Thursday, December 29, 2011

My 2012 Resolution!

I just received a tweet asking me if I’m keen to know the most effective way on how to lose weight. Of course I’m interested! I always am when it comes to dieting and losing weight but having been tricked countless times by diet pills, teas and products that only help temporarily; I am no longer a believer!

Frankly, the only way anyone can lose weight is simply by proper healthy eating habits and exercising. The latter is a little difficult for me. I’ve always hated exercising (
hence the forever BD mode) and I find it easier to control my food intake compared to sweating it out in the gym or even in my living room!

Yes there’s a gym right here in my condo building but I’ve yet to take a peek inside and the only form of exercise I get is housecleaning, which I don’t mind doing simply because I am forced to. Who else will clean the house if not yours truly right? Plus, the idea of sweating it out while vacuuming, ironing and mopping really makes me feel good about myself that at least, I do sweat it out naturally once in a while, which is better than not ‘working out’ at all I believe!

So this 2012, my New Year's resolution will not be the unrealistic one that I have almost every year, which is to lose weight. It seems that every time I make that New Year's resolution, it always falls through due to my lack of willpower and my love for yummy fattening food. I have a sweet tooth and dinner is never totally complete until after I had some sort of dessert for the night!

Next year, I only have one major
New Year's resolution and this one I think I can pull it off. Being realistic and in acceptance of the whole never-gonna-happen skinny me issue, I am going to focus on the financial aspect of my life. So next year, I am working towards killing off my many credit cards, one by one! Smiley

This month marks the third month of me not using my credit cards and the feeling of relief and pride I have is overwhelming. I guess you can’t really understand this whole credit card insanity unless you’re credit card crazy like me. In a way, cutting off my credit cards is similar to me trying to lose weight. It takes a lot of willpower, determination and self-control to refrain myself from getting side-tracked and so far, I have been quite good. tepuktangan

I hope to see and feel some difference in my wallet after the sixth month, so wish me luck people. I am truly sick of being hounded by my credit card woes and if nothing else, I just want to be a little bit free from the choking worries of my credit cards bills.

So how about you guys? What are your New Year’s resolutions? Let’s keep it realistic shall we and name me just ONE of your many resolutions! Here’s to a fantastic 2012!

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