Saturday, April 25, 2009

Farewell Mufasa, We Love You! ******

The pain of losing somebody you love is immeasurable by any standards. The pain of losing someone so dear who has been your friend and companion for nine wonderful years brings tears to my eyes. I cannot imagine what my very dear friend LJ is going through right now, but her pain is felt by me, B and the kids. As cat lovers ourselves, I was moved to tears when I found out her beloved darling Mufasa left us forever today. putuscinte

When LJ told me about Mufasa not feeling well, I thought it was just a bug. I told her things will be okay and she should take Mufasa to the vet immediately, which she did. Unfortunately for her and her beloved Mufasa, time was not on his side and he went to sleep peacefully in her loving arms while they were at the vet. nangih

As a cat lover and owner myself, it breaks my heart to know that another cat lover buddy of mine is going through so much pain. It is so very difficult to express this sadness but like I told LJ, I need to have this post out to make my own heart feel better for it feels like I have lost one of my adorable kids as well. I am so very disturbed by the unbearable loss LJ and her hubby and the rest of her 5 kids are going through. And without this post here, I'd forever feel incomplete.

I hope LJ knows just how much we will all miss Mufasa. My 3 kids, B and I hope beyond hope that she will be able to get through this very painful moment of her life as a mother to her lovely furry kids with as little pain and tears possible. Hold on to the memories dearie, and Mufasa will forever remain with you. peluk

This is a very special post. I am giving away linky love to the first 6 commenters who leave their kind words and goodbyes for our beautiful furry friend Mufasa here. One linky love each for the 6 lovely cats that will eternally remain in LJ's heart. Good bye dear Mufasa, we love you and we will miss you oh so much! putuscintenangihsedih

Love and hugs from Mariuca, B, Chubbs, Benji and Phoebe! MEOW! peluk



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Ane,  April 28, 2009 7:32 PM

thanks Marzie.. :)

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