Friday, January 06, 2012

Anniversary Getaway

Whenever B and I plan a vacation abroad, some place far from home, we always go online to find out whatever we can about our travel destination. This includes familiarizing ourselves with the basic customs and dos and don’ts of the locals, listing down the best and most convenient spots for shopping and dining and of course checking out the weather in the given city we’re headed to. I love travelling to cold countries and one of my many travel dreams is to visit a snowy city next! Yes, it has been years since I built a snowman! Smiley

Anyway, this March will mark our tenth year of being a couple! How great would it be if B and I could just drop everything we are doing and whisk ourselves off to some place fancy like France and stay in exquisite Paris apartments? That would be an awesome dream-come-true anniversary gift for the both of us I believe. Though B has been to the city of love Paris, that trip was made without me. We have yet to enjoy the romance and magic of Paris as a couple, which is something I always dream about. rindu

Let’s hope my wish to wake up in beautiful hotels or apartments in Paris will come true one day but for our upcoming vacation, we are definitely considering a local destination, which means no snow and no Parisian night out for me. But it’s okay of course. Travelling anywhere with B is good enough and we always try to make the best of any vacation, no matter the location. Smiley

I think PD (our initial destination) will be scratched off our list because I have a feeling B and I will continue with our tradition of a shopping and dining getaway. Depending on our vacation fund, it could be a mere hotel stay right here in the city or it could be another trip to Lion City for more shopping, dining and of course a little casino entertainment. Whatever we decide, I am just looking forward to our anniversary celebration this year. 10 years is a great milestone for us and all I want to do is rejoice in the magic of love with my best friend, my soul mate right next to me. Smiley

Together Forever!

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