Wednesday, July 09, 2014

For a Comfy Flight!

Airplanes are a very common and convenient form of travel. While planes can take you to far-reaching parts of the planet relatively quickly, by no means has airplane comfort been perfected. The seats are designed to conserve space, which causes your body to feel quite beat up after a flight. With the right products, however, you can ensure that you can rest and relax on your way to your ultimate destination. It is vital that you invest in airplane comfort, as you may lose valuable vacation days if you feel the need to allow your body to recuperate after a long flight. These four products can make a major difference:

• Inflatable neck pillow
• Lumbar cushion
• Foot rest

Noise Reduction Headphones
A plane can be a very noisy place, and persistent noise can make it very difficult to rest while on a plane. Many people find that they experience headaches due to the consistent drone of the engine, and it is often the case that babies and children make their fair share of noise during a flight as well. Through the use of noise reducing headphones, it is possible to eliminate or reduce the exterior noises according to the level that you feel is appropriate. You can listen to quiet, soothing music while you drift off to sleep, or you can watch a movie free from auditory distractions, helping you feel comfortable throughout the duration of the flight.

Inflatable Neck Pillow
As travelers are becoming wiser, the prevalence of neck pillows has been on the rise. This is because neck pillows can significantly increase your feelings of comfort while you are up in the air. There may be many options to choose from, but the inflatable variety seems to offer the most versatility. They can be inflated to the degree that feels the most comfortable to each individual, and many of them feature alternate fabrics on each side, allowing the user to adjust their comfort based on whether they are warm or cool.

Lumbar Cushion
Unfortunately, the seating on planes is not designed with the comfort of the traveler in mind. It is a simple fact that airlines make more money when they are able to fit more people into the cabin of their plane. This means that many planes are forgoing cushions altogether, and most seats are positioned in such a way that space is maximized. This frequently leaves you in a very uncomfortable position, one that can be fixed through the use of a lumbar cushion. These cushions provide the proper support and help you keep your spine properly positioned throughout the flight, ensuring that your travels are not marred by back pain caused by the plane’s seating.

Foot Rest
One of the most overlooked aspects of airplane travel relates to proper foot support. The feet tend to be overlooked, but through the use of a foot rest, they can be supported in such a way that they prevent any issues relating to back pain. This is especially important for petite travelers whose shorter legs make airplane travel very uncomfortable. It is also ideal for people with preexisting back issues, as the added support ensures adequate comfort throughout the flight.


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