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WestCord Art Hotel 4, Amsterdam *

Have I told you that Amsterdam is one of my absolute favourite cities to visit? B and I both love visiting this city and we can’t get enough! We love the friendliness of the Amsterdam folks; their laidback easy-going culture, and the endless array of delicious food. Of course the city itself is filled with plenty of breathtaking sights and exciting attractions so really, there’s nothing we don’t like or find intriguing about Amsterdam.Smiley 

In my previous post, I mentioned blogging about the delicious pizza dinner B and I enjoyed at Port Hercules, Monaco next. However, I’m making way for a different post tonight; which is equally travel-worthy and it’s about the lovely 4-star WestCord Art Hotel in Amsterdam.Smiley

 photo 1WestCordHotel_zpsc61cdbe5.jpg
WestCord Art Hotel
 photo 2Cows_zpse92c7d9f.jpg
WestCord Cows
B and I first stayed in WestCord City Centre during our first Amsterdam vacation back in 2010. We enjoyed our stay so much that the following two visits saw us booking our stay in Westcord Art Hotel 3 followed by the more recent stay last year in WestCord Art Hotel 4

October is coming, which is usually around the time B and I head off for a much-needed getaway so once again, we are searching for the perfect accommodation in Amsterdam. And by that; we are looking at location, comfort, cleanliness, coffee/tea making facilities for coffee addict me and of course FREE Wi-Fi as our main must-haves.

 photo 3Check-in_zps19f31024.jpg
Checking in
 photo 4Souvenir_zps796dae9e.jpg
Hotel Souvenir
 photo 5Bags_zpsac3b077d.jpg
B did this, don't ask me why LOL! ihikhik
Well, WestCord Art 4 has it all, and then some! I got to say, among all the WestCord hotels we’ve stayed in, this recent one was our favourite! tepuktangan

I’ve already posted photos of the gorgeous lobby filled with artwork here, so this post will feature the room we stayed in last year. We were expecting a decent-looking room but were pleasantly surprised when we entered our beautifully-decorated hotel room, which was also very spacious; giving me the luxury to feel at home.Smiley

 photo 6Room_zps9c467084.jpg
Our room
 photo 7Room2_zps73460e67.jpg

Our bed for the next three nights was comfy, a welcome change from the lumpy bed we had in our hotel in Monte-Carlo. And the mint on my pillow definitely put a smile on my face! senyumkenyit

 photo 8Bed_zps62af9172.jpg
Love the cosy bed!
 photo 9Mint_zps138c5c98.jpg
Mint on my pillow

I especially loved the cosy seating area with windows all around! Such a pretty, relaxing spot and this was also where we chucked all our shopping bags after a day out in Amsterdam. ihikhik

 photo 10Seat_zps4a89ab3b.jpg
Simply lovely!

The moment I set my sight on the bathroom, I fell in love! There was a separate shower for B and a huge bathtub for me. Plus, the room had a view! It may not seem much of a view for some but for yours truly who sadly still lives without a nice bathtub or any view in our small bathroom at home; this was divine!Smiley

 photo 11Bath_zps08172f85.jpg
Bath with separate shower
 photo 12Tub_zpsda4855d0.jpg
Lovely bathtub for me
 photo 13View_zpsbb573e46.jpg
View from my window
 photo 15Toilet_zps65b302a9.jpg
Separate toilet
 photo 19Closet_zps4848adcb.jpg
 photo 18Dresser_zpsfdccbe24.jpg
Dresser & TV
 photo 16Coffee_zpseed8fb13.jpg
Coffee time
 photo 17Minibar_zps1e3e0bca.jpg
Well-stocked mini bar
Storage was ample too and after taking several more shots of our beautiful hotel room, B and I hurried outside; took more pictures before heading to the nearby bus stop to take us into the city in just 10 minutes!Smiley 
 photo 20M_zpsa6b81504.jpg
 photo 21M2_zps3d3a86ed.jpg
Mariuca @ WestCord Art Hotel
 photo 22MCow_zps22a43909.jpg
Mariuca and Moo!

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