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Advertlets Downtime Explained

Bobby first alerted me that my blog was inaccessible last Saturday, I admit I wasn't too concerned. After all, I was still receiving comments and I had complete access to my blog. Five minutes later, I started to panic as I suddenly lost access to my blog and each time I clicked on my URL, I was redirected to an Advertlets page. I quickly tried to reach some of my favourite blog friends like Janice, MT, Adrian, Spiff and
LJ but the same thing happened and I couldn't access their blogs too. I was really worried by then as I'm not that IT-savvy and the thought of something terrible happening to my blog sure got me frantic for fear of being unable to fix it on my own!

I later discovered that Advertlets were having problems on their end and the best move I did for my blog was to temporarily remove all the Advertlets ads on my blog, which immediately rectified the error. Thanks Bobby for bringing the problem to light. Today, I received an apology email from Advertlets, so I'd like to share it here with my readers, so they too can get a clearer understanding on what actually transpired. Hopefully this plight will be resolved soon. I thank all of you for your patience during my down time and am glad to say that Mariuca is now back online!


This is Josh Lim here from Advertlets. This message is sent out to all bloggers that have registered with Advertlets in our key markets of Malaysia & Singapore.

Firstly, we admit. We made an error in judgment, and we did not intend for this to happen. And we are very sorry that it did, and would like to apologize for everyone affected.

Some small mistakes are resolved easily, and affect a few. And some mistakes, however small, can affect millions.

Most of you are probably disappointed, confused or angry at the recent downtime that has happened, that has cut off access to your blogs. Over the past few days, we have been doing everything we can to restore service, as well as answering e-mails, phone calls, smses, media interviews, and support requests.

Its hard to apologize to more than 15,000 members, and this e-mail was hard to type, but undoubtedly necessary. And first, I'll probably be best to start by answering questions you might have:

What happened?
A complication in the renewal process caused the Advertlets.com domain to expire, and caused issues for bloggers with our ads installed, which made their blogs redirect to a placeholder page. It was not our intent to do so. Advertlets.com blog users were unable to login to their Advertlets accounts and access the website as well.

How many did it affect?
According to our statistics, it affected 30-65% of traffic to our network over the past 2 days. On most days, we experience between 3-4 million ad impressions per day. The viewers of most blogs were affected in some way, depending on the nature of how DNS settings would resolve in different countries and ISPs. Some would resolve faster, some would not, which caused varying experiences for viewers in different places.

What can I do to resolve the problem?
You can follow some troubleshooting steps listed at http://advertlets.blogspot.com, a site temporarily set up to assist in
this issue. Or, you can remove your code for the time being, and we will notify you when it has been fully resolved.

Whose fault is it?
Ours. The short answer is that it is our fault. The longer answer is that we tried everything we could as soon as we knew, however, some uncontactable and uncooperative parties made it harder. Nevertheless, the blame lies with us, and we will take full responsibility for it, and to resolve it.

What will happen to my current earnings?
Your current earnings will be retained within the system, and we will continue to serve paid ads for you to continue to earn in future.

If I choose to continue with Advertlets, can I be assured that this will never happen again? And how do you intend to compensate us for the error?
The domain has also been renewed, and we will make sure that this can never happen again. We resolve to do better in future, and have more failsafe options available. A financial compensation plan is being worked out, and will be announced on after we have assessed the full situation.

Will we be continuing operations?
Yes. Paid ads are beginning to be served through the system again in available locations.

Where is service available as of now? How soon until everything is okay?
We've received reports that most of the DNS has successfully resolved for the following ISPs:
- Jaring (Malaysia)
- TMNet (Malaysia)
- Starhub Maxonline (Singapore)
- PT Telkom (Indonesia)

Service is continuing to be restored throughout the rest of Asia and the world and all service should be fully restored in less than 12 hours.

Its heartening that some have been of great assistance to us in this difficult time, providing us with service updates from their area as well as moral support. But to those that were frustrated, we understand your frustration, and it frustrates us even more to have been the source of it. All in all, we are still in awe as to how passionate all of you are.

And how many people have chosen to make Advertlets part of their channel of expression. It is our hope that you can continue to do so. Service is close to being 100% restored, and we will be notifying all when service is fully functional, to assist you with your decision on the continued use of our services. Your impressions are your votes. And if you can forgive us, we will make sure your trust is never again misplaced.

We will be making some personnel changes and new additions to ensure that everything - support, ad loading time, code, and more run smoothly in future. Major upgrades to the system are due in February, in the form of Advertlets 2.0 with new ad formats, referrals, earning graphs, social features, and traffic generation facilities. And of course morecontests, advertising revenue and sponsored post opportunities.

We hope that in the next few days we can prove ourselves again to you, nevertheless, our redemption will be in your hands. Once again, we apologize.


Josh Lim
On behalf of all at Advertlets.com


Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) January 08, 2008 3:50 PM

Yup, I got affected too, at first I thot it was some blooming virus, then I realised it only affected blogs with Advertlets cos Anything Goes was fine since I don't have ad widgets there but Spiff was down since I Have loads of ads widgets there. I just deleted the whole codes for it and everything was fine. Besides I wasn't earning much from it anyway. Would you believe I made a whopping RM1.47 for the past 4 months?

Mariuca January 08, 2008 3:58 PM

Hey Nick! Yeah I noticed Anything Goes was fine, so perhaps it is a good thing you're keeping that blog ad free.

My advertlets is kinda slow too but I'm almost reaching their RM50 minimum payout so I was kinda upset abt their problem. But apparently they will compensate us in some way, so I'll be giving them another chance! ;)

Bobby Revell January 08, 2008 4:04 PM

Thanks Marzie!!!! You know, it's very nice of you to get the real answer before publishing a post about it like the post I referred you to did!

Things happen to sites all the time and no site is above having problems!

Mariuca January 08, 2008 4:08 PM

No worries Bobby! Thanks for referring me to that post, it did shed some light on what to do but it didn't give any real reasons for the error. Hope this email explains everything! :):):)

WaterLearner January 08, 2008 4:16 PM

Wow.. this is a very informative post to let all know what actually happened!!

Yeah, I was one of those that tried visiting you and got redirected :-)

Mariuca January 08, 2008 4:53 PM

Hi Karen, I hope this helps in explaining what happened to my blog last weekend. Thanks for coming by today and I hope this prob won't occur again. ;)

NafaSg January 08, 2008 8:34 PM

Hi GP!

We too heard about this problem. But glad everything has been fixed now, and that your site is doing good despite all these. An experience that we all can learn from, indeed. =)

Mariuca January 08, 2008 11:19 PM

Thanks NAFA! I'm such a worry wart when it comes to blog problems lol! :):):)

Nessa January 09, 2008 7:38 AM

Wah, you're reaching RM50 already! Cepatnya... I think mine is still RM1.50sen, months already.

That's why I took it took out (long ago)... bikin semak my sidebar... hehe.

I received the same email... but I'm not going to put the ad back.

Adrian January 09, 2008 1:43 PM

Marzie!! I was online when it happened...at first though it was just me then noticed that it affected other sites too! Was thankful it was not a hacker or something!! Thanks for the info! Explains a lot and I hope they compensate us well! hehehe

Anyway I've removed their ads in the meantime ad wil wait and see if they do go up again! :)

Cheers GP! :)

Mariuca January 09, 2008 4:17 PM

Nessa! My advertlets dah lama running, that's why reaching RM50, but that one also after almost one year, so it is kinda slow too. I'll give them another chance la cause sayang to lose that RM50! ;)

Mariuca January 09, 2008 4:19 PM

Yes GK, the best solution for now is to remove the ads, that's how I see it. I will put them back up once the problem is fully resolved. And yeah, I'm wondering what sorta compensation scheme they're planning! ;)

FL Sam January 09, 2008 5:35 PM

Hi GP, I have decided to take out Adverlets permanently as it doesnt generate any income for me. I will keep Nuffnang as I got RM100.00 so far from them.:)

Mariuca January 10, 2008 3:58 PM

Wah, so good la ur Nuffnang Uncle Sam! Mine is just abt the same amt as my advertlets. I'll keep advertlets for a while, see if it will improve, sayang to waste the earnings so far mah! ;)

Jackie January 11, 2008 8:49 PM

Hi Marzie,
I am so glad that everything got resolved.

Also my oldest daughter has sinus just as you are describing so I know just what you go through first hand.

Also thank you so much Marzie for dropping by and letting me know what happened at your site. It really meant a lot to me to know.

I did the same thing once at my older blog and it was a nightmare.

Here's hoping that you are having a great week-end!!

Mariuca January 12, 2008 1:20 PM

Jackie! Thanks so much for dropping by today. Oh dear, your daughter suffers from sinus too huh? Thanks for sharing dear and I hope hers is under control as mine cause I know how annoying the attacks can get at times! :(

Yeah, I hope our blogs will be okay after all the hard work we put into fixing it back huh? I'm having a great weekend and hope you are too. :):):)

LadyJava January 16, 2008 10:29 PM

GP.. thanks for letting me know about this via email while I was out of blog world. I was shocked at first as well when my blog was redirected to another site. Then I saw your email and it explains the situation.

Thanks dearie.. wow RM50 already ah.. best.. mine baru RM10+... itu pun coz of impressions and I do have tonnes of blogs kan...hehehe

Thanks again dearie..much appreciated!

Mariuca January 17, 2008 12:03 AM

No worries LJ... of course have to inform u cause u're always so helpful to me. :)

I just don't understand all this impressions stuff la, janji got some cash coming in lolz... Still haven't reached RM50 yet though, so slow. :(

LadyJava January 17, 2008 12:06 AM

benda ni kalau kita tunggu mmg macam tu.. how are you doing with google adsense?? I punya pun berjanggut nak tunggu payout...shareapic pun satu lagi..hehehhe

kita tolong menolong lah yek friend....hehehhe

Mariuca January 17, 2008 3:44 AM

LJ!! Forget abt shareapic la, asyik-asyik 0.000 something sen he he he...so hard to reach one dollar also! ;)

LadyJava January 17, 2008 3:48 AM

lol.. mmg slow but i figure i just post some of pictures there anyway... tak der mana nak simpan dah.. nak buang sayang...lol... lama2 nanti sampai lah $20 tu...hehhehe...you should really use them lahh...paksa org click on the pics... use thumbnail at your blog.. hehhe.. just a suggestion.. lolzz

Mariuca January 18, 2008 7:02 PM

LJ! I haven't checked my sharepic account for ages. I should really check out ur many albums there and perhaps start some new ones of my own too. Haven't updated my cat pics there since last year he he he... ;)

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Mariuca January 26, 2008 11:27 PM

Thanks for dropping by Madhur and for the tip! ;)

emilayusof September 29, 2008 9:37 AM

this one affected so many bloggers and a friend of mine out the widgets permanently and wrote a furious post in his blog.

LadyJava September 30, 2008 4:22 AM

Yeah I had to remove it immediately

LadyJava September 30, 2008 11:43 PM

I was in the hospital when this happened. Panic gila when I access my blog and can't.. thanks for the email to let me know dearie!!

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