Friday, April 13, 2012

Heading to Europe?

Received a message on FB from my good friend Shyam asking me about my European Escapade and how I went around booking our hotels for that trip. Does this mean she’s happily planning a trip to
Europe and looking to stay in some gorgeous apartments in Berlin, London or Paris? Smiley

Well, I’m not sure if she’s headed to
Europe for real but if she does, I’m definitely gonna get her to get me some stuff from London! So if you’re reading this Shyam, here is my advance notice, save some space in your bags for my stuff YAY! ihikhik

If you are an ardent follower and reader of my blog here, you would have probably read in my many travel posts about the
4 different hotels B and I stayed in throughout our two weeks in Europe. I loved all the hotels but my favourite has got to be Novotel London, Paddington simply because the hotel room was huge with a Double bed AND a sofa bed. Plus the hotel is fairly new so everything was clean and very modern. Smiley

Oh the Internet service was great too, super speedy although I gotta say between
London and Amsterdam, the latter was most speedy when it came to Internet speed. I was amazed at how fast I got connected while in Amsterdam and I wish Malaysia’s ISP would take note of this and give us the same super speedy internet speed here soon.

Hotel Novotel London

Spacious and Gorgeous

Since I love hotel stays, I am happy to assist my friend in securing the best deals on hotel stays in Europe. We’re meeting up for lunch next week (thanks for picking me up Shyam) and I guess we’ll discuss her vacation then. I must remember to ask her to check out Only Apartments as well. One of the most popular accommodation sites online today, I see their ads all over the Net! Love that they love advertising (great advertisers advertise everywhere for maximum exposure) and I will definitely recommend this site not just to my friend Shyam but to all of you planning a vacation in Europe too. Check out the beautiful Berlin apartments for super saver booking online! Smiley

To my friend Shyam and to all vacation planners out there, have a great time planning your getaway and I hope to return to beautiful London one fine day! doa

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