Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sick *

Boo hoo, I’ve been down with a bad fever since Monday and I daresay it’s one of the worst cases of fevers I’ve had in years. The last time I was this sick was way back during my NST days, when I was on leave for 1 week! Smiley

This time around, the same symptoms persisted and since I was resting a lot over the last few days, I did a little research on my symptoms to determine if what I had was a case of the common cold or the flu. They're both similar but influenza is a much more serious illness.

Symptoms of influenza usually start suddenly with a high fever and you may feel sick enough to go to bed. Symptoms include:

irritation in the throat or lungs
• a dry cough
• high fever
• shivering
• sweating
• severe muscle aches

I am suffering from ALL. Smiley

I have 2 more days to fully recover if I want to attend my friend’s wedding on Saturday. I still need to get shoes and do my hair so if I don’t feel strong enough by Friday, I might just have to give this wedding a miss and that will be a pity because I’ve already bought my outfit, which also cost me a bomb!

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