Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Frankly, B and I can’t wait to sell our condo, move into a new home and happily shop for new furniture, new wrought iron chandeliers and of course decorate my new home-office and our kitty room! Yes, that is the plan but it's not as easy as it sounds! Smiley

Firstly, we have to look for another place and so far all the new homes we like are way too costly. So that’s a major deterrent right there. Secondly, there is the location to consider. Currently based in PJ, we are both content to stay put. B’s office is near to home and all our major hangouts are also here. To uproot ourselves and move to a new area (
with cheaper homes), though possible is just something that we both would like to avoid.

So as much as we would love to happily pack our belongings and move into a brand new home, this plan will just have to wait. Instead we are trying to make do with what we have by simply redecorating our place with new furniture, new wrought iron lighting and perhaps repaint the entire place with new colours! That ought to lift my spirit don’t you think?

We definitely need new lighting in our home. We had a handyman over recently to check the non-working lights at home and apparently he fixed everything in one afternoon. However, it took only two days for the ceiling light in our main bathroom and the one in the dining area to conk out on us again. I’m really not sure what’s going on but I strongly suspect it’s a wiring problem that’s causing most ceiling lights at home to stop working almost immediately after replacing the bulbs.

Unlike our ceiling lights, the standing lamps and table lamps seem to be working fine, which is why I’m thinking of adding a few new table lamps for the living-room and my home-office. I guess we’re headed to IKEA this weekend then. It’s time to shop for new lights, new carpet, definitely a new coffee table and perhaps a new office chair for me too!

It looks like I’ll be enjoying a little home shopping this Sunday. So what are your plans or is it too early to start planning your weekend?

Perfect for the living-room

Choices of wall lamps


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