Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sightseeing in Monte-Carlo

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Our getaway to Monte-Carlo last year was great! In fact, this second time around was even better simply because I was already somewhat familiar with the area so I didn’t get lost as much as I did like the previous year! I was more relaxed, less anxious and overall truly enjoyed my stay in Monte-Carlo. Smiley 

 photo 1SouvenirStore_zps56b63afc.jpg
Souvenir & Such
 photo 2Shopping_zps223a85a7.jpg
After checking in to Hotel Novotel, B and his colleague Nathan with me in tow, made the fairly long walk to Grimaldi Forum to get the guys registered for the SPORTEL convention. It was Nathan’s first time in Monte-Carlo and since it was B’s third time, he was the unofficial tour guide for the trip!

 photo 3Grimaldi_zps23d43dd7.jpg
Grimaldi Forum
 photo 4Grimaldi2_zpsc90f6de2.jpg
 photo 5BRegister_zps1ca74507.jpg
SPORTEL Registration 
 photo 6UsSportel_zpsfc6f8152.jpg
B & Mariuca @ SPORTEL 2013
 photo 7Skyscrapers_zps021f1c3c.jpg
 photo 8Heli_zpsa4eb3f50.jpg
Cool CableCopter
 photo 9MVan_zps6ec1e79c.jpg
Me and my News Van
 photo 10Tyson_zps4bf66c70.jpg
Tyson Time!

Registration done, we took a scenic walk around the area. By the way, it was great having Nathan with us on this trip. Aside from great company, he was more than happy to snap photos of B and I so there was not much need for selfies that day! ihikhik

 photo 13UsSea_zps4217c6ee.jpg
Mariuca B in Monte-Carlo
 photo 14BandN_zps18c5d815.jpg
B & Nathan
 photo 11BSkyscrapers_zps0ba04909.jpg
B the Tour Guide
 photo 12MCBuildings_zps0d0c5db8.jpg

The three of us spent the rest of the afternoon snapping photos of each other and admiring the many tourist hot spots in the area; all the while marvelling at the beauty that is Monte-Carlo. The grandeur in every stop is unmistakable and a simple tourist like me can’t help but wonder what it’s like living in one of the world’s most expensive cities. rindu

 photo 15Fairmont_zps5efaf90f.jpg
The lovely Fairmont Hotel
 photo 16Boat_zps9ad14eff.jpg
Out at Sea
 photo 17MSea_zps65d1fac5.jpg
Easy breezy in Monte-Carlo
 photo 18NiBox_zpsa45e5fbb.jpg
 photo 19NiBox2_zps287bf35a.jpg
Ni Box Leisure Complex
 photo 20F1Tunnel_zpsac74a0cc.jpg
Mariuca & B @ F1 Tunnel
 photo 21Cars_zps91f6924c.jpg
Posh and Pricey
 photo 22UsCars_zpsce198eab.jpg
Picking our ride!

We managed to cover most of the tourist spots that evening. Although I snapped plenty of photos I was certain a huge portion would be blurry. I was none too worried however since I’d be returning to this same spot the next day for more photo sessions. ihikhik

 photo 23Japgarden_zps2c946d52.jpg
Japanese Garden
 photo 24Resto_zpse6017458.jpg
 photo 25Fisherman_zpsb76782d5.jpg
The Fisherman by French sculptor Gustave Dussart
 photo 26BuddhaBar_zps87243dd6.jpg
Buddha Bar
 photo 27Casino_zpsf8a9db36.jpg
Casino Fun
 photo 28Adam_zps0f4d4d9b.jpg
A 'curious' tourist!

Exhausted from our long plane journey from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam and finally Nice, we called it an early night before making plans to meet up the next day. The guys would start their work the following day and I’d be on my own, free to roam the streets of Monte-Carlo at my own pace. Smiley 

 photo 29MSelfie_zps1aa1d037.jpg
Selfie in Monte-Carlo ihikhik

Until my next travel post, I do hope you’ve enjoyed viewing our vacation photos. Next up - my visit to the picturesque Japanese Garden in Monte-Carlo! Smiley 


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