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Monte-Carlo Day 2 *

Hello people, long time no blog right? Well, I’ve been busy with work, which is great because I need all the jobs I can get right now to fatten up my vacation fund. Plus, I was also a little put off with blogging thanks to commenting issues here, which saw my last Music Monday post with missing comments and my ID comment box reverting back to Boring Old Blogger, which I hate! adus 

Today however I am in the mood for a travel post so I’m going to take you back to beautiful Monte-Carlo in Monaco. Let’s hope my ID commenting system works well for this post. Otherwise, you’ll see a very sad Mariuca refusing to blog for yet another month! merajuk

Truth be told, our first night in Monte-Carlo was a little tiring. For one, B fell sick the moment we arrived so he was neither in the best form nor mood to happily explore a strange city. It was also raining that evening so aside from taking photos around the hotel; our main agenda that first night was to find food! Smiley 

Before leaving for Monte-Carlo, B who had been there before mentioned the difficulty in finding tasty, cheap food in this expensive city. I wasn’t too worried prior to our arrival but after spending four nights in Monte-Carlo, I had to agree with him and this trip saw me feasting on mostly pastry and bread and of course the ever trusty Mc Ds. Smiley 

 photo McDs2_zpsc7dd3480.jpg
Mc Donald's, Monte-Carlo
 photo McDs4_zpsb0a28456.jpg
Fish and Fries
 photo McDs3_zps37e66ee6.jpg
View from my seat in Mc Ds

The next day, I was left to my own devices to explore Monte-Carlo while B was at work. With my bad sense of direction, I was already anticipating getting lost while making the long but captivating walk down the beautifully-decorated corridor of Hermitage Hotel. garupale

 photo Hotel1-2_zpsb872186c.jpg
 photo Hotel2_zpsb7254754.jpg
 photo Hotel3_zps8bf41c03.jpg
 photo Hotel5_zps1a03fe3e.jpg
 photo Hotel6_zps9f1a746a.jpg
Scent-sational gifts
 photo Hotel7_zps52ad0a5a.jpg
 photo Hotel8_zpsa740efcd.jpg
Red Hot Splash!
 photo Hotel9_zpsd405f32e.jpg
Dining in Hermitage Hotel
 photo Hotel10_zps91d2ffd7.jpg
Le Vistamar Restaurant
 photo Hotel11_zps7f858d42.jpg
 photo Hotel12_zps1305836e.jpg
Stunning staircase
 photo Hotel13_zpsba1d8bfd.jpg
Walking down the beautiful hallway
 photo Hotel14_zps775df808.jpg
Coffee Corner

Making my way to the nearby Le Metropole shopping centre took me longer than expected simply because I stopped every few steps to take snapshots of practically everything I saw. There was no denying the fact that I was indeed one curious camera-clicking tourist that day! ihikhik 

 photo Statue_zpsec593c81.jpg
Prince Louis de Polignac
 photo Train_zps944f704f.jpg
Tour Train
 photo Building_zps766ab954.jpg
Walking towards Metropole
 photo Police_zpsc422c7e4.jpg
Adorable police station!
 photo Street_zps56c50085.jpg
Almost there!
 photo Metropole_zpsf5d0d7c6.jpg
Shopping ahead!
 photo SC1_zps4ad9588f.jpg
Le Metropole
 photo SC_zps182f098e.jpg
Down we go...

I spent my afternoon taking photos and visiting Le Metropole, which though was a very cool shopping centre to visit; was still a tad too costly for me to happily splurge without a care in the world! So window shopping was great but it left me yearning for all the beautiful things I fell in love with. rindu 

 photo SC2_zps53e30fe0.jpg
Monte-Carlo forever indeed! ihikhik
 photo SC3_zpsa74ca433.jpg
Something Blue
 photo SC5_zpse183aa44.jpg
Bags galore
 photo SC4_zpsf4e85947.jpg
Something Pink
 photo SC7_zps81d3efb1.jpg
 photo SC6_zps19deefc1.jpg
Cosy corner
 photo SC8_zps22704310.jpg
Coffee break

Lunch consisted of donuts and croissants at SPAR. Basically a bakery, SPAR was a fairly decent spot to enjoy a tasty value-for-money meal during our stay in Monte-Carlo.

 photo Donuts_zps440f333d.jpg
 photo SC9_zps55da8748.jpg
Lunch crowd
 photo SC10_zpse62ff905.jpg
Donuts and such

 photo SC11_zps29b79bfb.jpg
Sandwiches and Pastry Puffs

Later that evening, a slight drizzle started to pour. Despite feeling under the weather, B decided we should brave the rain for a night out in Monte-Carlo. I however do not have the patience to edit, resize and upload a whole new batch of photos aside from the ones here so I will save the rest for my next travel post. Until next time, happy viewing and happy travelling if you’re headed for somewhere cool, sometime soon! Smiley 

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