Thursday, March 01, 2012

My New Idol!

Have I told you that
Jennifer Hudson is my new idol? And I don’t mean just for her sensational singing prowess but I am referring to her new svelte super skinny figure as well! Doesn’t she look amazing in this tribute for the late Whitney Houston? Even her face has slimmed down and now, she looks like a super sleek singing goddess! Smiley

I love weight loss success stories especially if they involve celebrities utilising healthy and effective weight loss programs in their journey. It is truly inspiring to see the thin confident winner emerge from the formerly fat person and these strong-willed dieters inspire me to lose a few pounds too. rindu

Of course I’m not looking at a dramatic change like
Jennifer Hudson but losing a few pounds after all the eating and pigging out I’ve been indulging in lately would be a big fat bonus for me right now.

Having said that, it is definitely hard to lose weight with the abundance of yummy food available to me when dining out or dining in. Every day I tell myself the diet has got to start but every night I end up eating something sweet to satisfy my sweet tooth!

It’s even harder to lose weight when rice is a staple for almost every meal but as hard as all the above, what’s most upsetting is not being able to fit into that old skinny jeans hanging inside your closet just waiting to make an appearance as soon as you’re ‘thin enough’! doa

I am still waiting for that day to arrive, which means I should seriously start dieting soon but at the rate I’m stuffing myself silly nowadays, I doubt that day will come any time soon. Meanwhile, I am consoling myself by sticking to my so-called diet of two meals a day, coffee with no sugar, housework as exercise and dark clothes as camouflage!

Happy Thursday and thanks for reading.

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