Friday, October 26, 2012

Unwinding *

I am back from my short trip abroad with darling hubby B. Of course it was his work assignment that saw me tagging along halfway across the globe to beautiful Monte Carlo. It was also my first time visiting this tiny district and though I was expecting high prices there prior to arrival, I was still a little overwhelmed at just how high they were when we actually got there! Smiley


Anyway, before I start blogging about our trip, I would like to say congratulations and much thanks to my three contest winners Lady Java, Foong and Monica who guessed my destination correctly. Thank you as well for linking back to my contest post as required and yes, I was in Monte Carlo, Monaco! Smiley

Monte Carlo 

To my winners, do send me your mailing address and once I unpack my bags and unload my goodies; you will be receiving a cute little souvenir from my stay in gorgeous Monte Carlo! Until then, I am still unwinding after our trip; slowly getting back into the swing of things and here’s wishing all my friends and family a wonderful Eid Al-Adha! Smiley

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