Thursday, June 04, 2015

Travel the World on a Limited Budget

Have you had more than enough of the limited scenery and sights that your home town has to offer you? You don't necessarily want to say "Sayonara" to your old alma mater, but you're certainly willing to explore other parts of the world. If you're coming up on your yearly vacation, you should be planning a trip to some new part of the world that your eyes have never seen before. It's the best way to keep you motivated on your work as you move ever closer to your desired goal.

Pick a Spot, Any Spot

Where do you want to go? Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology in the last few decades, you can pretty much just pick a spot, any spot. You can pick a favorite place that has always been high on your list of desired destinations. Or you can simply pick a name that sounds good, than research it on the Internet to see what the place actually looks like. No matter how you get your inspiration, once you've got it, it's time to put in the leg work that will make your vacation dream come alive.

Picking Your Ideal Vacation Destination

Are you ready to choose your ideal vacation destination? Perhaps a location "South of the Border" is what you crave. If so, you can make use of the magical powers of the Internet to help you get there. You can simply log on to your favorite travel reservation site, click a few buttons, and voila! Your reservation is made, and you can begin planning out all of the activities you wish to engage in once you arrive safely at your destination.

A wealth of information concerning hotel reservations and airline fares will be laid out directly in front of your eyes. It has been well and truly said that, "With the Internet, all things are possible", and nothing proves it quite like the brave new world of travel that has been placed at our fingertips. This is truly a great age to be alive.

Hipmunk's Handy Travel Guide Will Get You Up To Speed

For example, if the sunny beaches of tropical Southern Mexico are what you desire to experience this year on your vacation, you'll need Hipmunk's handy FAQ guide to staying in Cancun. This is an indispensable resource that is guaranteed to make your stay in hot Cancun a memorable one. Whether you're an aficionado of the night club scene, or just an old soft touch who craves nothing more than a relaxing day at the beach, Hipmunk can set you straight when it comes to finding all of the best sites in Cancun and beyond.

Hipmunk: Your Ultimate Travel Reservation Authority

Hipmunk is a website that has been specifically designed and engineered to play the part of your one stop travel authority. From your hotel reservations to your airline fare, as well as all points in between, Hipmunk is the travel site that allows you to pick your spot and name your price. Never before in all the history of mankind has there been a website that is quicker to navigate and more fun to use. No matter where your journey may take you, you can rely on Hipmunk to help get you safely there.

This article was contributed by Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The New Selfie Smartphone by Alcatel Onetouch

So the highly-anticipated ALCATEL ONETOUCH FLASH Selfie Smartphone is finally out, which is definitely good news for the many selfie lovers out there!Smiley

Launched in Malaysia early December 2014 with the announcement of the intriguing #BEaFlasher campaign, ALCATEL ONETOUCH FLASH aims to captivate selfie lovers with enhanced camera features to ensure that oh-so-important selfie truly flashes your individual expression.ihikhik

The #BEaFlasher campaign will include a range of fun selfie related activities for all Malaysians in hopes of encouraging phone users to express their personalities by taking selfies using the ALCATEL ONETOUCH FLASH. Do check out the #BEaFlasher campaign on Instagram and Facebook.

My #BeaFlasher shot on Instagram

I for one am not a huge selfie fan but of course one can’t help but get caught up in the crazy social media world sometimes, which includes joining the fun and crazy world of selfies. So if I need to take a selfie, I’d want to ensure it looks great before happily publishing it on Instagram and Facebook. The new ALCATEL ONETOUCH FLASH does just that with its outstanding camera precision and performance!Smiley

 - 5MP HD Front Camera with 13MP Full HD Back Camera
 - Front Camera with Smart Beauty function; no extra photo editing    
   apps required
 - 5.5 inches HD screen to give you a better view for selfies

The ALCATEL ONETOUCH FLASH was also designed with the chic fashionista in mind, one who needs a flashy fashion accessory to show off her new phone. So, in conjunction with the launch, ALCATEL ONETOUCH has partnered with to provide an exclusive 50% off skins exclusively for ALCATEL ONETOUCH users by simply entering the redemption code “BEaFlasher” from now until 31st March 2015.

ALCATEL ONETOUCH FLASH selfie smartphone can be yours for only RM699 bundle with free flip cover and a one year one time screen crack warranty, so hurry over to your nearest authorised ALCATEL ONETOUCH dealer today!


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Visiting Cannes, French Riviera

According to B who has stayed in a cosy French hotel in Cannes a few years back when he was there for work, most of the hotels in Cannes are tiny and costly. So when we visited Cannes city in the beautiful French Riviera back in October 2013, the first thing we did upon arrival was to find ‘his hotel’ so he could show me the cosy but costly hotel he stayed in. ihikhik

 photo 1BTrain_zps0e13b706.jpg
Waiting for the train
 photo 2UsTrain_zps2e31ac3a.jpg
Heading to Cannes, France
Apparently ‘his hotel’ was still around and of course, evidence of me seeing the hotel in person was done via a snapshot! Too bad I couldn’t go inside to take more photos but I pretty much got the idea just by looking at the hotel from the outside. Smiley

 photo 3Hotel_zps440aeecc.jpg
Hotels in Cannes
 photo 4BHotel_zps412e8bfe.jpg
B and his hotel!
 photo 5MCannes_zpsb9150e63.jpg
Mariuca in Cannes
The last cosy but costly hotel I can recall staying in was the Hotel in London during our European Escapade 2010. Although tiny, it was still a wonderful snug hotel with friendly staff, good service and an excellent location as well, which played more importance than our need for a spacious room when we made our booking. 

If you’re planning to visit Europe any time soon, say Paris in France for example; worry no more about costly hotels in Europe! Whether it’s a 3-star hotel in France or a 4-star hotel in France, you are bound to find suitable accommodation at extremely reasonable rates, when vacationing in Europe. And when I say reasonable, I mean less than €100 for a 4-star hotel! Smiley

When and if I finally get to set foot in the city of romance Paris, I’d definitely be looking at these great deals too. Great hotel deals are always around online. You just have to look for them starting with the 3-star and 4-star stylish and charming QUALYS-HOTEL collection I mentioned earlier. 

By the way, our day out in Cannes was a hot and humid affair. I got tricked by the weather forecast and arrived in Cannes in sweater and jeans. Although it did get cooler later in the day, I told B that if we get to visit Cannes again during the same wet month of October, I’m just going to confidently wear something skimpy LOL! ihikhik

 photo 6CannesWalk_zpsb12c3342.jpg
Exploring Cannes
 photo 7Cinema_zpsd819a3eb.jpg
Cinema Cannes
 photo 8BStatue_zps48ec48ab.jpg
B in Cannes
 photo 9Building_zpsc380afb2.jpg
 photo 10MCopy_zpsce0b25a4.jpg
Am I doing it right?
 photo 11SouvenirShop_zpsd9a3bfe9.jpg
Lovely Cannes souvenir store where I got myself a snow-globe
 photo 12Bistro_zps15fc4054.jpg
Al fresco dining in Cannes
 photo 13Bazaar_zps5bc103ef.jpg
Shopping & Dining at Rue Meynadier
 photo 14MPino_zps3e734435.jpg
Hanging out with Pinocchio
I’m leaving you with a few more photos of our Cannes visit. Next, I’ll probably blog about my romantic lovey-dovey lunch with B at Le Caveau 30 French seafood restaurant in Cannes. Until my next post, Merry Christmas to those celebrating and Happy holidays to the rest! Smiley

 photo 15MSign_zps98b4ca81.jpg
Yeah .. 'What about YOU?'
 photo 16Carousel_zps1ae96b45.jpg
Cannes Carousel
 photo 17Cafes_zps09cc8923.jpg
Heading to the beach
 photo 18WaterStatue_zpsb81951bf.jpg
 photo 19Train_zps0467edc6.jpg
Tourists in Train
 photo 20Beach_zps2dc7ac99.jpg
Fun in the sun
 photo 21Artist_zps5279de4c.jpg
Artist at work
 photo 22Artist2_zpsf249d72a.jpg
A different kind of artist at work! ihikhik


Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Monaco Revisited

October saw B and I back in Monaco and since it was my third time visiting, I did a little research online on what to do in Monaco before our arrival. I’ve pretty much covered most of the main touristy areas over the last two trips namely the beautiful Japanese Garden, La Condamine, Port Hercules and Adam and Eve so frankly, I was at a loss on how to fill up my itinerary during the day while B was at work. Smiley

 photo 6IMG_3308epw_zps5aa532c6.jpg
Hotel de Paris
 photo 7IMG_3223pw_zps620e0d0a.jpg
Cooling view
There’s always the ritzy Casino of Monte-Carlo to visit, which almost always find busy traffic right in front. Rain or shine, night or day, tourists seem to love this spot and it’s hard to get a clear shot of just the casino since it’s usually jam-packed with visitors and party-goers looking for a little thrill in this classy casino. Smiley

 photo 1P1080006p2w_zps91233bbc.jpg
Rainy day in Monaco
 photo 2IMG_7101epw_zps2bff3699.jpg
Super hot day in Monaco!
 photo 2P1080019pw_zps6c1b81d6.jpg
Tour group caught in the rain
 photo 8P1080023pw_zpscc1f7783.jpg
Happy to see other curious photo-taking tourists!
By the way, did you know that the citizens of Monaco are not allowed to gamble or even enter a casino? All visitors to this casino comprise tourists from other nationalities. I wonder if the Monaco people are allowed to play online games using the many no deposit casino bonus codes or no deposit bonus that you can find online. Would that be going against the rules too? Smiley

 photo 4IMG_3501pw_zpsc1e9f9dd.jpg
Valet service for the posh at Casino Monte-Carlo
 photo 5IMG_3699pw_zpsfe3ddb10.jpg
More Casino Fun

In the end, I did visit the casinos of course LOL! I mean I was on vacation after all so why not stop by a casino or two for a little thrill yes? No, I did NOT win but I did manage to check out the inside of the casinos we visited, which were all gorgeous! Of course, no photos allowed inside so we settled for photos outside … after sadly losing!Smiley
 photo 9IMG_3362epw_zps7e879265.jpg
Better luck next time!

Now that I’m home and no longer on a casino holiday, it’s back to using no deposit bonus codes to keep me entertained when bored. No money needed to play, so I don’t have to worry about losing! ihikhik

Until next time, I’m leaving you with a few more Monaco moments on our last Monaco visit. Have a good week people! Smiley

 photo 8IMG_7103epw_zps58ce6d22.jpg
Mariuca's News Van

 photo 9P1080047pw_zps32e4c473.jpg
Les Pavillons
 photo 10IMG_3326epw_zpsa01d295a.jpg
Just window-shopping!
 photo 11P1080059pw_zpsd31d654b.jpg


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