Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Weakness

I seem to have this weird weakness for guys wearing glasses! It's like a fixation, which has been going on for as long as I can remember. I am strangely attracted to the way a guy looks in glasses, provided of course it's one that gives him an air of intellectuality. The "nerdier" the guy, the better! In fact, when B and I first met, it was the fact that he wears glasses that sparked instant chemistry between us. ;)

Though I am blessed with perfect eyesight, I've always fancied the idea of owning and wearing a pair of glasses. As weird as that might sound, I find people in glasses totally cool and appealing! Aside from possessing that deep and serious look, a perfect pair of glasses can make a vogue fashion accessory. With the right choice of style, frame shape and colour, eyeglasses can help to highlight your best features!

Speaking of glasses, the Zenni Optical: Sell Rx Glasses $8 with case! promotion is currently going on. Those of you looking for a pair of Stylish Prescription Glasses should take advantage of this offer, which is currently on sale for the very low price of $8! Feel free to check out the wide array of frames with single vision lens, sun sensor (potochromic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens that are on offer too. Though I have no need for a pair of glasses right now, there's no harm in trying them out anyway! What do you think? ;)


LadyJava January 31, 2008 12:37 AM

Oh yeah GP.. you look so nerdy... NOT!..hehehhe... who's glasses is that?? lolzz...

Mariuca January 31, 2008 12:44 AM

Lolz...LJ, I don't mind looking nerdy once in a while he he he.. those were my friend Zeff's glasses. Saja want to try, no power! :):):)

LadyJava January 31, 2008 12:47 AM

GP! Nowadays pple still use glasses when they don't need they say...but at least they have a choice when to wear or not eh.. me.. no choice :(


Mariuca January 31, 2008 12:51 AM

That's why LJ...but B thinks I'm being mengada la whenever I say I think I need to get one ha ha ha!!!

Yeah la, too bad u have to wear them all the time, like B la..blind as a bat without them! :):):)

LadyJava January 31, 2008 12:54 AM

hahahah... takper lah you pakai sunglasses udah lahh.. ehehhe... jangan mintak2 sgt nanti jadi Nick...lolzzz

or worse, you get that old people blindness.. you know that long sighted thing...lolzzzz

Mariuca January 31, 2008 12:59 AM

I know LJ, that's why I dah lama tak mintak glasses he he he... and yeah, I can't leave home without my shades, speaking of which..I need to get a new pair soon! ;)

LadyJava January 31, 2008 1:06 AM

You and hubby same same lah.. he also can't leave the hse without his shades.. too glaring he says...

Mariuca January 31, 2008 1:14 AM

Smart la ur hubby, that is so true.. way too glaring without my faithful shades! My shades are forever in my handbag, so I won forget! ;)

LadyJava January 31, 2008 1:16 AM

GP! This comment thread is looking like a little chat box eh.. awesome!!

Mariuca January 31, 2008 1:20 AM

LJ! Stail baru la lolz.... and yeah...totally awesome!!

Mariuca January 31, 2008 1:31 AM

Back at u LJ, thanks for the fun chat sessi here at the comment box. With LJ around, it's always happening! :):):)

LadyJava January 31, 2008 1:41 AM

Ok ok.. cukup puji2 tu... sat ni tak muat kain ni hah...lolzzz

Mariuca January 31, 2008 1:53 AM

Oh now u're just being modest LJ lol...

Jeanne January 31, 2008 5:21 AM

first time dropping by here...nice page you have :)

Mariuca January 31, 2008 5:24 AM

Hey Jeanne, welcome to Mariuca's blog! Hope to see u again. :):):)

Bobby Revell January 31, 2008 7:50 AM

You are a brainy-intellectual-cutie!!!! I wear contact lenses because I always end up breaking my glasses. Maybe I should switch...hahahaha:)

Mariuca January 31, 2008 7:58 AM

Bobby, u should definitely lose the contact lenses and make the switch! Lol.. ;)

J@n!ce January 31, 2008 9:23 AM

Marzie, you know how I damaged my eyes? It through wearing glasses out of fun since young.... now I'm such a blind person w/o my glasses... :(

You look good even with glasses on :)

Mariuca January 31, 2008 9:48 AM

Wah, you also wear glasses Janice?!! Must show a picture of u wearing them one day ok! :):):)

WaterLearner January 31, 2008 5:27 PM

You look like a professor with those glasses!!!

Mariuca January 31, 2008 6:07 PM

Lolz...thanks Karen, I'll take that as a compliment! :):):)

Jackie February 01, 2008 6:37 AM

I think you look just fabulous in glasses.

I wear them too. I tried contacts but just couldn't get used to them.

Please pop over and see....


Mariuca February 01, 2008 6:52 AM

Lolz...thank you Shinade! I will drop by ur blog now!

Unknown February 01, 2008 8:46 AM

Nice...they are a nice fit!

Anonymous,  February 01, 2008 11:18 AM

Greeting from Vietnam! Happy Lunar New Year and
Wishing you a healthy, wealthy and prosperous !

Mariuca February 01, 2008 1:22 PM

LOLZ!! Thanks JollyJo, I like them too! ;)

Mariuca February 01, 2008 1:23 PM

Hello Vietnam!! Thanks for the warm greeting and happy new year to u too! :):):)

Choc Mint Girl February 01, 2008 1:42 PM

I'm also 'budak kaca mata', Marzie hi hi hi... but, sometimes, I do wear contact lenses.

Mariuca February 01, 2008 1:55 PM

Oh u wear glasses Crystal, must look so cute in them! I've tried those powerless coloured lenses just for the fun of it he he he... but they felt very uncomfortable. Dunno how ppl with contact lenses do it!

kimfei February 01, 2008 4:14 PM

marzie...u looks so cute with the spec on..hehe..

Mariuca February 01, 2008 4:43 PM

He he he...sure or noooot Kim Fei? Happy weekend to u! :):):)

ellen February 04, 2008 3:56 AM

you look so cool with that pair of eyeglasses-- hey thanks for dropping by--- have a great weekend to you!

Mariuca February 04, 2008 5:06 AM

Lol...thanks Gbex! Nice of u to stop by Mariuca's blog, see u soon! :):):)

emilayusof September 28, 2008 2:02 PM

macam clark kent punya glass!

emilayusof September 28, 2008 2:02 PM

nice la you wear glass.

LadyJava September 30, 2008 11:59 PM

GP! Now A got to wear old pple nyer glasses.. kelakar..lolz!

Mariuca October 10, 2008 9:45 AM

He he sure or nooooot Emila? Don make me buy a powerless one just for fun lol! :)

Mariuca October 10, 2008 9:46 AM

Wah...sure hensem A pakai glasses, show la pic LJ! ;)

emilayusof October 15, 2008 10:49 AM

ya lj, tunjuk la gambar A! musti henskem!

emilayusof October 15, 2008 10:49 AM

marzie, nowadays glasses are trendy of course you can buy powerless one!

Elara October 16, 2008 8:26 PM

GP, I've never seen this geeky pic of yours! Hehe..dari dulu nak pakai glasses ekk? Hehe..

Caroline Ng,  August 24, 2011 4:33 PM

=-O =-O =-O

Caroline Ng,  August 24, 2011 4:33 PM

hahaha nice wat!! :-D :-D

Caroline Ng,  August 24, 2011 4:34 PM

now u got fringe, sure look nicer one!! cute terus!! :* :*

Mariuca,  August 24, 2011 4:39 PM

=-O =-O =-O =-O =-O My comments all gone for this post! oh no! :'( :'( :'( :'(

Mariuca,  August 24, 2011 4:39 PM

=-X =-X =-X =-X heheheheh I borrowed my fren's glasses dis one ha ah ah! :-D :-D :-D :-D

Mariuca,  August 24, 2011 4:39 PM

LOL @ now got fringe, aiyo long edi my fringe, time to go to the salon! ;) ;)

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