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Last Days in Monte-Carlo *

In a few days, I’ll be back in the beautiful and the glamorous district of Monte-Carlo. B has a work thing to attend and I’ve decided to tag along. I did not expect to visit Monte-Carlo so soon after our trip last year but of course I’m thrilled at the thought of enjoying another getaway with my Darling so YAY! peluk

 photo 0View_zpsbd75a0ab.jpg

Before I get too excited however, I seriously think it’s time I get off my extremely high procrastinating horse to conclude my Monaco 2012 travel talk, which I have been struggling to finish since last year. And due to lack of time, I’ll be cramming all my remaining photos in this post! ihikhik

So walking around Monte-Carlo on my own was exciting but of course not as fun as it would’ve been had B accompanied me. Work is work however so while B was attending his Sportel convention, I kept myself busy with souvenir shopping, taking photos of everything I saw and taking long walks while enjoying the breathtaking views of Monte-Carlo on the last two days of our stay.

 photo 1MCRoute_zps57509c2a.jpg
B's daily route to work
 photo 2Statue_zps92a169ff.jpg
Somewhere near the beach!

I walked as far as I could, without straying too far from my hotel location. penat

 photo 13Park_zpsf5041cfa.jpg
Walk in the park
 photo 15Tourists_zpse2084859.jpg
Tourists like me
 photo 14View1_zps72f00589.jpg
Cactus Corner

As it is, my sense of direction had never been good so I tried my best to remember as many landmarks as I could in order to avoid getting lost. Obviously I can’t remember all the details of my photos so if you spot one or two minus the caption, you know what that means! ihikhik

 photo 3View5_zpsffab5ed8.jpg

 photo 4Cafe_zps86db6121.jpg
Tourist Attraction
 photo 5Souvenir_zpsc58761a6.jpg
The one and only souvenir shop I visited
 photo 6Casino_zps6d4c7b63.jpg
Casino Monte-Carlo, back view
 photo 7HoteldeParis_zps95d3d733.jpg
The lovely Hotel de Paris

Below are some of the lovely winged-figures and carvings decorating the Casino complex.

 photo 9Carve5_zps121207ff.jpg
 photo 10Carve3_zpsff4a9920.jpg
 photo 8Carve_zps7a65f205.jpg  photo 11Carve4_zpsf5260c7e.jpg  photo 12Carve2_zps2e02df1a.jpg

A little further from the casino complex, were more beautiful statues and sculptures.
 photo 16Statue1_zpsb66d5339.jpg
Errrr .. Blue statue?
 photo 17Statue3_zps6cdcba37.jpg
Reina Mariana by Spanish sculptor Manolo Valdés
 photo 18Statue4_zps729dda12.jpg
La Ballerina by Italian artist Marco Lodola
 photo 19Statue5_zps24d48427.jpg
Berlioz statue, Monte-Carlo central park
 photo 20View2_zps663afca9.jpg
Crystal blue water fountain behind the Casino
 photo 21View3_zpsa2a6218b.jpg
Swimming Ducks!

Our last evening in Monte-Carlo saw me and my Darling taking a leisure after-dinner stroll to visit his friend and colleague; sports personality and TV3 presenter Bakar Atan. He was staying in Fairmont Hotel, which is located on the famous hairpin bend of Monaco's Grand Prix route. Unlike our hotel room in Hermitage, Fairmont Hotel provides coffee making facilities and a balcony with a view. Smiley 

 photo 22Hotel_zps15c1dfd0.jpg
Fairmont Monte-Carlo
 photo 23Sign_zpsbfd9e833.jpg
Forgot to take a photo of me here!

The only coffee I’ve been drinking in Monte-Carlo was from Mc Donald’s, which though was the cheapest we could find, was still a tad pricey so I was happy to help myself to free coffee while B and his colleague caught up on sports talk and work. Smiley 

 photo 24BandB_zps22aad4af.jpg
B and B!
 photo 25MandBakar_zpsd2b2cbbf.jpg
Me & Bakar Atan

After 2 cups of coffee for me and a Maggi Cup specially prepared by Bakar Atan for B, the three of us walked around Monte-Carlo for one final time. We could not help but exclaim in delight at our picturesque surroundings despite having seen most of the sights over the last few days.

 photo 26Shops_zps5f04c209.jpg
Expensive shopping, this way!
 photo 27ShopCartier_zps03501c46.jpg
 photo 28ShopFred_zps99d28922.jpg
FRED Paris
 photo 29ShopLV_zps5d9dd954.jpg
Louis Vuitton
 photo 30Shop_zps3612220b.jpg

 photo 31View4_zps2dacaff0.jpg
Heading back to Hermitage Hotel

Our walk ended at Hermitage Hotel and B and I returned Bakar Atan’s hospitality by inviting him up to our hotel suite for a cold drink (no coffee-making facilities in my room) and pastry. The guys chatted while I went downstairs to the lobby to use the free Wi-Fi to check my emails and confirm my flight details to our next destination the following day. Smiley

 photo 32Hotel_zps4612e92e.jpg
Upstairs Lobby
 photo 33MM_zpseed908a5.jpg
Can you spot me?

I realized then that my time in Monte-Carlo was almost coming to an end and though a little wistful at having to leave this beautiful place, I was ready to enjoy the second part of our trip – Amsterdam! Smiley

 photo 34Love_zps6a928cf6.jpg
Mariuca ♥ B at the world's most famous bend

On that note, I do believe it is time for me to end this post as well but not before thanking everyone who followed me on my Monte-Carlo moments here. It took me a year to conclude the Monaco 2012 travel segment on my blog so I thank you for your patience. And now, I can’t wait to see what Monaco 2013 has in store for me! Smiley

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