Saturday, February 11, 2012

Birthday Sneak Peek!

I’m sure we
all have eaten organic food at one point or another but have you ever worn organic clothes? Apparently organic agriculture is no longer limited to food but is now extending to organic fashion, which basically means eco friendly clothing made from organic cotton, organic wool and organic silk; free from any type of chemicals like pesticides. This is great for people with allergies like me or those with chemical sensitivity.

If you love shopping and organic clothes are what you hoard, you may want to do your part for the environment by focusing that direction on your next shopping trip. I don’t think I have anything organic in my closet but if the right dress comes along, I may just buy it! Smiley

Organic baby clothes are also gaining their own buyers with many variety and adorable designs available in today’s shopping world. No kids of our own just yet, there is always my very pretty niece Isabella and my two adorable twin nephews Ross and Ritz to dote on so perhaps they will receive a special package from Aunty M filled with organic goodies
soon! peluk

Speaking of my niece and nephews, we celebrated the twins’ birthday a few weeks back. This year the theme was Amazing Spiderman and I know my sis is still waiting for me to upload the photos on FB, please excuse the delay. I promise to get them out next week but meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek of us, in our not so organic clothes!

Rainbow birthday cakes

Play nice!

Our family

Stay tuned for the rest!

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