Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Flight to Nice *

Our 12-hour flight to Amsterdam (en route to Nice) in October last year was more relaxing compared to the previous year when B and I were seated separately due to late check-in. This time we were prepared and after confirming my reservation on our local Malaysian Airlines, I quickly booked my seat to correspond to B’s! ihikhik

 photo 1KLIA_zps819f69b7.jpg

We arrived at KLIA early and after checking in all 3 suitcases, we killed time by having dinner before heading to our boarding gate. I was not particularly hungry that night but I figured I might as well have one last Malaysian meal before ‘living without’ for the next two weeks. Smiley

 photo 2Food_zps75d513b8.jpg
Last Malaysian meal
 photo 3M2_zps56f6e801.jpg
My so-called 'thin' days ... sigh ... ketukmeje

Surprisingly I did NOT take any cloud pictures on this flight. I did however; take photos of our plane food, which was a delight to savour while high up in the sky, for plane-food lovers like me! Smiley

 photo 6Us_zps811042b6.jpg
Mariuca ♥ B
 photo 4Food2_zps3b526fbb.jpg
Something omelette & mushroom for me!
 photo 5Food3_zps8eaa8495.jpg
Nasi Lemak for B

Arrival in Amsterdam was much anticipated as I could finally stretch my weary legs. After going through security check-points (which I now dread since I always seem to be singled out by the officers for a body pat-down despite me practically wearing no jewellery or anything metal to ensure my easy-breezy pass through), we boarded our KLM plane to Nice for another 2 hours in the air. Smiley

 photo 7Nice_zpsa1df9e3f.jpg
Touchdown in Nice

From Nice Côte d'Azur Airport, B, his colleague Nathan and I shared a taxi and began our 40-minute ride into Monte-Carlo.
 photo 8Sign_zps1bf6d07a.jpg
Welcome to Monaco
 photo 9View_zpsb992430c.jpg
Bright sunny day
 photo 10Allianz_zps962de814.jpg
 photo 11Info_zps1d0a4d7b.jpg
Information Office
 photo 12Building_zpsc200ecf5.jpg
 photo 13Tourism_zpsd483c007.jpg
Tourism Office
Our driver was a friendly French lady who though spoke no word of English and communicated with us in French throughout, managed to get us to our hotel without a hitch. By the way, the taxi fare came up to €100. Smiley

 photo 14Driver_zps86920e8a.jpg
Friendly lady driver
 photo 13M_zps1aae7db4.jpg
Curious to see Novotel!
The view driving into Monte-Carlo was breathtaking and even though I had made this very same route a year ago, that did not stop me from admiring everything in sight through my words … and my photos! Smiley

 photo 15Chaumiere_zps96e7860c.jpg
 photo 16Building3_zps3050ffab.jpg
Monte-Carlo homes
 photo 17MC_zps07fff226.jpg
 photo 18Building2_zps01ca8386.jpg
 photo 19Cop_zps701fe22a.jpg
Day out in Monte-Carlo

Last trip saw B and I staying at the very posh 5-star Hermitage Hotel, which was nearer to B’s work location at Grimaldi Forum. This time, we were booked in Novotel Hotel; further from Grimaldi Forum, which meant longer distance for both B and his colleague to walk every day. I was definitely not familiar with this side of Monte-Carlo and was already picturing getting lost when exploring on my own later.garupale

 photo 20Hotel_zpse9f34b31.jpg
Hotel Novotel, Monte-Carlo

We arrived at the hotel and reception was filled with guests checking-in and checking-out. The front counter receptionist who attended to us was very friendly and proficient in English so checking-in was easy although the three of us accidentally wandered off into a prohibited section of the hotel before finding the correct way to our rooms! ihikhik

 photo 21Taxi_zps82fc4d05.jpg
Receipt please!
 photo 22Rates_zps6c2d66fd.jpg
Room Rates
 photo 23Dine_zpsbf023de3.jpg
Dining area

I would love to include photos of our hotel room in this post but I am trying to avoid a photo overload for now. So if you’re a curious meow like me and keen to  see our ‘home’ for the next 5 nights, stay tuned for my next travel post! Smiley

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