Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Cool Corporate Gifts!

My first job at The New Straits Times Press saw me receiving lots of corporate gift items and door gifts. Aside from creating brand awareness, corporate gift giving is a wonderful way to express gratitude and foster closer relations between clients and businesses and since I was in the Advertising line, gifts were aplenty! rindu

Now that I’m freelancing from home and no longer working in the corporate world, I hardly ever receive any door gift items anymore from marketing events, press conferences, product launches and the likes. Smiley

However, thanks to B and his line of work, which sees him networking with some of the finest names in the media industry; he sometimes brings home really cool corporate gifts for me. ihikhik

This USB key nicely nestled inside a magical Alice in Wonderland book for instance is my absolute favourite! Smiley

My magical USB Key
Love it!

What a great gift item to give out during an equally impressive Disney premiere B attended a few years ago … and it’s all mine!Smiley

If you or your company are looking for a reliable premium corporate gifts supplier, allow me to introduce you to DoorGifts!

Offering the most competitive pricing in the ‘gift website Malaysia’ category, provides the largest selection of promotional gifts as well; giving you access to the most creative and unique corporate gifts specially-designed for your business. Smiley

From budget to premium, the extensive range of advertising gifts offered ensures you with the right type personalised gifts for any event. As a one-stop premium gift supplier, they are also able to personalise your gift items with logo printing and propose necessary advice and input on item selection.

Watch their creative video below!


Here’s another gift B recently brought home. Perfect to bring on my upcoming trip, don’t you think?  ihikhik

TV9 Monopod

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