Friday, February 24, 2012

Travel Thoughts

Every week, I receive travel notifications and promotions via email from my travel sites subscriptions. And each week I am reminded of the fact that I will not be going anywhere great anytime soon.

But it’s all good because
B and I are a little picky when it comes to our travelling needs. So this lack of time and funds to go on a truly wonderful getaway somewhere far away is a blessing in disguise. It gives us tome to collect more money, research for the best rates for apartments in Florence for instance, and plan our destination and itinerary better when we do decide just which country we’d be visiting. Plus, it also gives me time to lose a few pounds prior to travelling! ihikhik

If you however have been bitten by the travel bug and have no destination in mind, do consider
Florence, Italy. There are plenty of great travel promotions on Florence apartments right now and with an abundance of touristy things to do and sights to see, you are bound to enjoy a truly wonderful time in an exotic city with your loved ones. Oh don’t forget the delicious Italian food too of course. I happen to love Italian food so like I told B last night, if ever there is a country we must visit one day simply for the food, I choose beautiful romantic Italy! rindu

Speaking of Italian food, I found the perfect quiz to go with this post and there is only one question to answer so do give this
Italian Food Test a go!

You Are Loved

You are completely loyal and totally devoted to your friends. You stay true no matter what.

You have a sensuous side that partners are a bit surprised by. You have a tender heart and touch.

You're the perfect combination of simplicity and divinity. You are a secret hedonist, and no one knows how indulgent you can be.

You get yourself into sticky situations at times, but you have the grace to recover beautifully.

Have a great weekend with your family and friends and I will see you here again soon. I have a wedding to attend this Saturday, which means another makeover is scheduled to help me get rid of this current wifey clown image I’m sporting! Now, if only I can figure out what to wear ... garupale

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