Sunday, December 29, 2013

WestCord Art Hotel 3, Amsterdam

When deciding on the best hotel for one of our travel adventures, B and I always have several criteria in mind, which we try to meet as best possible. These include reasonable rates, comfortable rooms with attached bath, strategic location for ease of getting around and the convenience of basic amenities in the vicinity. Any other perks like FREE Wi-Fi, coffee/tea making facilities, a huge bathtub with designer toiletries and the likes are of course additional bonus, which simply adds to our overall hotel stay experience. Smiley

During our Europe trip back in October, B and I stayed in three different hotels; one in Monte-Carlo and two in Amsterdam. All three hotels had their good points but I have to say that out of the three, my favourite hotel was definitely our last stop, the super cool 4-star WestCord Art hotel in Amsterdam! Smiley

 photo 1Hot_zpsdd2a9d5c.jpg
WestCord Art Hotel
 photo 2Hot1_zps803801f8.jpg
Welcome cow in front of the hotel
 photo 3Hot1a_zpsffdd5bec.jpg
Pool area
Last year when we were vacationing in Amsterdam, B and I chose to stay in WestCord Art hotel too, which comprises a 3-star hotel and a 4-star hotel located side by side. Our first stay saw us booked into the 3-star hotel but this year, we decided to check out the 4-star hotel instead. That way, we’d be able to experience two different stays in both hotels and make a which-hotel-is-better comparison! ihikhik

 photo 4Hot2_zpsb3f0144b.jpg
 photo 5Hot3_zpse2826891.jpg
Welcome to WestCord Art
 photo 6Hot4_zps3d00be45.jpg
Art pieces
 photo 7Hot5_zps61a9414c.jpg
B and I stayed on the 2nd floor
 photo 8Hot6_zpsa1cdedfc.jpg
Business Lounge
 photo 9Hot7_zps5ece8b0f.jpg
 photo 10Hot8_zps200272cc.jpg
 photo 11Hot9_zps98ad18be.jpg
Seating Area
 photo 12Hot10_zpsba2ebefa.jpg
More Art!

Before blogging about our stay in the beautiful 4-star WestCord Art hotel this year, I’ll be sharing photos of our comfy 3-star WestCord Hotel room from our 2012 Amsterdam Adventure first. This way, you too can view my photos and make your own comparison on which WestCord Art hotel room takes your fancy later.

 photo 13Roo_zps14edf27b.jpg
Double Room
 photo 14Roo1_zpsdbe1b51c.jpg
Small but cosy
 photo 15Roo2_zps74268def.jpg
Reading Corner
 photo 16Roo3_zps7f533795.jpg
TV & Free Wi-Fi
 photo 17Roo4_zps8ccd1b26.jpg
Coffee please!
 photo 18Roo5_zps53077342.jpg
Automatic Refreshment Center
 photo 19Roo6_zps8e930f1a.jpg
 photo 20Roo7_zpsd8f11b3a.jpg
Small bathtub Smiley
 photo 21Roo8_zpse0a14e45.jpg
 photo 22Roo9_zps1ae36388.jpg
Until next time, thanks for dropping by and don’t forget to savour the last two days of 2013. What are your plans to ring in 2014 by the way? If a short travel adventure is something you’re considering, you may want to check out Royal Holiday vacation club. I hear they’re offering great year-end travel deals so hurry up and secure your comfy accommodation and happy travelling! Smiley


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