Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Mix Rustic and Urban in This Canadian Getaway

If Canada is on your vision board for an eventual visit, you have a few different options to put on your radar that are worthy of checking out for your next vacation. The country boasts multiple LGBTQ-friendly travel destinations that are off the beaten path and worth considering for both short getaways and lengthier bouts of travel. One of these is British Columbia’s Salt Spring Island, known for its creative atmosphere and mash-up of rustic and urban. 

Located in the Strait of Georgia, Salt Spring is the largest of the Southern Gulf Islands. While this area offers plenty of secluded spots such as quiet and picturesque beaches where you can take a break from the hubbub of civilization, it also offers art museums and other activities, and is a short distance from Victoria via a ferry ride. The atmosphere is LGBTQ-friendly in part due to the active group Gay and Lesbians of Salt Spring Island, or GLOSSI, which is helpful in promoting businesses that are gay-friendly and owned. 

Nature lovers will enjoy the hikes through the forest where fairy doors adorn trees and rocks along the trek up Mount Erskine. Accommodations include a slew of charming bed and breakfasts dotted throughout the town such as The Hastings House Country House Hotel, a Sussex-style structure set on a sizeable waterfront estate. Learn more about Salt Spring Island along with other LGBT-friendly travel destinations by clicking on the following infographic. 

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