’s Dad, who unfortunately passed away last week. The reason for his untimely demise was as vile as it was shocking and it shook me to the very core when I initially found out. My shock settled into disbelief followed by anger and finally utter sadness. I was truly lost for words for what could one possibly say to make the situation any better if not bearable?

The funeral service was beautiful and the eulogy and video presentation depicted a religious man, husband and father of good standing; much loved and well-respected by his family, friends and community. There was so much I wanted to say to my dear friend Shyam but my thoughts and words were choked by tears of despair and sadness for her unspeakable loss. Smiley

Now that I am more composed, I do want her to know just how sorry I am for her loss and I do believe that good things come to those who wait. With that, I hope she finds the will; patience and strength to keep her head up in this time of darkness and let justice and peace take their course. Take comfort in the beautiful memories shared over the years with your beloved Dad and be proud knowing that he did an amazing job in raising a wonderful loving daughter and friend in you.

Farewell Uncle Duncan and may your soul rest in eternal peace …

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