Thursday, December 20, 2012


Happy 20-12-2012!

The year is coming to a close and all my travel memories are also coming to an end. I will most likely continue with my travel adventures in Monaco and Holland next year. For now, I am taking things easy, tying up loose ends at work and at home, all the while wishing that another adventure someplace awesome will come my way soon.

Window shopping in Monte Carlo

Have you made your New Year resolutions yet? I know some of you don't like making resolutions but I tend to make a few every year, which I've posted at my perfume blog. Hope to stick to them in order to ensure 2013 remains drama-free, easygoing and fruitful for me and those close to my heart. Smiley

Meanwhile, here are some awesome tips for the happy travellers out there. They're pretty handy to take note prior to your trip and I will definitely keep this travel guide in mind for my next getaway, wherever and whenever that will be! rindu

Via: Cheap Sally


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