Monday, October 07, 2013

Belated Wishes

Is it too late to blog about my Aidilfitri celebration this year? I think not especially since I’ve already prepared my story in draft ages ago! ihikhik

 photo 0AngPow_zpsfae89e46.jpg
Raya ang pow
 photo 1Family_zpsd6dcace2.jpg
Aidilfitri 2013
 photo 6Kids-USJ_zpsa8816ae1.jpg
Cuteness in Red
 photo 7Parents_zpsb3baa610.jpg
Dad & Mom
 photo 8Kids-RitzandGrandpa_zps36f0ccfa.jpg
Where's my Raya ang pow Grandpa?
Well, Aidilfitri this year saw me falling sick on the eve of Raya. Nursing a terrible fever and cough, I did feel slightly better halfway through the day but was unable to taste the delicious feast served thanks to a very blocked nose. Smiley

 photo 2Food-Cake_zps035fc63d.jpg
Home-made cakes
 photo 3Food-Tarts_zpsb7d24f49.jpg
Pineapple Tarts
 photo 4Food-Cookies_zpsb3b0e0b0.jpg
My fave this year - Cheese Pineapple Tarts
 photo 5Food-Ketupat_zpsc10cca51.jpg
Rendang & Ketupat
Having said that, it was still a pleasure to have celebrated Aidilfitri 2013 with family and friends and after entertaining and mingling with guests, posing for photos and packing loads of cookies and leftover ketupat and rendang to bring home, I was ready to call it a day.

 photo 9MandI_zps87090d6d.jpg
Marzianna & Marzueani with cute Issy
 photo 10MandJoanna_zps3860633c.jpg
Me with Joanna
 photo 11MelandJoanna_zpsf6a5340e.jpg
 photo 12MandKelly_zpsf4fbf6bd.jpg
With the pretty Kelly
 photo 13MandB_zpsb50d3912.jpg
Mariuca ♥ B
 photo 14MelandFriends_zpseee45f2f.jpg
Happy Hari Raya from Mel & Friends
By the weekend, I was feeling heaps better so we graciously accepted my sister’s invitation for Raya dinner at her home in faraway Putrajaya. I was looking forward to sis’ Laksa Johor Chef Wan style, which was a first-attempt recipe for her. I gotta say, the Laksa was delicious and B added to the compliment by saying it was one of the best he ever had! Smiley

 photo 15Food-Laksa_zpsb1614bc5.jpg
Yummy Laksa Johor

My adorable niece Isabella was her usual friendly and talkative self and she took me for a tour of her play-room, which was filled with all sorts of kids stuff and toys! The twins had a ball and with so many toys to play with, it’s no wonder that they stayed inside the play-room most of the time. Smiley

 photo 16Kids-IssyandGrandpa_zpsb07a1c97.jpg
So huggable!
 photo 17Kids-PJ_zps0f6118e2.jpg
We want toys!
 photo 18Kids_zps736aeb11.jpg
Fun Time!
 photo 19Kids_zps22cd9c8c.jpg
Playing Hungry Hungry Hippos
 photo 20Kids-TwinsPJ_zps1dd0aac7.jpg
Twin hugs for Uncle B
By the way, Issy turned 6 a few weeks back and I still owe her a birthday gift! As usual, I am stuck for ideas. I know she loves and is fascinated with everything dinosaur so I’m thinking one of these will do the trick! ihikhik

 photo 21Dino_zps6bf03dbe.jpg

Is it a creative gift you ask? Well, it’s definitely a cool collectible toy and one that I know she’d LOVE but fickle-minded me is still undecided so I’ve been searching for great gift ideas for babies and kids online. 

I found myself with a Firstcry Coupon, visiting Asia’s largest online retailer of baby supplies and toys. Featuring well over 15, 000 products for babies and kids including those from favourite international brands like Hotwheels, Disney and Barbie, you would think I’d be able to get more ideas and finally decide right? Smiley

Well, you would be wrong! With so many products to browse through and ooh and aah about at Firstcry, I was truly spoiled for choice and I did end up with some fantastic ideas. However, all the cool toys and children stuff I saw online only made me even more confused and undecided so I’m back at square one! garupale

 photo 22Kids-IssyandFurby_zpsad5b045a.jpg
Issy and Furby

Oh well, for now I will stick to my Dino idea but if I see something cooler when I go shopping tomorrow, don’t be surprised if I end up bringing home something else for my niece. Happy belated birthday Isabella! Smiley


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