Monday, September 23, 2013

The Procrastinator!

Well, the procrastinator in me finally got around to doing a few things that I’ve been sitting on for ages! Firstly, I finally renewed my passport. Had a few issues with my photo being the wrong-size, which saw me having to retake my photo and paying twice but thankfully all has been settled and my new passport is good to go. Smiley

Then, I finally disconnected our broadband Internet access service Streamyx at the nearest TM Point outlet, which went without a hitch. I had extremely bad memories of my first time disconnecting Streamyx so that’s why I was dreading terminating this service. As much as I’ve complained about Streamyx however, I will give them credit for trying to upgrade their services throughout the years by coming out with new cool packages. Smiley

Speaking of new broadband Internet packages, Broadband Mart in the UK is currently having a great phone and broadband promotion so check them out as well if you’re UK-based. Totally unlimited Broadband at £3.75 a month (for 12 months) and unlimited downloads sound superb to me, so hurry over and book your new talktalk phone and broadband package today!

And last but not least, I finally topped-up the credit on my NEW work Prepaid number. I’ve just purchased this number a few months back but sadly, I have exceeded the expiration date for call usage on this number by not topping up my credit earlier. Apparently this is not recoverable, which means I’ve lost my work number and had to get a new one! adus

Yes, I know that my procrastinating habit has caused me quite a bit of stress lately but it’s all taken care of now and I am able to relax once again before the next cycle of must-dos namely preparing for my upcoming trip. I’ve already booked my flights and the hotel rooms we’d be staying in so next up … BD, budget count and travel itinerary! ihikhik


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