Friday, December 16, 2011

Sick Again and Jealous to the Max!

I am green with envy thinking about several of my friends who are currently vacationing abroad as I’m writing this! Smiley

Shyam is heading to Sydney to celebrate Christmas and I know my blog friend Haaziq is already in Melbourne with his family. Another friend is roaming around in Paris and an old girlfriend I recently got in touch with on Facebook just got back from Amsterdam. Oh and then there’s Dom who will be moving to Melbourne next month. So that’s like five friends happily travelling abroad, leaving me behind when I am also in dire need of a getaway!

Oh well, perhaps a vacation will come soon for me sometime next year. As the best selling feng shui author Lillian Too says, you gotta be happy for your friends when something good happens to them. That way, some of their luck and good fortune will come your way so this is me officially announcing and sharing in the joy of my friends and secretly hoping I too would be flying off to someplace awesome like Italy and checking in to some gorgeous apartments in Rome one fine day!

At the moment it is simply impossible for us to get away what with B being so busy with work. As I’m writing this, he is still not home yet, busy with his Idola Kecil shooting (
grrrrrr) so naturally I am frustrated having to see him work weekends and coming home later than usual almost every night. That’s why I am really hoping for a mini vacation as soon as he is able to get off from work, whenever that will be. ketukmeje

I’m no fool and I know a vacation far away is not feasible this time of the year. So forget about staying in Rome apartments or anywhere far-fetched. But I am still hopeful of someplace closer to home, so we’ll see what’s in store for me. Year end is always a busy time for the two of us so I refuse to keep my hopes up but it is still nice to plan for a getaway, should one materialize soon.

By the way, I am also having major gum issues right now and after a day of suffering in pain, I finally took a peek inside my mouth and yes, it is confirmed that my gums are swollen. That’s why I am in no mood to be online much and chit chat on twitter or even blog. Smiley

So until my next post, I hope all of you are keeping well and we’ll meet here again when I am feeling better. See ya!

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