Saturday, November 28, 2015

Inexpensive Cat Toys

All cat households require a steady supply of cat toys, since they have the ability to keep your feline friends happy and stimulated throughout the day.Smiley

While you can save money on your cat's toys by using coupons from and other helpful websites, the prices are constantly rising and pet parents often feel the pinch. If you do not wish to be one of the owners who consistently lavishes their pets with the most expensive toys, read on to learn more about some more inexpensive options. 

Cardboard Boxes 
Every cat owner has experienced the awkward moment that occurs when they purchase new toys for their pet, only to watch them derive more enjoyment from the packaging. Instead of waiting for this moment to take place, cut out the middleman and provide your cat with cardboard boxes to play with. Cats love using these boxes as makeshift forts, so be prepared for a lot of jumping and hiding.Smiley

Three fluffy meows!

Pipe Cleaners 
Pipe cleaners typically cost less than $5 and have the ability to keep your pet entertained for hours at a time. These cleaners can be bent into a variety of alignments that will allow your pet to play a variety of games. They are easily lost around the house, however, so be sure to buy plenty of replacements.Smiley

Such a simple option, but one that often goes completely ignored by cat lovers everywhere. Have you ever seen a cat fail to enjoy playing with a ball? Many cat breeds even love to play fetch and you will be hard pressed to find a cat that doesn't find some level of happiness from playing the balls that you graciously provide. You can also make a ball for your cat at home, with materials that are already on hand. Just use tin foil and watch your cat entertain itself for hours at a tune. 

If you are providing your cat with feathers, it is best to sterilize them well. While you can spend big on cat toys that come with feathers, you can find them just as easily by going outside and taking a walk. Your cat will love to swat feathers around and is sure to have an absolute blast "killing" them. One rule of thumb when it comes to providing your cat with feathers: the bigger the feathers, the more your cat will enjoy playing with them. 

99 Cent Stores 
Heading to your local 99 cent store is a great option for pet owners who are looking to provide a large quantity of toys for their playful pet, without destroying their budget. Your cat is not going to care if you purchased the toys from an expensive pet store chain or a discount market, as long as they are well chosen and fun to play with.Smiley

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