Saturday, June 23, 2012

Weekend Blues

When my Darling is down and depressed, I get upset too. It’s only natural to feel the pain and sorrow of your other half when you’ve been together for 10 years so today we are both a little blue. So blue that all we want to do is escape this madness of a hectic stressful world into one of oblivious relaxation and stress-free surrounding. rindu

Yes, it is time to get away and lose ourselves in an awesome vacation someplace far away where no one can find us and I’m thinking
Germany, since they made it to the EURO semi-final after defeating Greece yesterday! Smiley

I’ve never been to
Germany so how great would it be if we could just pack up our stuff, hop on a plane and check into some gorgeous apartments in Berlin, in the blink of an eye? Where are you Fairy Godmother? doa

I can’t get into details on why my Darling is at his lowest at the moment but suffice it to say, it’s work related. As one who freelances from home, I can truly appreciate his depression. I know for a fact that working in a big organization is never easy so thank my lucky stars that I am not subjected to work stress, politics, and the likes. And right now, all I can do for him is to be there by his side and lavish him with all the love and support I know he truly deserves and wait for him to bounce back to life. Smiley

That’s why I’m hoping a vacation will help speed things up. I don’t know where or when, but that much-needed getaway is what I hope will help rejuvenate my Darling and reignite his passion and zest for work and life. If we were to end up in some beautiful Berlin apartments on this back-to-life vacation for
B, that would be awesome. If we end up vacationing someplace closer to home like Singapore, that would be fine as well. At the very least, there is still the idea of a hotel getaway if we want to get away for just the weekend. Smiley

So we’ll see. For now, I am trying to come up with more pick-me-ups to bring
B out of his depression aside from planning a nice relaxing getaway for us and sending him off to eBay for a Star Wars shopping spree online. Any other thoughts? Smiley

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