Thursday, January 08, 2009

Mad Mariuca!

I hate to start the New Year by whining and moaning over bad service but this is way overdue and I can no longer hold back my frustration and anger! :(

Firstly, I understand being a blogger has its ups and downs and one can never be truly content with every programme available online. I totally get that it takes time and patience for me to get what I want from a particular programme, especially if it's a big established name. I am also not that impatient of a person so I do accept the leeway you require in responding to my requests and what not. What I fail to understand however is the amount of time some programmes require in conveying their response to me. Despite
several times following up on my issue at hand, I am still left out in the cold with nobody to entertain my ticket. It pisses me off when I am made to wait unnecessarily. I am not asking for much and a short response will suffice to let me know the status of my situation.

If you must know, I am referring to Blog Explosion. Ironically, the one programme that made me happy previously is now causing me much grief and anger. I understand that BE is an established programme, with many members to fend for but seriously, don't they care enough about a loyal member like yours truly? I have been a BE supporter since last year and was
enjoying my membership by getting to know other new blog members and participating in their many interesting games like Blog Rocket and Battle of The Blogs. Not only was I an active member but I enjoyed my stay at BE very much, even spreading the word on them in my effort to send more referrals their way, 173 to be exact!

My problem began when I finally purchased my own domain back in November last year, which saw me having a new URL for my blog. I immediately wrote to all my blog programmes, which I am members of to let them know of my current scenario. Most of them were really efficient and responded almost immediately, making the new URL change for my blog without fuss. I did the same thing for BE and edited my blog URL under my BE account. When I did that, my account was immediately put on hold and though I am still a registered member, my status was set to waiting for approval. This means I still hold membership but am not eligible to enjoy certain BE features. I was a little baffled especially since I have already been accepted prior to my new URL, so what's up with the waiting list? It's not like I'm submitting an entirely new blog for approval!

So I waited for weeks, all the while missing out on the fun my BE buddies Roxy, LJ and Debbie were having without me! When there was still no response, I sent BE a ticket, explaining to them my situation again, hoping that this would at least get their attention.
I informed them that I'm merely requesting for a new URL change and to please approve my account so I can get back into the swing of things with my other friends at BE. It has been more than a month since I sent in my ticket and today, I checked my status again for the hundredth time only to see that there was still no response! :(

Seriously, how long does it take for them to change my old URL to the new one? Are they really that busy and find it impossible to respond to my query and request, despite my loyalty and love for BE prior to this predicament? As it is, they rejected MPG for no real reason, and now they want to keep me in suspense over my pending account? How much longer do I have to wait? More importantly, will I have the patience to hold on? I have a good mind to cancel my so-called membership with BE as I am not feeling any love from them at all! What's the point of being a member in a prestigious program only to have them mock me this way? :(

I am really pissed off right now thinking about my predicament with BE. Now why can't they take note of other programmes or companies who do provide excellent customer service and respond to customer queries or complaints in a jiffy like Autonet Insurance for instance? A leading provider of high quality insurance products, I hear they provide the best insurance deals online AND excellent customer service for their customers. Apparently you can find any type of insurance here to meet your insurance needs. From travel and home insurance to pet and business insurance, you will be able to decide on the best one for your personal or family needs. With dedicated professionals to help you secure a great deal and a 24-hour claim line for easier and faster communication, your full satisfaction is guaranteed here. Now that's what I call customer service, giving your clients or members in my case, exactly what they want with no wait or delay! If anyone is looking for insurance right now, feel free to give them a visit yeah? :)

As you can see, Mariuca is not a happy camper today. I hate waiting and this is one day too many! Oh by the way, I am also pissed off with another program I joined online for refusing to pay me for an article I did for them, despite the 3 emails I have sent them! And this payment was due middle of last year mind you but I am already spent from my venting on BE here, so I will save that story for another day. Right now my full focus and anger is reserved solely for BE! Now who wants to cheer me up? ;)

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Anonymous,  January 08, 2009 5:56 AM


Anonymous,  January 08, 2009 6:01 AM

Oh, GP, I feel so bad (and mad) for you. BlogExplosion seems like they're running on automation these days, maybe there are no people left. I submitted Roxy's Best Of... back in August and it was rejected as "not a blog." I've since submitted several tickets trying to get them to change their minds or at least give me more than an automated rejection message... not a word!


LadyJava January 08, 2009 6:18 AM

Oh dear GP's mad!! No good no good :(..

All i can say is GG is still pending.. but at least they corrected my thumbnail! Eh BE is no fun without you lah..hopefully someone will come and read this entry of yours.. then they have to pay attention!

Hugs dearie!! Still on my GG rounds ni.. Astaga! You?

Mariuca January 08, 2009 6:26 AM

Morning Roxy! Thanks for chopping on my non star post, I think I hafta figure out something to reward my FC for non star posts too eh? :):):)

Mariuca January 08, 2009 6:32 AM

Awww thanks Roxy, I feel bad for myself too! I mean there's really nothing I can do but wait cause obviously resubmitting my ticket won't help much judging by ur experience eh? I can't even resubmit my app for MPG, that is the saddest part! It's been AGES since my last BOTB, I think I forgot how to vote vote vote already! ;)

Mariuca January 08, 2009 6:36 AM

LJ! Mmg GP angers ni, cause it's really a simple thing to rectify, not that it's a totally new app! And the worst part is missing out on my beloved BOTB! Don make me start a 200 credit battle la when they approve me (if they do) later! ;)

And what if they just completely cut me off and all my credits and referrals will be wasted? of coz angers!! :(

Anyway I just started my round for MPG, mmg astaga la we all! :):):)

LadyJava January 08, 2009 6:42 AM

hehe.. eh you know... I also got angry post to write tau and its already on draft waiting to post jer.. I was sooo MAD also...but nantilah when it's out I let you know.. need to cool down before finishing it!

Mariuca January 08, 2009 6:45 AM

I LOVE angry posts LJ! Once in a while must meluahkan perasaan!! Can't wait for ur angry post but I wonder who u have in mind eh??? Hmmmmmm....cepat la cool down! I think I'm going to write my other angry post at MPG cause that one involved her he he! ;)

LadyJava January 08, 2009 6:49 AM

hhehehe..another angry post from you in one day?? lol!! ok can't wait.. I standby

Yeah am working on a few post right now.. tapi dah sleepy lah.. :(

Mariuca January 08, 2009 6:54 AM

Yeah...get it out of my system while I'm in this mood eh? I am at LJL now actually, waiting for ur comment box to open. Dah la TC widget still out, oh GP has so many angry things to talk abt LOL! ;)

Wah u working on kaching posts or what? OKB it seems some ppl! ;)

LadyJava January 08, 2009 6:57 AM

eleh.. dia yg OKB tu.. kata org!!

I have a reservation with tiga p but macam malas pulak coz i did one for BW already.. then I also did 2 for payu.. and then I thought of writing that angry post as well.. then nak drop lagi.. aiyooh.. not enuff hands lah!!

Eh my comment box tu wait a while then perhaps the url box will come out.. or try logout and login again the JSKit prog lah.

Mariuca January 08, 2009 7:01 AM

Ha ha ha ha LJ!!! Stop making me laugh so early in the morning la! Ha ha eh where got me OKB?! So far did 2 only for tiga p ha ha, and both oso tak lepas lagi. Oso, RM rejected Mariuca, so depresi! :(

You la OKB with ur tweaking job lagi! Ha ha ha!! :)

LadyJava January 08, 2009 7:04 AM

hehehe... i mana ada OKB since hilang PR... sob sob.. bila lah nak dapat balik.. sob dulu masa i ada PR3.. tiga p banyak offer tau.. rajin2 lah check the site.. RM mmg macam tu.. I pun only have one blog with them :(.. another program that takes a long time to approve and once they reject they wont reconsider :(.. aiyah I pulak angers ni..

Mariuca January 08, 2009 7:13 AM

LJ, byk betul programs kita angers today ye? Alamak, dat means RM will never accept Mariuca la. Tiga p jugak best! :)

LadyJava January 08, 2009 7:15 AM

Yeah.. so far the best is tiga p and payu lah...:)

Mariuca January 08, 2009 7:18 AM

Aiyo Payu again! Still undecided ni. Smorty accepted Mariuca sekejap je after I resubmit, but still very quiet there. Did u do the one for paying p? 300 words. ;)

LadyJava January 08, 2009 7:19 AM

nope.. malas..heheh... macam tak worth gitu.. I love!!

LadyJava January 08, 2009 7:20 AM

eh yg bayar tu BW ke??

Mariuca January 08, 2009 7:22 AM

I know u love Payu but did u ever come across any jobs they gave u yg u didn wan to do but u had to? And how many jobs they give u monthly la? Your SS oso not bad judging by the figure u showed me at ur SS pic the other day. ;)

Mariuca January 08, 2009 7:24 AM

LJ u mena yg tak bayar? Yeah! :(:(:(

LadyJava January 08, 2009 7:26 AM

of course.. like those keywords I told you abt but because they tak kisah it's easier to just mention it in passing..hehe..oh they give me banyak, berpuluh2.. sometimes 15 shots at one go.. but all got expiry dates so you can space them all and I do have like 4 blogs with them so that's why lah.. if you only have one.. probably you get like like 20 or so..

SS tu angin.. that time banyak.. now senyop sunyi...hehe.. must ask shemah's secret! hehee

Mariuca January 08, 2009 7:35 AM

Wah byk tu! Ada x rated keywords ke? ;)

How abt the harga? Like RM kan mostly 5 bucks.

LadyJava January 08, 2009 7:38 AM

eh no x-rated lah.. i got corset today for LLP.. check it out.. but the site sexy sikit jer...:)

Yeah most 5bucks but only 60words mah!

Mariuca January 08, 2009 7:54 AM

Wah 60 words je kan? I should submit MPG la but no PR yet! I'm tempted but still tak konpiden I can do 15-20 posts in a month. Susah la for me. :)

LadyJava January 08, 2009 7:56 AM

If you serious, I suggest doing Mariuca.. sebab ada PR... Payu wants blog with PR.. no PR susah!!

Kalau susah.. better think properly.. coz you cannot choose your jobs :)

Mariuca January 08, 2009 7:58 AM

Dats why I have to think properly, thanks dearie. Hey, u took the SS yoga spons is it? Checking out scenario there. :)

LadyJava January 08, 2009 8:00 AM

I did but still on wait lah.. queue as usual..eheheh

Mariuca January 08, 2009 8:02 AM

Yeah I saw ur avatar there. How long is the sponsorship? Hope u get it! :)

LadyJava January 08, 2009 8:03 AM

hahah no maybe tak dapat pun...:(

Mariuca January 08, 2009 8:05 AM

Don despair, am sure u will get it! For which blog again? SS choose which one is it?

LadyJava January 08, 2009 8:07 AM


Sometimes you can choose which blog sometimes it limited by rank I think.. something like tiga p also...

Anonymous,  January 08, 2009 8:07 AM

Your votes are sadly missed in my Battles of the Blogs... I'm on a big losing streak, and you would not believe some of the blogs that have beaten me. Today alone, I lost to what appeared to be a blank page that promised "Interesting stuffs 4 U" and a blog with the same silly picture that hasn't been updated in 2 weeks.
Aaaargh... we'll have to find a replacement for BlogExplosion, eh? We'll just open our own traffic exchange.

Mariuca January 08, 2009 8:21 AM

LJ, I'll wait and see how it works out for u, good luck! :)

Mariuca January 08, 2009 8:24 AM

Oh no poor Roxy! I have missed voting for u too! I hope ur losing streak will end soon. It's been a while since I had a 3-digit battle sob! :(

LadyJava January 08, 2009 8:25 AM

hey come on over.. got new post at LJL :)

Mariuca January 08, 2009 8:33 AM

I'm there LJ, refreshing ur page, slow connection. ;0

LadyJava January 08, 2009 8:34 AM

hehe.. i see!

Anonymous,  January 08, 2009 8:35 AM

You sure are up early, Genie Princess!

Glad to see you dropping by.


P.S. -- Tomorrow and Friday, Rex and I are in NYC for meetings that are crucial to the future of our business, so I may not have time to visit. Wish me luck, and I'll hope to be out and about in the blogosphere over the weekend.

Anonymous,  January 08, 2009 8:46 AM

I might just have BEAR-iuca stow away in my briefcase...


Pok Dell January 08, 2009 9:38 AM

When Mariuca is MAD..I better keep my mouth shut, doing some drop and walk away :P

p/s: Still can't retrieve my hard disk data yet, EC dropping not at a full swing.

Lainy January 08, 2009 10:06 AM

I hear you, GP. BE don't deserve your loyalty. I don't want to add I hope to see you smiling when I come back later ;-)

bonoriau January 08, 2009 10:43 AM

Mbak sabar je deh!!! Hidup memang kayak gitu up and down and make our blogging life colorful...betul ngak???? :)

Spicybugz January 08, 2009 12:09 PM

BE was sold a while back, and the new owners have done nothing with it. I don't even the right thumbnail for my blog, they gave me someone elses. BE Used to be great, but not anymore. I only use it for BOTB and that is only for traffic.

Mizé January 08, 2009 2:00 PM

I do!
I signed up BE last year, when I started blogging, and until today I´m waiting for their reply.
After sending them two mails asking for a resolution I received no answer, nicles, nada, niente!
So, after six or more months waiting, I decided they would never have any of my blogs in their network.
Don´t be mad Marzie, they´re the ones who are losing.
If they don´t deserve having my "crappy" blogs there, they certainly do not deserve your five stars blogs! Ah!
Cheer up, EC is much better :):)

Rozella January 08, 2009 7:18 PM

Marzie! I just realized that Nick is ur #2! OMG! When did that happen? I feel like a challenge!!!! Hahahaha

Lidian January 08, 2009 10:57 PM

Hi Mariuca -

I had the exact same thing happen to me! I changed my Kitchen Retro blog from WP to Blogger and BE made me reapply. Fine, but then I never heard from them! Months go by, I send them 3 tickets, nothing. Finally they reject KR because I typed the URL wrong (an extra period). And furthermore, when I went to do things with my other blog that IS on BE, it was GONE. Just wiped right off my profile!

I am very tired of BE now and stick to Entrecard etc. I miss some of the BE things though, I think that the people running it just don't care anymore...

I really do like both your blogs BTW, never commented before though! :)

Cheers from Canada -

Metz January 09, 2009 12:13 AM

Awww that is the best way to get all the bad vibes out - vent it like a princess hehehe :) Hopefully something good happens or at least a good compensation for the delay. :)

Monica January 09, 2009 1:56 AM

oh no Mariuca's mad today! :-( I hope BE will read this post of yours dear..

Anonymous,  January 09, 2009 5:15 AM

Well they are doing the right thing in checking the new URL (by putting it on hold) since you may suddenly change your blog to a porn site or something :)

But I guess not responding for weeks is a bit too much :{

Mariuca January 09, 2009 10:04 AM

Morning Roxy! Looks like I am early today too. Have a great day at work and yup, u should def smuggle BEAR-iuca inside ur briefcase! How is the lil fella doing btw? Happy Thursday Roxy. :):):)

Mariuca January 09, 2009 10:05 AM

He he he Bintang! Mad kat BE je lol! Thanks for the silent drop and I hope u get ur hard disk back soon. :):):)

Mariuca January 09, 2009 10:07 AM

Thank you Lainy, I think I am coming to terms with the fact that BE will prob end up rejecting me eventually but still boo hoo! ;)

Mariuca January 09, 2009 10:08 AM

Bono, thanks! You always have a nice spin to put on our blogging probs. Happy Friday. :):):)

Mariuca January 09, 2009 10:10 AM

Spicy! Thanks dearie, I did not know BE has a new owner now. I used BE for BOTB and rocket mostly. Also used to love the scratch card lol! ;)

Mariuca January 09, 2009 10:12 AM

WOW more than 6 months Mize? Tsk tsk tsk, I just dunno what to say abt BE! :( Looks like it's really happening then, BE will kick me out boo hoo!

I love hanging out at EC too and there are so many other programs today but I did have a soft spot for BE cause of their cool games and what not. Anyway I met u at EC so yay! :):):)

Mariuca January 09, 2009 10:13 AM

Hi Princess, thank you for visiting Mariuca's blog and the invitation! Have a great day. :)

Mariuca January 09, 2009 10:15 AM

Rozella!! LOL thanks for noticing but my TC widget has gone haywire la! Apparently there was a recent blogger update which messed up the coding so the names u see on my widget are actually my old commenters. He he, that's why Nick is happily on da list LOL! :):):)

Anyway still hoping for my TC widget to fix itself. ;)

Mariuca January 09, 2009 10:20 AM

Hi Lidian, hello Canada! Thanks so much for ur first comment here and for all the EC drops and visits too. :)

You mean all ur other blog on BE was deleted as well? That's terrible! My perfume blog was rejected and later on when I tried to resubmit, I just could not. The form to submit was completely gone from my page, and I had no way to resubmit. I eventually gave up and just concentrated on Mariuca at BE. I did have a lot of fun with BE and I am sad they don't seem to care what's happening to BE. :(

As for EC, I am getting tired of my daily drops as well, but can't seem to stop he he! :):):)

Mariuca January 09, 2009 10:23 AM

Hi Metz! Ha ha to the compensation but that would be cool eh? And yup, it's good to vent sometimes, I feel like venting over at MPG too lol! :):):)

Mariuca January 09, 2009 10:25 AM

He he yeah la Mon, early in the morning wan to make me angry lol! ;)

Mariuca January 09, 2009 10:27 AM

It's nice to hear that Hapi and I'll return your visit as well. Have a great day! :):):)

Mariuca January 09, 2009 10:28 AM

Michael! Happy 2009 to you! :)

The thing is, I doubt they're even checking my new URL, which explains the delay. That's why I'm mad! ;)

Anonymous,  January 09, 2009 10:54 AM

Hey, there's Roxy smiling out from your EntreCard widget! Happy to be here after a long (but good I think) day in NYC.

But here's how bad things have gotten without you in Battle of the Blogs. I JUST LOST TO SCOOBIE!! That makes six (6) straight defeats with posts I thought were pretty good... and SCOOBIE??!!

Wake up, BlogExplosion and bring Mariuca back!


Anonymous,  January 09, 2009 10:58 AM

I was wondering what had happened to Lidian's blogs on BlogExplosion... wow, it feels like they're on their way to shutting down. I keep getting notes that I have new referrals, but I don't think any of those people's blogs have actually been approved... so they can surf for credits but not use them for anything....not likely!!


LadyJava January 09, 2009 11:24 AM

Good morning dearie..can you believe I'm only on my LJL round now!! Nasib baik GG dah habis.. !!! You??

Mariuca January 09, 2009 11:38 AM

Oh my! 6 times in a row Roxy? See, this is what happens when I can't vote vote vote for u! Hugs.

I'm glad u had a good day in NYC though. :):):)

Mariuca January 09, 2009 11:39 AM

Roxy! I hope they won't shut down, just buck up! I took down my banner and replaced it with Adgitize, no more referrals for BE from me he he! ;)

Mariuca January 09, 2009 11:40 AM

Good morning LadyJava! I am done with both Ms yay! Waiting for 1pm to start early round today. TGIF! :):):)

LadyJava January 09, 2009 11:43 AM

Aiyah.. i'm so tired of clicking already so am just select dropping for LJL..heheh

Mariuca January 09, 2009 11:54 AM

I understand LJ, leceh kan wan to drop every day sampai 300? ;)

Anonymous,  January 09, 2009 12:15 PM

I've been with BE since January 2006 and back then it was a good site - good response on tickets and it was a very popular service. It's changed owners two or three times since those days though and each time it's sold service gets worse and worse.

I changed one of my urls last year and it took about three months before i got a response. No .. wait, I didn't change the urls, I think I changed the descriptions! Yeah ... on hold for a description change.

Don't even get me started on their blogging system that got shut down last year. They only paid me about a quarter of what they owed me for the advertising on my old site. Grrr.

Trouble is, I think they've got one guy doing everything for them and maybe a few volunteers. Maybe if they'd let a few of their trusted members do some work to clear up the mess things would be better.

I hope your site gets approved sometime soon. If it does we'll BOTB. :)

LadyJava January 09, 2009 1:44 PM

Yeay... I'm top I'm top!! lol!!

Mariuca January 09, 2009 1:46 PM

LJ! You are you are ha ha ha! What a pleasant surprise for Mariuca today YAY! :):):)

Mariuca January 09, 2009 1:51 PM

Hopefully MPG pun okay! Yeeha! :):):)

Mariuca January 09, 2009 1:55 PM

Hi Tricia, thanks so much for sharing your BE experience with me. It comforts me to know that I am not alone in my BE grief! :)

3 months for description change is ridiculous! I think you are right abt this being a one man show. The response time is extremely long until we get sick of waiting. I do hope BE will improve cause I do like being on BE. I hope to get my account back so I can take u up on the BOTB challenge he he! :):):)

Anonymous,  January 09, 2009 2:40 PM

yeah its a frustration there. SO hang in there.. but I do have that explosion so ... not bother it.

Monica January 09, 2009 4:11 PM

Mariuca your TC widget is working right?

Mariuca January 10, 2009 7:40 AM

TH! U mean u are a member or not a member? I will wait and see la TH, no choice but fedup u know waiting and waiting like a fool here he he! ;)

Mariuca January 10, 2009 7:41 AM

My widget is back Mon YAY! Now can happily monitor my TC lol! :)

Bobby Revell January 10, 2009 10:11 AM

Hi Marzie! Yeah, it took BE eleven months to redo my account when I moved my blog and I reapplied several times. BE is just a site and the people who run it rarely check up on it. I read somewhere that the owner had given up on it, but since people have continued using it, he (or she?) still checks up on it occasionally. I never use it anyway, I'm just too lazy...hahaha!

Mariuca January 10, 2009 10:19 AM

Morning Bobby! :)

OMG 11 freaking months???? Oh this is terrible news Bobby! I think it's true what u said, the owner has given up on BE but is obligated to check up on it once in a very blue moon. That's really too bad cause I do like BE. Oh boy, I guess there is really nothing else I can do but wait then! :(

A January 10, 2009 1:12 PM

I hate waiting too, I'm probably the most impatient person you'll ever meet! :P

A January 10, 2009 1:14 PM

I do hope you get an answer soon, if I were the one in your shoes, I would've probably canceled my account by now... but that's just me... :P

i hope everything works out for you... :D

Rozella January 10, 2009 2:32 PM

I didn't realize it until I scrolled down, but Hahahaha I'm back on the list! #10! Woohoo!!!!!

Rozella January 10, 2009 2:33 PM

Marzie, Phew! Hahahaha No offense to Nick, but I was like "Say What?"

Rozella January 10, 2009 2:34 PM

At least now I don't feel so bad and tergugat lah! Hehehehe

Sorry Nicky! :P Jangan Marah!

Rozella January 10, 2009 2:35 PM

Actually to tell you the total truth, I didn't comment on this post earlier because I didn't have a clue about this whole Blog Explosion thing! Hahahaha

Double whoops!

Monica January 10, 2009 8:21 PM

LOL @ Rozella! at first I was shocked to see Nick's your #2 TC, too! hahaha!

Monica January 10, 2009 8:24 PM

Mariuca, I joined BE but I didn't know they ve games like Blog Rocket and Battle of The Blogs :-D
I prefer EC still..

Farah Deen January 11, 2009 12:59 AM

look who's mad now?? Well, I am not at all a fan of these thingy,mostly because I can't find the time to be obligated to these online programs. However, I do understand your anger. When you are committed to the program and having fun with it, you sure would get pissed if they are not even doing what they should to members who support them right?

Mariuca January 11, 2009 9:52 PM

Hi Ane, I don mind waiting but this is ridiculous! :(

Mariuca January 11, 2009 9:53 PM

Thanks Ane, I still have not received any response from BE. I will wait and see just how long they're gonna make me linger! ;)

Mariuca January 11, 2009 9:55 PM

Hi Rozie! You are on my TC list la woman, finalmente! Oh I hope u will maintain till end of the month, am rooting for you, good luck sweetie! :):):)

Mariuca January 11, 2009 9:57 PM

Rozie, BE is very the interesting! I really like BE but apparently they don't like Mariuca dat much eh? So sad! ;)

Mariuca January 11, 2009 9:58 PM

Ha ha Mon! U oso were shocked to see Nick number 2 eh? He he...poor Nicky now no longer on da list lol! ;)

Mariuca January 11, 2009 10:14 PM

Monica, I didn know u're on BE!! Got many cool games there la, but sayang the owner doesn wan to maintain! :(

Mariuca January 11, 2009 10:17 PM

Hola Farah! Thanks for understanding my anger sweetie. I was committed to BE and I was having a lot of fun playing their games so of coz I'm upset to be deprived of my BE fun! ;)

Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) January 12, 2009 4:01 PM

I've given up on BE eons ago, they're not worth the trouble ... Hope you've cooled down by now :D

emilayusof January 13, 2009 12:38 AM

ah, i never got around with BE since the day they told me that i need to have at least more posts in my blog; that time i have more than 300 or 400 posts already! I wrote to them but they never replied!

Mariuca January 13, 2009 4:16 AM

He he, cooled down oredi Nick, but still sore cause I have lotsa credits in BE which I can't use for my blog battle boo hoo! Anyway, I am not gonna keep on checking my account anymore, I must accept the fact that this is gonna be a long wait or forever! ;)

Mariuca January 13, 2009 4:17 AM

Emila! They oso never replied to you and that was last year kan? Really la this BE, ppl wan to give them "business" turning us away it seems! :(

Nessa January 14, 2009 10:35 AM

Kesian you :( You rarely get mad, that I noticed. Well, just consider it's their loss dear, losing a dedicated and faithful user like you. Something better will come up soon! ((Hugs))

Grandy January 15, 2009 10:19 AM

I'm sorry you had such a crummy day, lovely lady.

Grandy January 15, 2009 10:20 AM

I've not tried BlogExplosion, and don't think I plan to either.

Grandy January 15, 2009 10:20 AM

Especially after all the difficulties you've had!!

Elara January 16, 2009 7:35 AM

Marzie, I'm so sorry about BE! It's been a while since I last wrote an angry post. All I can say is I feel ya! LJ's right, BE's no fun without Mariuca!

Mariuca January 21, 2009 11:20 AM

Hi Nessa, thanks so much sweetie! :)

Mmg angers to da max ni and seriously, no point getting mad oso cause mmg konpirm they won reinstate my acct. Nobody jaga this site anymore u kira fluke la that I even got accepted in the first place! :)

Mariuca January 21, 2009 11:21 AM

Thanks for ur kind words for me here Grandy! :):):)

And yes, I think it's best if u don't join BE. It was fun while it lasted though. :(

Mariuca January 21, 2009 11:22 AM

Debbs, thanks dearie! :):):)

That time mmg angers cause I waited and waited like a fool. So of coz la angers when nobody responded sampai today! :(

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