Friday, July 06, 2012

Dreaming of New York!

Thanks to a friend who is currently living in NYC, I can now shop for all the things I want in the Big Apple via her. Isn’t that great? Here I come
Bath & Body Works and VS!Smiley

If I had things my way, I would of course love to personally shop in NY. Last I went to NY was years ago and I can still remember the shopping spree I enjoyed in fast-paced city of the Big Apple. With so many things to buy and see in
New York, I think it would take a week of vacationing here to truly satisfy my need for a city getaway of great dining, amazing sightseeing and simply fantastic shopping while luxuriating in gorgeous apartments in New York. Smiley

Truly sounds like the perfect vacation for yours truly but one that I know will also cost a bomb so you know what that means. I gotta work harder to fatten up my vacation fund! And I also gotta be more firm with my clients when it comes to payment.

Being the pushover that I am, I have been way too nice to my clients and I can’t help but feel that I am being taken for granted with them paying me LATE! I am really pissed off this week about my situation actually but I know this is the life of a freelancer. Constantly being pressured to meet ridiculous deadlines and then waiting forever to get paid and frankly, I have had it with this tardiness! Smiley

So I am on strike with certain clients at the moment. Yes, I am taking a stand and refusing to accept any more new jobs from clients who take their own sweet time to pay me for my services. I too have bills to pay and I too want to happily travel to New York and stay in gorgeous New York apartments using my hard-earned dough right?

Seriously, I’d much rather spend my skills, effort and time on clients who actually appreciate my services to pay me on time. And as hard as it’s going to be for me to decline and say a firm NO to these late paymasters, I will try my best to keep focus on my stand.

To my late-paying clients, I hope they will make good on their promises to pay up soon because thanks to this unnecessary stress of waiting around in vain, I am in dire need of a getaway and I want to go to
New York so pay up people! Smiley

Oh, I took this cool NY quiz to calm down and apparently I am the
Empire State Building, YAY!

You Are the Empire State Building

You are definitely a city person. You love crowds and excitement... the more the better.

You are flashy and showy. You like to flaunt what you've got.

You are confident and sure of yourself. You believe in yourself and know what you're capable of.

You make rules up as they go along. It's more fun that way.

-FCC Scoreboard point for my FIRST commenter-
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