Friday, April 27, 2012

Work First, Travel Later!

With all the jobs I’ve been receiving and taking in recently, one
would think that I’d be able to afford a nice vacation abroad and stay in beautiful modern apartments in New York right? Well, you would be wrong if you’ve been thinking that. With the amount of bills I have to pay every month, a huge chunk of my earnings goes to my expenses. And what’s left will go to my vacation fund while the rest remains in my account for rainy-days withdrawals! Smiley

B and those of you who are working full-time 9-5, I don’t get a pay check at the end of every month. Sometimes, freelancer copywriter me gets paid only after months of working. Other days, I get paid within the week of finishing my job. It all depends on the arrangement I have with my clients of course. Smiley

Currently, my work plate is full. With three on-going projects keeping me awake at nights, I truly have no idea when I’ll be done. Copywriting jobs usually require plenty of changes; bouncing back and forth between the advertising agency and the client before it goes back to me for copy finalization. I’ve completed my end of the bargain so r
ight now; I am playing the waiting game. Only when the job is complete and good to go for printing, will I be able to relax for real and dream about my vacation in USA, whenever that will be. rindu

So wait for me New York! One day I will return and I will be back happily staying in gorgeous New York apartments, shopping in Saks Fifth Avenue, dining in HRC, NY and visiting the Statue of Liberty. Just give me some time to collect more moolah and find the right time to leave all my work and worries behind to truly enjoy a vacation like no other; one I know only beautiful bustling New York will bring! Smiley

Have a great weekend folks and thanks so much for stopping by today. Oh don't forget to check out my casino night in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore too!

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