Thursday, November 28, 2013

Toy Shopping @ Tropicana City

Running late is what I’m all about lately and that includes giving my niece her belated birthday present right before leaving for Monaco, a few weeks after her actual birthday. Smiley

 photo 1Issy_zpsf1c3bcb3.jpg
Where's my present Aunty Marzie?

Prior to shopping for Issy’s gift, I had spent days browsing through a recommended site called Firstcry, which offers great FirstCry coupon deals and is also Asia’s largest online retailer of baby supplies and kids toys. 

With over 15,000 products from leading international brands like Disney, Barbie and Hotwheels, I was hoping to get some cool gift ideas for my niece. Upon discussing with my sister Mel however, I decided to stick to my initial idea so off we went to Tropicana City Mall to do a little toy shopping for our adorable and oh-so-chatty Issy.

 photo 2MelandOscar_zps6bab6bca.jpg
Mel & Oscar

It was good to have Mel’s company that day and she helped me decide which Dino to get for Issy. My super smart niece knows a whole lot of different dinosaur species, which she identifies by name and a little narration of each creature every time I ask her.ihikhik

 photo 3Dinos_zpsaadeee4c.jpg
How about this?
 photo 4Dinos2_zpsfbd4740a.jpg
Jurassic Park collection
We stopped by  Brickboy Brothers toy store and as usual the cool toys on display called out for attention! I mean, who doesn’t know Chucky and Master Yoda right? I would love to get the huge Master Yoda for B’s Star Wars collection by the way.rindu

 photo 5MandOscar_zps91724ec5.jpg
Me and my fave, Oscar the Grouch!
 photo 6MandChucky_zpsf7ef3591.jpg
Who do we have here?
 photo 7Chucky_zps10e0db88.jpg
 photo 8MelandChucky_zps7f3c124d.jpg
Fear of Chucky!
 photo 9Yoda_zps5fb219dc.jpg
Master Yoda
We got home and I surprised Issy with her gift. Initially, she seemed a little sad that her Aunty Marzie came over empty-handed but her eyes definitely lit up when she saw the nicely-wrapped box I hid behind my back! Smiley

 photo 10Issy1_zpse4d41eb9.jpg
Thank you Aunty Marzie!
 photo 11Issy2_zps252207a9.jpg
What is it?
 photo 12Issy3_zps83df8170.jpg
I love it Aunty Marzie!
 photo 13Dinos3_zps16ef3277.jpg
Another Dino for Issy's collection
Late or not, I hope my gift helped put a smile on her face and judging from her excited reaction, I daresay it did! Happy Birthday Isabella, we love you!peluk

 photo 14MandIssy_zps80115087.jpg
Mariuca ♥ Issy


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