Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Saying Goodbye *

Death at any time and by any means is an occasion of ultimate sadness. But death that comes so suddenly with a reason so unnecessary makes it all the more melancholy with perhaps no closure in sight.

It was with a truly broken heart that I attended the funeral service for my good friend Shyam’s Dad, who unfortunately passed away last week. The reason for his untimely demise was as vile as it was shocking and it shook me to the very core when I initially found out. My shock settled into disbelief followed by anger and finally utter sadness. I was truly lost for words for what could one possibly say to make the situation any better if not bearable?

The funeral service was beautiful and the eulogy and video presentation depicted a religious man, husband and father of good standing; much loved and well-respected by his family, friends and community. There was so much I wanted to say to my dear friend Shyam but my thoughts and words were choked by tears of despair and sadness for her unspeakable loss. Smiley

Now that I am more composed, I do want her to know just how sorry I am for her loss and I do believe that good things come to those who wait. With that, I hope she finds the will; patience and strength to keep her head up in this time of darkness and let justice and peace take their course. Take comfort in the beautiful memories shared over the years with your beloved Dad and be proud knowing that he did an amazing job in raising a wonderful loving daughter and friend in you.

Farewell Uncle Duncan and may your soul rest in eternal peace …

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