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Hotel Novotel, Monte-Carlo *

As promised, I am resuming the travel section of my blog with a bunch (and when I say a bunch, I mean at least 20) of photos of the beautiful Hotel Novotel we stayed in last year while travelling in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. Well, it was travelling for yours truly but it was mostly work for my Darling. Smiley

 photo 1M3_zpsf0dd3b08.jpg
First stop in Monte-Carlo
 photo 2M_zpse086c82d.jpg
Mariuca @ Princess Charlotte Boulevard

Aside from my not-so-good photo-taking skills, I am always worried about blurry pictures so I ended up taking at least 100 photos of our hotel … just in case! ihikhik

 photo 3Novotel_zps58c83c2e.jpg
Hotel Novotel, Monte-Carlo
 photo 4MNovotel_zps1cdbd916.jpg
 photo 5Novotel2_zps85fcba48.jpg
Hotel Novotel
 photo 6LobbyNovotel_zps06960b5a.jpg
Beautiful Lobby
 photo 7LobbyNovotel2_zps1066ae4e.jpg
 photo 8MLobbyNovotel_zps0c2dadd7.jpg
Waiting for our room

For me, the main difference between Hotel Novotel and Hotel Hermitage, which we stayed in the previous year, was that the former offered FREE Wi-Fi in every room. Yes, that’s definitely one of our must-have criterion when choosing any hotel so it was great that Novotel provided me with free internet to happily post away pictures on Instagram (which I actually did not do much of LOL), check my FB and of course reply work emails, if any during my absence. Smiley

 photo 9Decor_zpsfe95a949.jpg
 photo 10MDecor_zpsa1d67f31.jpg
LOVE LIFE Prevention
 photo 11Info_zpsc5dee2a5.jpg
Info here!

Location wise however, Hotel Hermitage definitely boasted a better site compared to Hotel Novotel simply because B and his colleague Nathan, had to walk a longer distance from the latter to reach the Grimaldi Forum where the SPORTEL 2013 conference was being held for the next few days. Smiley

 photo 12Bed_zpsed7845af.jpg
Our room
 photo 13WindowView_zps1ee816d4.jpg
View from my window
 photo 14Bed2_zps34ab1d54.jpg
Attached bath

Other than that, we truly enjoyed our stay at Hotel Novotel. Our room was spacious and fully-equipped with everything we needed including a superb bathtub for me to luxuriate in every day … and night. Smiley

 photo 15Bath_zpsa0593fa8.jpg
Squeaky clean
 photo 16Bathtub_zps32e7f6f2.jpg
My bathtub
 photo 17Bath2_zps1ea7eb0e.jpg
Scent-sational Pleasures
 photo 18Shower_zps00b25794.jpg
Shower for B
 photo 19Toilet_zps74547279.jpg
Separate cubicle

Housekeeping was timely every morning and the breakfast buffet was reasonably priced too at €10 per person; offering a wide variety of delicious breakfast delights. Coffee was readily available in our room, which was great and I did enjoy watching several foreign programmes on TV. My only complaint would probably be that my mattress was a bit lumpy and felt worn-out.ketukmeje

 photo 20MiniBar_zpsc0a4fc1f.jpg
 photo 21Coffee_zps403f8224.jpg
Coffee or Tea?
 photo 22MiniBarInside_zpsc6333156.jpg
Expensive chocs and drinks!
 photo 23TV_zps05105be4.jpg
TV Time
 photo 24Seat_zps09cacacf.jpg
Cosy Corner
 photo 25Closet_zps5392ebb1.jpg

The location of a nearby train station was a bonus, with several shops inside and within the vicinity for us to get snacks and drinks when needed. Smiley 

 photo 26MTrainSt_zpsd934f7de.jpg
Outside the Train Station
 photo 27BTrainSt_zpsb9d226e5.jpg
Train Station
 photo 28M2TrainSt_zps88ef68f1.jpg
No train ride for me yet!
 photo 30MSouvenir_zps96607332.jpg
Souvenir Store @ the Train Station
 photo 31Cafe_zps36d88789.jpg
 photo 32Vending_zpscfeed490.jpg

After checking in to our hotel room, snapping away loads of photos and resting for an hour or so; B and I met up with Nathan and we made the fairly long but scenic walk toward Grimaldi Forum to get the guys registered for the SPORTEL 2013 convention, which would start the following day. 

Apparently, I was the only one interested in taking photos so the guys walked ahead of me while I stopped at every few corners, just for a snap! And on that note, I will end my travel post here for now. I will continue sharing photos of our scenic walk in my next travel post so wait for it! Smiley 

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