Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chaotic Week!

It is coming up to 6 days since
B was admitted to the hospital and though we have figured out the root of his problem, it is now time for recuperation. I have no words to describe this chaotic feel inside whenever I arrive at and leave the hospital and coupled with another health emergency with my MIL, I have never been more frantic! adus

Of course I am keeping a strong front whenever possible but the stress of it all is slowly but surely creeping up on me and I can’t wait for things to return to normalcy once again. doa

After this trying time is over, there is nothing else more important than
B and me than going for a vacation. Yes, as selfish as that sounds, it is also true because vacationing and staying in beautiful apartments in Rome for instance, is the only way I can rejuvenate my weary soul after this immensely stressful week! tension

Baby Issy did cheer me up when she came to visit Uncle
B in the hospital. Isn’t she adorable with her tudung or head scarf? Apparently, she wears tudung at night, which I thought was so cute! ihikhik

Wakey wakey baby Issy!

Don't bug me Aunty Marzie!

So back to my vacation dream, I would truly love to be in Rome right now. B healthy and strong, by my side as we travel through the beautiful city of Rome; enjoying its classical architecture, the stunning panoramic view and the expansive villas and landscaped gardens Rome is renowned for whilst learning the rich history and cultural background of this amazing city before retiring to our amazing Rome apartments or hotels. Don’t forget that I love Italian food too so that’s another bonus!

Now a vacation like that, I believe is the best way to really bring both
B and I back to our jovial fun-loving selves. For now, we are both more than a little miserable. B, for having to stay longer than expected in the hospital and me for having to worry about his condition whilst juggling most things on my own as he recuperates. Smiley

Even if it’s not
Rome, a vacation in any other faraway city is what we are both dreaming of and after B is well on his way to full recuperation, I’m definitely going to start researching on the best vacation deals around. Until then, here’s to another day of missing my Darling and wishing him a speedy recovery! doa

Get well soon, Love!

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