Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thoughts!

No sad gloomy post today, just happy thoughts to get me through the weekend and hopefully the rest of the year! And I know just how to cheer myself up; by thinking of my next vacation, whenever and wherever that will be! rindu

Vacations are great pick-me-ups don’t you think? Whether I’m vacationing and enjoying the comforts of staying in beautiful Barcelona apartments or a mere hotel stay in the city, a getaway is bound to rejuvenate and refresh my weary soul. Smiley

This weekend would have been perfect for a short getaway considering the 3-day weekend we’re having. Unfortunately
B is occupied with work. Don’t you just hate it when your other half has to work on a weekend? merajuk

It’s all good however because tomorrow my sister Mel will be celebrating her birthday so I’ll be spending some quality fun time with my pretty niece Isabella and my adorable twin nephews Ross and Ritz along with the rest of the family. So that at least will bring some merriment my way. Of course it’s no vacation but family time is just as great and I get to make new wonderful memories with those I love so I'm definitely looking forward to sis' birthday party.

Me and Twins

Me and Issy

Me and Mel

My blog friend LR is currently vacationing in Singapore and another friend of mine is headed to JB this weekend so how about you?
Any mini vacation plans this 3-day weekend? Will you be vacationing and staying in gorgeous apartments in Barcelona perhaps or will it be a low-key and closer to home holiday? Smiley

Either way, if you are taking a break this weekend, I wish you lots of fun and good times. The most important thing on any vacation or holiday is the quality time you get to spend with those who really matter and the cherished moments you get to add to your diary of life.

With two recent deaths in the family within the space of three weeks, my focus now is enjoying more
family moments and fun times with my loved ones. We all need to make as many memories as possible while there is still time to enjoy life’s little pleasures. Have a great long weekend people and yes, my moody blues is officially over! Can’t wait to watch X-Factor USA on 8TV tonight! Smiley

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