Friday, March 02, 2012

Weekend Wedding

Two weekends back,
B and I attended a ‘long distance’ wedding with our good buddy Zeffer. Now, before you ask me just how far the wedding was and did we end up staying in faraway apartments in Paris for this event; let me assure you that it was not that great of a distance! ihikhik

For one who doesn’t like long distance road trips however; the drive seemed endless and I was happy when we finally reached
Mantin a little after 2pm. Smiley

The wedding was set within a golf course residential area and though it was green and pretty all around, the afternoon heat did not show much sympathy to the wedding guests, who like me were sweating through our fancy clothes. Good thing I decided to wear something white.

Anyway, the bride happens to be
B’s former colleague and the groom is my friend Sher’s brother so it was a lovely event of rekindling friendship with old friends, enjoying delicious Malay wedding food and simply basking in the togetherness of love only gatherings like weddings can bring. Smiley

Congrats to the happy couple

Me with my friend Sher

I met several long lost friends from college that day, which was a pleasant surprise indeed considering we have not met for more than 10 years I believe! Wow, talk about walking down memory lane! rindu

Meeting old friends from way back then!

Me and Jeni

Delicious wedding lunch

As usual, B and I had the hardest time thinking of the perfect wedding gift for this lovely couple. Something like a trip to France inclusive of stay in gorgeous Paris apartments is way beyond our means so how about a handy kitchen appliance for their new home instead? Perhaps cash would be preferred to help them start off their new life together? In the end, we went with cash, which we hope the lovely couple will enjoy as much as we enjoyed attending their day of happiness.

B and former colleague Tasha the bride

Me & B with Sher & Zeffer

Mariuca & Ita

By the way, the honeymoon is set to be in Bali, which is another vacation destination I have yet to visit. Bali seems to be a popular honeymoon choice don’t you think? And though I may not be a fun-in-the-sun beach gal; it would still be nice to visit beautiful Bali and simply enjoy the majestic view of this island resort one day. rindu

Congratulations to our friends
Tasha & Razman. May you be blessed with a lifetime of wedded bliss, true love and happiness. Oh, and have a wonderful honeymoon too! Smiley

Holding Hands


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