Tuesday, October 09, 2007

38 Questions with Mariuca

Supermom Janice tagged me with this one, where I have to answer 38 questions about myself. YES, you heard me...38 questions! Kimfei also tagged me with something similar, so I'm just going to do this one instead of the two. Hope that's okay Kimfei! Before I proceed, thanks for tagging me guys and now, here goes!

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night? B.
2. What were you doing at 0800? Obviously still sleeping.
3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago? Responding to comments on My Blog.
4. What happened to you in 2006? I moved into our very own home, where we're currently residing.
5. What was the last thing you said out loud? "I'm not interested in your insurance product, but thanks!"
6. How many beverages did you have today? Since I'm fasting, none so far. Otherwise, lotsa coffee.
7. What color is your hairbrush? Brown (I need a new one btw!).
8. What was the last thing you paid for? Famous Amos hampers for Raya.
9. Where were you last night? IKANO.
10. What color is your front door? Brown Wood.
11. Where do you keep your change? All over the place.
12. What’s the weather like today? Slight drizzle earlier, so it's pretty cool right now.
13. What’s the best ice-cream flavor? Chocolate.
14. What excites you? When I see a new mini perfume collection out!
15. Do you want to cut your hair? I'm planning to, maybe tomorrow!
16. Are you over the age of 25? Yes :(
17. Do you talk a lot? Sometimes.
18. Do you watch the O.C.? Of course!
19. Do you know anyone named Steven? Yes.
20. Do you make up your own words? ALL THE TIME!
21. Are you a jealous person? In a way, Yes.
22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘A’. Adrian a.k.a. Genie King!
23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘K’. Keith.
24. Who’s the first person on your received call list? B.
25. What does the last text message you received say? "Ok.Haven't seen u in such a long time...enjoy your Raya!"
26. Do you chew on your straw? No.
27. Do you have curly hair? Kinda.
28. Where’s the next place you’re going to? Visiting parents tonight.
29. Who’s the rudest person in your life? Hate to name names so no comment.
30. What was the last thing you ate? Marks & Spencer chocolates!
31. Will you get married in the future? I'm happily married.
32. What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the past 2 weeks? I can't recall.
33. Is there anyone you like right now? I like many people.
34. When was the last time you did the dishes? 30 minutes ago.
35. Are you currently depressed? No way!
36. Did you cry today? No.
37. Why did you answer and post this? I got up early and felt like having this meme up today!
38. Tag 5 people who would do this survey. Jean, Nessa, Trinity, Bokjae and Sue.


Trinity October 09, 2007 12:23 PM

Wow... I am the first who comment here? :-) Thanks for this tag, I have done this tag several days ago... here's my link http://www.ruangsudut.info/2007/09/tagstagsand-more-tags.html

I will off for my holiday soon, I want to say Happy Aidul Fitri to you before I leave... Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin...

Trinity from Rooms of My Heart

kimfei October 09, 2007 1:06 PM

don't worry.thats fine with me..LOL..the question really sound similar..

Mariuca October 09, 2007 1:15 PM

Hi Trinity! Oh..I missed u by just a few days then huh? LOL! That's okay, thanks for letting me know anyway!

Yeah, I read on your blog that u are going away soon, have fun k and take loads of pics!

Thanks for the Aidilfitri wish. Am looking forward to my break then too! :):):)

Genie Princess

Mariuca October 09, 2007 1:16 PM

Kimfei! Thanks for stopping by. So u see, the questions are rather similar huh... so I thought of killing two birds with one stone mah! Thanks for being a good sport! Happy Tuesday! :):):)

Genie Princess

Adrian October 09, 2007 1:36 PM

GP! Chocolate Ice cream...Mmmmm
Nice to know that I'm number 22 LOL

Genie King

Mariuca October 09, 2007 1:42 PM

GK! Mmmmmm indeed to choc ice cream! My fave flava of all time! And for number 22, I immediately thought of u! :):):)

Genie Princess

J@n!ce October 09, 2007 2:17 PM

Marzie, while reading your post did I realized that for #24, its asking about who's first on my received call list. Blur me lah... I thought it is asking about who is the first in my phone contact list. :)

Marks & Spencer cookies are really yummy :)~~~~

Janice Ng

Mariuca October 09, 2007 2:26 PM

Yay Janice is here! Yeah, I had some Marks & Spencer cookies last night, which B brought home from UK.... actually they were choc cookies...all sorts of flavours and designs...YUMMY! :):):)

Genie Princess

Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) October 09, 2007 3:16 PM

Marzie, I don't think you could have answered question 2 any other way ... LOL!

Bobby Revell October 09, 2007 3:28 PM

Putting up another post already? I guess ur ready for the big 100!!!

I saw the movie "I Can't Recall" last week also! What a coincidence. It was definetly my fave in the past 2 weeks also. Great movie...ha ha ha ha ha:)

Adrian October 09, 2007 3:58 PM

Hey Marzie, Jan, Jean, Emila and Nick! I tagged ALL you ladies so come over to the Genie King's Domainand get it! hehehe


Genie King

Mariuca October 09, 2007 5:41 PM

Very funny Nick but oh so true!! Ha ha ha... if they had said 0900 instead of 0800, I could've answered it differently cause I got up at 845am! :):):)

Genie Princess

Mariuca October 09, 2007 5:43 PM

Bobby! Oh I still have a long way to go... but at least the number is moving huh? And yeah, dat movie was something else wasn't it? I should watch it again! :):):)

Genie Princess

Mariuca October 09, 2007 5:44 PM

GK u are so cute, telling all my friends that u tagged them here LOL! Ok, I will come by as soon as I get home from the salon k! GP needs a makeover la.. :):):)

Genie Princess

Sue October 09, 2007 7:43 PM

Hehehe, YAY! I got tagged! I shall have this up within the hour!

Also... Gotta love the 'lottsa coffee'. Mariuca mugs wouldn't be as special if you didn't enjoy the brew!

WaterLearner October 09, 2007 10:11 PM

Nice 38 things!

Could you at least have been more "considerate" in answering #2? **Grumbles** At eight, I am already nearing my office already. Made me envy only. Hee Hee!

I was also tagged to do this meme by Janice. Will have to do it hopefully this weekend lor.


Nessa October 09, 2007 11:12 PM

Alamak! Banyaknya questions! Wonder why the questions stopped at 38? Hmmm... hehe

J@n!ce October 09, 2007 11:14 PM

Did B bought the cookies meant for Raya or just for your daily indulgence... yum yum.... :)~~~~~

B is such a goody hubs lah. He sure knows how to pamper our lovely princess here :)

Janice Ng

Mizohican October 10, 2007 12:38 AM

Oh yes you must be fasting! I completely forgot to ask, how's it going on? Went through your previous posts and found no mention of what food you eat to break your fast (since I thought I must have missed it as I was away for sometime), other than your mention about Aidulfitri at your Mariuca Cup post. Here in India, we call it Eid ul-Fitri.

I once had 3 Arab roomies for a year in Hyderabad, 2003, and I had an amazing time getting to know more about Eid first hand. In the evenings, all the other arab guys would come over to our place to break the fast and we would cook this huge meal (arabic dishes I can't pronounce the names). And while cooking, I would be the official taster to see if the food is spicy enough or salty enough etc, since none of them can taste it yet. And of course I loved the dishes so much that I would end up being the one who eats the most, even though they are the ones who are fasting! lolz. I really miss those days! Hey I might even make a new post about it, come to think of it!

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious October 10, 2007 12:47 AM

hi marzie! thanks for the tag but i was tagged by Jerry, together with jan. I am still pending the tag. I will add you as my tagger! :)

wow, watched OC. I thought it's not air here.

Mariuca October 10, 2007 1:22 AM

Hi Sue! Yay!! Someone is happy that I tagged them with this meme ha ha ha!! Looking forward to seeing your answers dear! Will be by shortly k, thanks! :):):)

Genie Princess

Mariuca October 10, 2007 1:28 AM

Hola Sandman! It's always nice to see u here! :)

Yes, we've all been very good, busy fasting for the past few weeks! We will be celebrating Aidilfitri this Saturday! YAY!

Well, when we break fast... it could be a whole bunch of stuff, but the norm is to break fast with dates first. Something sweet! This will be followed by dinner. Usually, I will just buy dinner and sometimes cook but on weekends, we'll visit our parents and that's where the feasting begins! My mom and MIL will cook special dishes as all the family will break fast together. Other than that, the special dishes will be served on the day of the celebration itself. If u see my contest post, I did mention some of the famous dishes served on that day! They're all yummy so I can't wait for Saturday when we'll actually get to devour the goodies!

Thanks so much for sharing ur story with me and my readers. I hope ur having a good night! :):):)

Genie Princess

Mariuca October 10, 2007 1:33 AM

Hi Karen! Yes, I noticed Jan tagged u too, so I didn't tag u! Hurry up and have urs up so I can see ur answers too. :)

Oh sorry la... he he... want to know what time I actually do get up? ;) Ha ha ha... Anyway, if u don't already know by now, I'm a night owl dear! So my mornings are reserved for my beauty sleep mah! :):):)

Genie Princess

Mariuca October 10, 2007 1:34 AM

Nessa! Don't worry.. only seems banyak but quite easy to answer, ul be able to do it in a jiffy! Have fun dear! :):):)

Genie Princess

Mariuca October 10, 2007 1:37 AM

Janice! Hey actually I checked the box just now and they're chocs la not cookies! Silly me! All sorts of assorted chocs! B got them from UK for our daily indulgence of course, not for Raya! Actually he got me chocs and another box of M&S cookies... dat's why I was confused earlier. Looks like I gotta correct my post now! :):):)

Genie Princess

Mariuca October 10, 2007 1:40 AM

Jean!! Is that so? Eh how come I didn't notice ur name on Jan's post? Blur la me... he he he...

Hey, of course they aired OC!!! But I watched it on DVD... they've ended the series oredi but at one point, I was hooked on OC! Must watch if ur free! :):):)

Genie Princess

Unknown October 10, 2007 2:58 AM

Hey - how you doing? Sorry for disappearing!!

DubLiMan October 10, 2007 7:03 AM

What is your email address? I have something that I would like to discuss with you.
Mine is: info@mondaymorningpower.com

Mariuca October 10, 2007 11:37 AM

Amber! You're back from ur disappearing act huh? :) It's great to see u back though and I hope things are okay on your end! I'll come by and visit u later today! :):):)

Genie Princess

Mariuca October 10, 2007 11:38 AM

Hola MMPower! Thanks for dropping by agaian. I will mail u soon, have a great day! :):):)

Genie Princess

WaterLearner October 11, 2007 9:04 AM


Making me jealous again huh!! Ok this Friday night I will challenge you to see who sleeps later? Hee Hee...

Happy Festive Celebrations this Sat. What normally happens in your country? For Singapore, most of my muslim friends would visits family and friends. I remember I had two very friendly neighbours in the past. On the day of Hari Raya Puasa, my family won't have to cook the whole day, my neighbours will flow food to our house for the whole day. Yummy!

So, what's Genie Princiess going to serve us this Sat?

Mariuca October 12, 2007 1:13 AM

Hi Karen! He he he ... sorry, couldn't resist! ;)

Oh Hari Raya here is pretty much the same as in Singapore. But at my place, I'm actually the only Muslim neighbour on da floor, so looks like I'll be giving away the goodies, not receiving them huh? He he..but hubbs and I will be celebrating at his mom's place first, then my parents'...then only friends and relatives' homes! You have a nice Raya holiday too k...take care and have fun! :):):)

LadyJava September 29, 2008 7:11 AM

Wah so many questions..

GP I dont chew on straw but I gigit them.. is that the same??

emilayusof October 21, 2008 5:55 PM

lol, lebih kurang la tu lj!

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