Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mariuca's Award Gala *

Okay I know I promised my good friend Jean that I'd definitely have another Award Gala last month, but as usual things got a little too hectic for me. And now it's already late November and I refuse to postpone this special post another day longer. So to all my recipients, get ready to don your best dress and tux, for the Mariuca Award
Gala is about to start. Have a seat as I roll out the awards I've received over the last few months and wait to see if you are listed here as one of the award recipients at the Mariuca Award Gala. Here we go!

The first two awards you see here are for Mariuca only s
o YAY me! :)

THANK YOU very much to:

Monica of Mommy Brain Reports for the Brainy Blog Award
Shemah for the Most Kitten Friendly Blog of the Year Award


Okay, now on to my other awards that I will be passing on to my fellow Mariucans. Feel free to grab as many as you like, have fun!

Jean, LJ, Emila, Nick, Debbie, Nessa, Grandy, Kim, Farah, Sushi, TH, Ken, Yoon See, Shiela, GK, Roxy, Sandman, Mize, Monica, Jackie, Bono, Haaziq, Bintang, Rizal, Jesse, ECL, Janice, Metz, Ruby, Rozella, Twinks, Shemah, Bokjae, Tina, Tammy, Fida, Liza, Bobby, Foong, Eric, NAFASg, Lainy, Kimberly, Zunnur and Faizal.

to everyone who presented me with these lovely awards!

Rozella for the You Are My Friend Award and the Biggest Heart Award
Farah for the Perserverance Award

Courtney for the Arte Y Pico Award
for the Sweet Home Blogger Award
for the Too Sweet Award

Liza, TJ, Searching Within, Kim, Jackie, Caybara and Monica for the Brilliante Award
Metz, Jean and Nessa for the BFF Gold Card Award
Ruby, Bokjae and Roxy for the Kick Ass Blogger Award

Roxy for the You're the Beary Best Award and Kick Ass Blogger Award
Metz for the Friendship Award and the I Love Your Blog Award
Chesteney for the I Love Your B
log Award

Ruby and Aeirin for the Kind Blogger Award
Fida for the Great Buddy Award
Lainy for the My Favorite Blog Award

Tina for the Hooked on Your Blog Award
Hicham for the Butterfly Award
Sushi for the Premio Award

Yoon See for the Kreativ Blogger Award, I Love Your Blog Award and Amazing Friendship Award

Jean for the Propagating Friendship Award
Nessa for the Friendly Blogger Award
Ken for the I Wuv Your Blog Award

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Fida Abbott December 02, 2008 7:04 PM

Dear Mariuca,

I'm posting a related post of this award gala.

Once again thank you for rocking me in blogosphere world!!!

Have great day!

Anonymous,  December 03, 2008 10:50 PM

Hi Mariuca,
I haven't got the time to collect these valuable awards yet, will do it as soon as I'm a bit free.

Mariuca December 06, 2008 6:25 PM

Hi Fida! Thanks for coming by, I've checked out ur post, thanks so much and I hope u like all the awards i gave u here! Hugsy! :):):)

Mariuca December 06, 2008 6:26 PM

Sure Zunnur, enjoy the awards okay? Use them to decorate ur blog and inspire you to more blogging success! :):):)

Mariuca December 06, 2008 6:31 PM

Grandy!! Congrats on being the 200th comment here woot! And thanks so much for coming to my Award Gala, enjoy all ur awards okay? Love and hugs! :):):)

Mariuca December 06, 2008 6:32 PM

Grandy, the awards were received over the past few months, not just one month he he! ;)

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