Friday, March 23, 2012

Counting My Chickens!

Landed a huge job today in my freelance copywriter
work from home life! Smiley

This really puts me in a good mood because when you work on your own, it always feels great knowing your work is appreciated. And I'm not referring to just the monetary aspect but I'm also talking about the satisfaction of knowing my work is recognized by established organizations seeking my services. This self-recognition reaffirms itself whenever I receive important jobs, which not only test my capabilities as a copywriter but challenge me to exceed my skills in hopes of securing repeat orders from the same client. Smiley

So thanks to the job acceptance email I received this afternoon, I am starting the weekend on a high note! And when I am feeling great and happy, I tend to 'count my chickens before they hatch' so here I am happily conjuring images of my Darling and I vacationing in Europe and staying in gorgeous apartments in Paris upon completion of this new job!
France is an expensive place to visit so it will take lots and lots of saving on our end to finally reach Paris and happily embark on yet another great vacation adventure!

Speaking of
Paris, B’s colleague recently went on a 2-week Europe vacation, which of course got me reminiscing about our European Escapade back in 2010. B's colleague also went to Paris and though she came home with more captivating stories on London compared to the former, I would still love to visit France and stay in cosy Paris apartments one day. As they say, Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world and incurable romantic me just have to get there and truly experience and soak up all the romance pretty Paris has to offer! rindu

By the way, today is the 23rd of March, leaving me with just one week to plan a nice simple celebration to mark my 10-year anniversary with
B. I plan to dig up some wedding pictures to share here with you but that all depends on whether I can find the huge box of wedding albums I hastily stored away during my rush to unpack when we first moved in to our home many years ago. Meanwhile, I am heading back to Dreamland to happily continue counting my chickens ... all the way to Paris! Smiley

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