Sunday, October 14, 2012

Where is Mariuca? *

It is travel time for me once again and though I am excited at the thought of flying off some place exotic, I am also a little intimidated at what to expect in a destination so grand! Smiley

This would be my first time visiting this country by the way and second time for B. I remember him telling me how pricey everything was so I seriously doubt I would be doing any major shopping. It won’t be all fun this trip because my baby will be working throughout our stay. Main purpose of this trip remains as work for him. I took a look at his itinerary for next week and it’s packed from day to late evening. Of course we will try to make quality time for the two of us whenever possible so we’ll play it by ear I guess. As for me, I am taking the opportunity to tag along because the location is too cool for me to be left behind! ihikhik

If you would like a little something from my trip this time around, JOIN my Where is Mariuca? contest. Easy peasy as always, all you need to do is correctly guess the location of my trip. Three prizes as usual for the FIRST THREE bloggers who answer both questions correctly. 

Here are the rules.

1. You MUST own a blog.

2. Answer the two questions at the end of this post correctly. This also means correct spelling. :)

3. You MUST link back to this post at your blog. You can insert a mention of my contest in any of your upcoming new blog post. A short mention will do and once your post with a link back to this post is up, leave me a comment with your blog post link here.

4. In the event you have answered both questions correctly but you did not link back to this post (in a new blog post at your blog) within the contest period, your entry will not be counted.

5. Leave your answer here in my comment box or in your blog post linking back to this post.

6. Contest ends on 22nd October, 2012.

And now, here are my questions.

1. The country I will be headed to is considered the second smallest in the world. It is located in the South Western part of Europe and it has a Mediterranean climate. The official language here is French.
Name the country.

2. With 4 major districts, the most famous district of this small country is well-known for its scenery, world famous casino, fine villas, and luxurious hotels and this is where I’ll be by this time tomorrow!
Name the district.

Good luck and have fun! Smiley

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