Friday, March 30, 2012

Anniversary Getaway!

Happy Friday everyone! I am in an exceptionally good mood this rainy morning as today marks my ten year anniversary with my Darling, my best friend, my soul mate forever! My days and my nights will not be complete if you’re not here with me and I hope our journey together will leave us with a lifetime of wonderful memories, fulfilled dreams and everlasting love. Smiley


10 years of being together, through thick and thin definitely calls for a celebration and after much discussion, we’ve decided to enjoy a short weekend getaway out of Malaysia. Yes, the time has come to pack our bags and fly off to a nearby destination for a little R&R (especially for B who has been working like a mad panda these last few months!), stay in a nice cosy hotel, savour delicious food in a strange city and take lots of pictures to remember our special anniversary weekend. rindu

The last few days saw the two of us busy looking for the perfect hotel online. I came across some really great offers on Barcelona apartments, which would have been great if we’re heading to Europe. But since we’re not, I had to drag myself away from my return-to-Europe dream and concentrate on securing the best hotel for our weekend getaway, somewhere much closer to home. Smiley

As always, there were so many hotels to choose from, and with so many mixed reviews from travellers all over the world, it was quite difficult for us to choose one that we both agree on. We finally decided on a hotel last night and though it is definitely not as fancy as the gorgeous apartments in Barcelona I mentioned earlier, it does look like a really great hotel judging from the pictures online.

I can’t wait to snap photos of our room the moment we arrive. That’s what I usually do first whenever we stay in a hotel by the way. Dump my bags in one corner, take out my camera and start snapping away before messing up the room! Smiley

It looks like my weekend is pretty much set but I still have lots to do before the trip, starting with sending our fluffy kids to the Pet Hotel in a few hours. See ya later then and do have a wonderful weekend as well!

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