Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ticket to EURO!

When B first told me about his Euro Trip several weeks back, I was all for it! He's been working so hard and a nice football trip was exactly what he needed. The purpose of the trip was basically for him to watch the Quarterfinal match between Germany and Portugal. It wasn't even a work assignment, more like a free vacation for him, so how could I not encourage him?

He on the other hand, wasn't as enthusiastic about the trip as I was. His main concern was the travelling time it would take him to reach Zurich and all the waiting around in airports, which was bound to be tiring. It would take him one whole day to get to Zurich, the following day would be spent travelling to Basel for the match, and the next day he would already be on his way home to KL before he could even say the word jet lag! Just one day to soak up Switzerland and no time for any major shopping or sight-seeing. Furthermore, this trip would see him travelling abroad by himself, with no friends or colleagues to keep him company. Being alone in a strange country no matter how experienced or old you are, is always somewhat scary albeit exciting. I guess it was a ball of mixed emotions for B.

Anyway, I was all for his EURO trip and continued to psyche him up so he would actually look forward to the trip. Football is his number 1 passion and this would be an excellent opportunity for him to get away for a while and be a part of the EURO fever that takes over the world every four years. I was truly excited for him and encouraged him to go without me. After all, it was a work-sponsored trip, so with a free flight and accommodation thrown in with the match, why not?

But that was all before "the incident"! When the incident happened, he was less than
a week away from taking that flight to Zurich. I never expected a terrible tragedy to happen right before his trip and I was suddenly very sorry at how gung ho I had been about his Switz trip. It was definitely not a good time for me to be home alone, especially when all I could think about was "the incident". So I was very depressed and moody that whole week; worried sick at the thought of being alone after what we had just gone through. It was already too late for him to cancel and I wouldn't dream of asking him to - I wouldn't want to be responsible for making him miss one of the greatest football moments of his life! We even tried to see if we could get a flight for me to Switz, but since it was all very last minute, there were no available flights. So after much tossing and turning, we finally got me a "baby-sitter" who kept me company during B's absence. You know who you are, THANK YOU! :)

When B got home from his EURO trip and showed me all the wonderful pictures he took, I knew I did the right thing by encouraging him to go. He was extra lively and extremely animated as he related his experience to me. Not usually the chatter-box, he couldn't stop telling me everything that he did, saw and experienced; as usual trying to bring back his destination to me, so I wouldn't feel left out at being Left Behind! ;)

Before he left for his trip, I reminded B to get me a fridge magnet and to take as many pictures of Switzerland. I think he did a great job this trip, capturing his best moments in Zurich and Basel. And of course, I'd like to share another one of his amazing adventures (without me!) here with my blog friends. I hope you'll enjoy the pictures as much as I did. Maybe one day I'll get to visit Switzerland too but until then, I'll have these great pictures to keep that dream alive!

Oh yeah, I'd also like to show some special love for Jean, LJ and Debbie for "keeping me company" online during B's absence - you ladies are the best!
And I'm sure many of you will be staying up to catch the finale between Spain and Germany early tomorrow morning. B and I are rooting for Spain, how about you? Happy watching to some of my football friends here like Faizal, Nick and Adrian! :)

Spectacular art intervention in Basel. International artists created art works on tent sheets which are hung across the streets of the city centre.

‘Fan Zone’ at the Kleinbasel bank on the Rhine, the matches can be seen in a unique atmosphere on two giant screens on the Mittlere Brucke.

TV interviews with Germany fans in the city.

B making friends with the Portugal fans as he was supporting Portugal for that particular match!

A giant inflatable ball for Portugal fans to sign, leaving their mark from all over the world.

Apparently B was a Portugal fan that day! ;)

Waiting for fans to fill up St. Jakob Park stadium.

Ronaldo, Deco & co warming up before the match.

Portugal fans settling down for the match.

Germany fans showing off their colours as the players walk in.

Germany celebrates after a goal...

while fans celebrated with a giant Germany jersey.

B getting into the game!

Giant footballers towering over visitors at one end of the train station in Zurich.


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Mariuca,  April 27, 2009 6:52 AM

Mine is Al-Rajhi, but it seems Public Bank and Maybank oso got. But if u read my post, ul see that I prefer Al-Rajhi cause it’s easy to get the card and u get it on the spot and so far ive beenusing it to transfer my funds from PP, and no problem at all! :)

Monica,  April 27, 2009 6:56 AM

ok i'll read that post later!!!!

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