Friday, May 02, 2014

Doctors and Me

Whether it’s a regular dental check-up or a trip to the skin specialist for the coolsculpting process, any kind of doctor’s visit is usually accompanied by anxiety and panic. Well, for yours truly at least and that’s merely due to my scaredy-cat nature! I guess this also explains why I try to maintain optimum health levels in order to avoid seeing the Doc unnecessarily. Smiley 

A visit to your doctor doesn’t have to be intimidating though. If he’s a well-renowned yet friendly and warm professional like the good looking Dr. David Herschtal from Boca Raton, I wouldn’t mind rendering submission! ihikhik

Frankly, it’s extremely important for any doctor to pay special attention to worriers like me and our nerves before anything else. The nicer and the friendlier the Doc, the calmer we feel and the whole process would go smoothly for both patient and doctor.  

Speaking of which, I recently had my usual anxiety attack prior to a dental appointment with a new dentist. I’ve heard good things about him from B who’s a regular patient but since it was my first visit, I was quite sceptical as to how ‘gentle’ he was going to handle my toothache. Smiley 

 photo 3TV_zps9cac7960.jpg
The Smile Clinic

I am pleased to say however that the entire visit was not as scary as I thought it would be! Firstly, the entire place was very warm and inviting. I felt much at peace watching a movie on the comfy sofa in the ‘living-room’. Smiley

 photo 2Living_zps1d05e4f3.jpg
Cosy couch in the 'living room'
 photo 1Movie_zps6afd94b1.jpg
Movie as distraction from the pain
Secondly, the new dentist turned out to be a young-looking chap with a friendly smile and after examining my bad tooth, he explained every step of what he’d be performing that day. That’s a mark of a good doctor; informing and explaining every step to your patient to avoid any sudden unpleasant surprises. 

And lastly, the whole procedure was done in a timely manner and though I was cringing at the thought of needles poking me in the mouth, I hardly felt the prick. By the time my procedure was done, I found myself smiling despite my slight discomfort and numbness. In fact, I was so relieved that I found myself practically skipping out of the exam room! Smiley 

 photo 4Corner_zps1935574f.jpg
Sit & Read
 photo 6B_zps7827d723.jpg
B sadly waiting his turn
So thanks to my new Doc for helping me to overcome my fear of dentists, well for that day at least! I hope my next visit in a few months would be just as calming. Meanwhile, I am going to treat myself to something sinfully sweet today, which is totally bad for my diet and my newly-cleaned teeth. I’m thinking … banana split! Happy Labour Day weekend and thanks for reading! Smiley 


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