Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Issy Moments *

My 4-yr old niece Isabella is so cute. When I visited my parents over the weekend, baby Issy greeted me with a “Hello Aunty Marzie, how’ve you been?”, and then she gave me a big fat hug and made me play with her bag of dinosaur toys together with her! Smiley

Isabella speaks fluent English, a little Spanish and a little Malay but according to her, she just wants to speak ‘normal language’, which is English! I love asking her questions and listening to her very clever answers. Plus her little girl voice is too cute for words so I just want to keep her talking.

Yes, Issy definitely makes my day whenever I see her and yes she is one active naughty but totally adorable little girl. Love ya Issy!peluk

Don't be angry Issy!

Talking dinosaur with Uncle B

Both in pink!

Cute baby doll!

Issy & Aunty M
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